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Stealth Holster

Desantis Pro Stealth Holster For Glock 26/27 Black
  • Model: Pro Stealth
  • Inside the Pant Holster
  • Fits Glock 26/27/29/30/33/36/ S&W/M&P Compact/Sig...

Buyer's Guide: Stealth Holster

Why You Should Invest in a Stealth Holster

The most innovative small item that I've seen for concealment used by law enforcement personnel is the Q-series Stealth Holster. It is a top quality holster designed to work in a belt pouch or pocket. It has been used by many law enforcement personnel and military personnel for carrying handguns and other small devices. It is so small you can't tell it is there. The result of several years of outstanding expertise, the Q-series Stealth Holster offers low profile, high concealment with quick reholstering.

It is ideal for law enforcement personnel, those who carry concealed handguns for security, and hunters. I have carried one for years and can say it is very comfortable. The slide fits easily into the top of your pants. Slide up the flap to access the compartment containing the gun. If you need additional storage, you just remove the slide and pull out the small accessory pouch (which also houses the holster).

The design is so simple, it almost seems like it was supposed to be created by a child. The product features a cantilever which holds the holster upright and in place. This is similar in design to a cantilever designed by Israeli soldiers which helped them to conceal weapons until they were properly trained for use during war.

Some of these holsters have additional compartments to store extra ammunition, tasers, and other items. I have seen this feature used by several different manufacturers. Most units also include a recessed leather belt loop. If you are a law enforcement professional, this will allow you quick access to your handgun at anytime during the day or night. It is perfect for quickly removing your weapon when you approach someone or go to a location where you might face an active shooter.

There are a number of different manufacturers that produce these type of holsters. Some are made in the United States, but many are made overseas. Because the product is popular among law enforcement professionals, you will most likely find a local tactical shop that sells this type of product. If they do not, you can easily locate online retailers who specialize in these types of holsters.

Although the original intent for creating concealment devices was for hunting, they have grown in popularity for a number of different reasons. Military and law enforcement professionals have found that these types of products provide a high degree of comfort and ease of use. They offer a more natural concealment approach than some of the traditional concealment methods that are available. These concealment devices usually come as a complete unit including the belt pouch, belt clips, and paddle. In some cases, the entire unit is attached to a purse strap, making it easier to access while walking or running.

If you are considering purchasing a concealment device, you should definitely take a look at Stealth Holsters. They are made by the same company that developed the holster. The quality of the design and the construction of the product is also excellent. Because they use state-of-the-art materials and technology, many military and law enforcement professionals consider them to be one of the best on the market. You may want to do a little extra research on them before making your purchase though, because the quality control of the company is very good.

Many of the same reasons why these concealment devices have been used by law enforcement professionals are true for civilians who need a high degree of self defense. They are extremely effective, because they are not only designed to be comfortable and easy to use, but they are designed to work quickly. Because of their fast delivery time, they can be utilized in a variety of different types of scenarios. One of the primary uses for them has been in the civilian world. They are used for a variety of different purposes, ranging from self defense to carrying out a routine check for groceries. No matter what your needs may be, you will never be sorry that you have chosen to invest in one of these devices.