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Splatterburst Targets

Bestseller No. 1
Splatterburst Targets - 12 x18 inch - Silhouette Reactive...
  • Click the "Select" box to choose between 10, 25 and 50...
  • The BRIGHT yellow bullet holes are visible in all light...
  • Our HIGH VISIBILITY splatter targets make it EASY to see...
  • The ULTIMATE TARGET for all firearms and calibers,...
Bestseller No. 2
Splatterburst Targets - 18 x 24 inch - Silhouette Shooting...
  • Click "SELECT" to choose pack size - Instantly see your...
  • The BRIGHT yellow bullet holes are visible in all light...
  • Our HIGH VISIBILITY splatter targets make it EASY to see...
  • The ULTIMATE TARGET for all firearms and calibers,...
Bestseller No. 3
Splatterburst Targets - 18 x 24 inch - Sight in Shooting...
  • Click "SELECT" to choose pack size - Instantly see your...
  • PERFECT size for sighting in at long distances and the 1"...
  • BRIGHT HIGH CONTRASTING colors make it EASY to see you shots...
  • The ULTIMATE TARGET for all firearms and calibers,...
Bestseller No. 4
12"x12" Sight in Adhesive SPLATTERBURST Shooting Targets -...
  • Click "SELECT" to choose pack size. Instantly see your SHOTS...
  • New "Stick & Splatter" HIGH STRENGTH adhesive targets stick...
  • BRIGHT HIGH CONTRASTING colors make it EASY to see you shots...
  • The ULTIMATE TARGET for all firearms and calibers,...
Bestseller No. 5
Splatterburst Targets -12 inch Adhesive Stick & Splatter...
  • Click "SELECT" to choose pack size. Instantly see your SHOTS...
  • New “Stick & Splatter” HIGH STRENGTH adhesive targets...
  • Our HIGH VISIBILITY splatter targets make it EASY to see...
  • The ULTIMATE TARGET for all firearms and calibers,...

FAQs: Splatterburst Targets

What are splattering targets?

Targets that leave a bright circle around the area where your bullet hit make shooting more enjoyable. These targets make it much easier to determine where your bullet struck, even if you are far away.

What are the two types of targets?

Types of targets. HSpot deals only with two types of targets: fixed targets and solar system objects.

What is AR550?

Similar to AR400 and AR500 steel, AR550 steel is a special type of abrasion-resistant steel. This high-carbon alloy steel provides greater impact resistance and sliding resistance than other types. The steel will become less malleable due to its increased strength and resistance to abrasion.

Buyer's Guide: Splatterburst Targets

Buyers Guide: Splatterburst Targets

One simple reason splatter targets are so popular in shooting practice is performance gauging. A good splatter target allows shooters to accurately assess their shoots without having to evaluate the entire target. The design of most splatter targets often focuses on making each shot clearly visible and making each sheet usable in a variety of configurations.

Splatter targets, which are targets that leave a bright circle around the point where your bullet hit, make shooting much more enjoyable. Splatter targets make it easier to determine where your bullet struck, even if you are shooting from a distance. Shooters now have many options when choosing the right target for their next shooting trip. There are many companies that make splatter targets. Make sure you ask three questions to help you make the right choice: how big is the target you require, how many targets you have, and what type of configuration you prefer for the shooting surface.


There are many factors that will affect the size of your target. A larger target is required if you are shooting pistols. They are generally less accurate than rifles. A smaller target is more effective if you shoot at short distances than you would if you were shooting at longer distances. A large target is necessary for shooters who need to hit the target several times quickly. Those who take their time and squeeze out each shot well can use a smaller target. A big target can make shooting more enjoyable, so a larger target is better than a smaller one for average rifle and pistol shooters.


In this instance, configuration refers to what appears on the target's face. Some targets have a bullseye that is round; others are square and have square aiming points. Others are animal-shaped, while some are human-shaped with the head and torso. Some show bad guys shooting guns at you. Others have aiming points in places where you would aim to stop an attack. Other targets are designed for games where you can score points by hitting specific spots. You can choose whatever you like at the moment. It's always fun to have a variety of options, as you never know what your shooting partners may prefer.


For easy hanging, most splatter targets have adhesive on the back. Some targets do not have adhesive on the back, which can make them difficult to hang. Make sure that the target you're considering is a stick-on. You can use non-adhesive targets, but you will need to have a stapler or masking tape with you in order to attach the target to the stand.

Splatterburst Targets

Splatterburst Targets, a family-owned business, is dedicated to providing quality shooting targets at a reasonable price. They strive to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. They will promptly process your order and are committed to their customers. You will be amazed at the difference a Splatterburst Target makes!

