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Spotting Scope Case

Kowa Water Resistant Condura Nylon Case for TSN-881 and...
  • Cordura nylon carrying case made to carry Kowa spotting...
  • Scope can be used without being removed from the case
  • Dual carrying handles

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Why Get a Spotting Scope Case?

It may seem pretty straightforward, but the only real purpose of a spotting scope case is to prevent your spotting scope from being damaged while hunting. Put another way, would you put the rifle in the bed of the car unless it was also in a padded gun case, and the same would go for a spotting scope as well? Would you put it in a backpack without any protection or padding? I'm sure you would not.

Now, how exactly can spotting scope cases help us when we are out hunting? For starters, they will help prevent us from accidentally shooting our equipment in the general direction of where we want to shoot. How often have you been sitting in the tree line and shot in an area you didn't intend to? These are things that happen all the time, and they can be extremely dangerous. Even if we aren't purposely aiming at a person, we will sometimes misfire a shot and hit a tree, which is not the intended outcome.

In addition, there are many other situations where having a spotting scope case will come in handy. For example, what if you are hunting in a very open field, with no fences or other structures around? You don't want to stand in the middle of nowhere, do you? Having spotting scope protection will allow you to get out in this type of environment because there will be no obstacles blocking your view.

This brings me to my next point - having a spotting scope case will allow you to see your spotter. When you are out hunting, it's straightforward to become disoriented. There is so much going on that you may not realize everything, but your spotter needs to be clear about everything. Especially if you are traveling at high speeds, you want to see your spotter to ensure that they can relay instructions to you in an effective manner. As you know, cell phones, radios, and other electronics can easily get blocked, causing you to lose contact with your spotter. A padded case will take care of this, keeping your spotter's hands from being blocked.

Next, having a spotting scope case will keep your spotting scopes clean. If you have a digital spotting scope, then it is important to clean the scope regularly. This is because a lot of dust and other debris can accumulate when the gun is not being used. Also, if the scope is not cleaned correctly, it can malfunction as well. A spotting scope case will prevent the build up of debris, keeping your digital scope in top condition.

It is also important to have a spotting scope case to keep your spotting scopes accessories (such as holster) safe. When you travel with your spotting scope, there is always the chance that you may leave it in your vehicle, or somewhere else. With a case, the spotting scope can be kept clean and safe. You can also buy additional spotting scope covers if you want to.

Finally, having a spotting scope case will allow you to access your spotting scopes at any time quickly. It would help if you were sure that your eyepieces are protected at all times, especially when they are exposed to the elements. Your eyepieces can easily get fogged up, and they can fade over time, causing them to become less accurate. By having your eyepieces protected, you will be able to use your spotting scopes effectively and enjoy them for years to come.

With all of these benefits, it makes sense to invest in your spotting scope case. These are available at many different retailers, and you may even be able to get one custom fit to your particular rifle. If you cannot find a specific case you are interested in, many manufacturers will custom manufacture one for you. You will be able to use your brand name and logo on it, and you can guarantee that it will fit and function exactly the way you want it to. Take some time to do some research before making a purchase, so you will know you are getting the best possible product for your money.