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Sniper Rifle Scope

Sniper LT 4-16x50 Hunting Rifle Scope R/G/B Illuminated Mil...
  • Superior Multi-Coated lenses for reduction of glare and...
  • Red, Green and Blue illuminated color Mil-Dot reticle with...
  • QTA (Quick Adjustment) turrets with precise 1/4" MOA click...

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Generation Sniper Rifle Scope Models

For the individual hunter who likes to fire off shot after shot from a distance, owning and using a sniper rifle scope is critical to the success of that hunt. There are many rifle scopes on the market today, each designed for a particular type of hunting. Here's a brief overview of the types of rifle scopes available:

Mil-dot reticle illumination: The mil-dot reticle illumination refers to a pattern that appears similar to the curve on a basketball or baseball in crosshairs. This type of pattern is popular for snipers because it is both easy to use and accurate. The flat top of the mil-dot reticle is not only helpful in aiming at your target, but it also provides a natural lighting source to help illuminate your target in low-light environments. Hunters most often use these scopes for white-tipped targets like a hare or other animals.

Night vision scope: These are designed to be used in environments where it might be difficult to see targets during the day. That being said, these scopes are not the same as the mil-dot reticles. Instead, they use a laser to illuminate the target so that you can hit it with a more intense blast of light. Some of these scopes can even adjust the brightness of the beam to account for atmospheric conditions. These days, however, many night scopes use additional features such as an adjustable Objective base and adjustable rubber feet for extra stability and weight distribution.

Large 50mm Objective Lens: Many rifles are designed with a large objective lens. These larger lenses are great for taking long shots in low light and for use in long-distance shots. A significant objective lens will allow for a larger exit pupil and enable the hunter to hit a target from greater distances than using a smaller scope with a small flange. If you plan to shoot from greater distances, a scope with an increased light-gathering scope can make the difference between success and failure. Scopes with increased light-gathering capabilities will also allow for faster target acquisition.

Fogproof Scopes: This type of scope is exactly what the name implies. Scopes that are fog proof operate with a closed eye to prevent condensation from forming on the scope's internal housing and causing fogging. The most common types of scope with this design feature are the illuminated mil-dot reticle and the crosshairs. The illuminated mil-dot reticle has small mil dots that are inspired from all angles giving you a highly visible target. The crosshairs are a cross shape where each dot is located over a crosshatching pattern, enabling you to select one dot over the next and place it in the crosshatch for easy aiming.

Mil-Dot Reticles are popular among the rifle hunters because of their low minimum magnification and high efficiency for use at longer ranges. The crosshairs Mil-Dot scope features a crosshatching pattern of two mil dots on either side of the Objective. This provides the user with a highly detailed image of the target that is extremely useful for closer shooting. The illuminated Mil-Dot reticle has a small red dot from all angles giving you a highly detailed image. The crosshairs Mil-Dot also features a more significant red dot than the illuminated reticle allowing you to select either crosshairs or the mil dots for a more precise target drawing. These scopes utilize a 30mm tube, which is more significant than most scopes of similar designs.

Crosshairs Mil-X: This type of scope has a larger than standard objective lens coupled with a larger than usual crosshairs. This provides the user with an effective medium to a long-range shot. The crosshairs are illuminated from all angles providing you with a highly detailed image. The crosshairs Mil-X comes with an adjustable objective lens allowing the user to adjust the magnification from small to large. In addition to changing the magnification, the Mil-X can also be mounted on various sniper rifles, including the Barrett and Mossler models.

The Mil-X is one of the newer generation sniper scopes and is a popular choice among users of both hunters and non-hunters alike. Although this scope was not designed for use by snipers, it does have its advantages. The Mil-X can work well even at distances up to 150 yards and easily handle short and long-range shots. While it may not be ideal for use as a primary hunting scope, it certainly does have its services and is finding its place among many hunting disciplines.