Here's a list with the top Splatterburst targets:

Splatterburst Targets 12 x 18 Inch Silhouette Reactive Shooting Goals

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy-Duty Water RepellentThese 12-by-18 inch silhouette targets by Splatterburst Targets were designed to indicate shots that have bright yellow holes. These are easily visible even in brighter sunlight. These sheets are quite heavy-duty and can be used for the duration of your shooting session.

Splatterburst targets' reacting silhouette shooting targets are the most basic in terms of convenient placement hits. They are reactive. The energy and heat from each bullet impact explode the target spot, causing it to glow bright yellow.

These results are, of course, thanks to basic color contrast. Each target sheet measures 12 x 18 and is coated with a layer each of neon yellow and black. The bullets penetrate the outer yellow layers and expose the bright target spots, as shown. Regular paper targets require you to strain to see the bullets striking, but standard reacting shooting targets such as this one are easy to spot.

They can be handled, but they tend to stick to the surface due to heat. Although this is not a problem, it can be annoying when setting them up. It is recommended to use gloves for handling.

The targets are half the size of NRA B27 silhouettes. They can be placed within half the range that standard silhouette shooting targets are normally placed.
These bright yellow silhouette shooting targets by Splatterburst are a good choice. It's possible to get 50 sheets for a reasonable price, which will last a long time.

Splatterburst Targets 18 X 24 Inch

Paper targets have a downside: they often shred into pulp after being hit with half a dozen rounds. They do stock the cheaper ones, but they are usually out of stock. Splatterburst wasn't happy with that. These targets are made with durable construction to ensure you get the best out of them.

You can fine-tune your aim to match the real targets in a self-defense scenario by using a realistic target size. This skill is essential. It's a good size and doesn't break easily. However, you will love the vibrant colors.

It doesn't matter if you take it to an indoor firing range or if you attach it to simple 1/4-inch posts that you stab in the ground; it will work in any situation.
Splatterburst is your target. Their design was so loved that they even patent it.

Splatterburst Targets 8 Inch

These can be glued to cardboard boxes with packing peanuts or fabric or clothes you have forgotten to donate. These are the most versatile targets Splatterburst offers. There are plenty of shots and lots of space for some serious damage.

Each target has 19 points, making it possible to shoot approximately 475 points in the smallest package. The 100-count pack includes 1,900 cover-up points and is great for anyone who wants to get a bigger size.

You won't need to purchase targets again soon; it's safe. Splatterburst targets are ultra-vibrant, so they can be spotted in any condition. You can still place them on the ground and see them clearly, even if it is a little misty in the morning. Although the adhesive is strong, moisture can eat through it, so be careful.

Sight in Splatterburst Target

Tagboard. It is the only thing you want to shoot at right now. It is what Splatterburst uses all the time, and it doesn't tear or split like regular paper targets when you shoot at them. It will still be able to withstand bullets, but this increases the life expectancy of each target.

These targets are bright yellow and red, which gives you lots of visibility. However, they aren't as impressive as other Splatterbursts. This is a minimally colored target. Grid design is something you will really enjoy.

This helps you to gauge your shots better by measuring the sizes of each box. You will then know how to adjust your aim so that you hit the target in its center the next time. There's plenty of target space with a size of 12" x 18. These can be used for up to 100 shots if you're fortunate. They also come in 25 packs at a very affordable price.

It is doubtful you will need to purchase more targets over the long term.

Splatterburst Targets 12 X12 Inch

Shooting at a target is the worst thing. It's been gone for five rounds. Splatterburst has a tagboard that prevents this from happening, so you can get the most out of each target no matter what.

These targets are among their most affordable per item. This target uses more fluorescent yellow than other targets, which may surprise you. You can shoot at five targets with the simple bullseye-style targets that are on each tagboard. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor ranges but can be kept to a maximum of 50 yards.

These backyard targets are great for practicing BB guns if your child already has one or you're looking to get one. This is a great way for little ones to learn how to shoot while still being comfortable with the gun they have.

Final Thoughts

Gun targets can be used to calibrate more sensitive weapons, and practice ranged accuracy. You can use them for self-defense, like silhouette gun targets, or they can be hunting-based targets that look like other animals. Practice hitting moving targets with higher-quality standing targets such as those made of spinning metal are a great way to improve your skills.

Practice makes perfect. Gun targets are a great way for firearm practice in controlled environments. It is hard to choose the right target, given the variety of them available (which we will cover later). The best target is the one that can be used in a variety of shooting styles and situations.

Splatterburst targets can be great; all you have to do is know how much you shoot and have enough targets. These targets are fantastic for self-defense shooting, both at close range and at long distances. They are also very fun to use.