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Small Tactical Backpack

Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack (Desert Clay)
  • RELIABLE & DURABLE MATERIAL: 17.1 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches,...
  • MOLLE SYSTEM: Molle webbing throughout for attaching...
  • COMFORTABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Heavy duty zippers and...
  • HYDRATION COMPATIBLE: You will be able to quench your thirst...

Buyer's Guide: Small Tactical Backpack

Hints and Tips For Buying a Small Tactical Backpack

When the term "tactical backpack" is mentioned, it conjures up images of soldiers or law enforcement personnel moving through hostile territory carrying their favorite heavy pack, loaded down with all the necessities for an enjoyable tactical excursion. For these people, having a small, lightweight pack on their person at all times is crucial to staying prepared and on top of their game. Today's tactical backpack is very different from the traditional tactical packs of yesterday. The world of modern tactical backpacks designed for military use has become loaded with all kinds of goodies designed to make the most of your travel experience, from heavy duty backpacks specially made for rough use, hunting, and combat, to lightweight, ultralight backpacks with tons of space and features for the urban hunter.

In my opinion, the best packs are the ones that are built to last, that have all the little extras that I need to carry along, without adding a lot of weight and bulk that I don't need or can't live with on my travels. At the same time, I don't want my stuff to weigh me down and I don't want to be weighed down by the gear that I'm taking. These trips should be enjoyable and exciting, not exhausting and uncomfortable. That's why I prefer small tactical backpacks that are designed to fit my needs. That way I'm ready to face the journey in safety and comfort.

A small tactical backpack should have all the features that I need: pockets, straps, zippers, internal organization compartments, an external waist belt strap, an external padded back pad, an adjustable internal compression waist band, waterproof, flexible, washable, easy to clean internal liners, and enough weight distribution to keep me balanced at all times. The right pack will have all these items and more. It should have strong, rigid straps and strong, flexible harnesses for stability. I should also prefer lightweight packs that have good weight distribution, so that I don't strain myself carrying the extra weight.

A small tactical backpack that meets all of these criteria is a great purchase. It has all the features I need in an everyday carry backpack, and weighs a fraction of the amount of the larger backpacks I carry on my regular trips. When I'm out hiking long, punishing climbs in the outdoors, I prefer a pack that weighs next to nothing, yet provides all the functionality I need. The 1000D is a backpack that weighs less than half of the pounds it actually carries.

One of the best features of this backpack, which I really appreciate, is the ergonomically-designed, oversized front pocket. I can easily stash all of my morning essentials in this pocket, which helps me stay organized and on top of my day. Other key features of this backpack include: padded laptop compartment, interior bottle pockets, and sturdy, water resistant webbing panels. A few other compartments on the bag are available for things such as cell phones, maps, pens, files, or any other smaller items you'd like to tuck into a smaller compartment.

Although this backpack is advertised as being a backpack designed specifically for hiking trips, that is not what it's best used for. This is a great alternative to heavy duty full-size backpacks for anyone who needs a durable backpack with the same features, but who doesn't travel as often. The backpack comes with numerous extras, including: padded back straps, padded laptop compartment, (2) bottle pockets, and (2) adjustable, fully-adjustable, front panel zippered mesh pockets. Also included are (2) reflective, waterproof, neoprene water resistant wrist straps, and a removable, mesh back pad. I love the way that the accessory pockets mesh with each other, allowing for more storage than I would have had with other, larger backpacks.

This is an excellent choice for anyone who regularly takes hiking trips, or for anyone who wants to carry around their gear in a small, efficient, all-around back pack. If you're looking for a solid backpack at a good price, this is definitely one to consider. Although it is smaller than some of the heavier duty alternatives, it packs away small and compactly. It may not be the right backpack for your everyday use, but if you carry it on your back when you backpack, then it is perfect for any occasion.

Condor Gear also makes a ton of other tactical backpacks, many of which can be used for just about anything. If you need a full sized backpack that you can put just about anything in, then I'd suggest looking at some of their options. You may even be surprised at how much gear you can take with you on the go. If you're looking for a solid backpack that offers high quality, durability, and affordability, then these are definitely the ones to get.