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Sticky Holsters

STICKY HOLSTERS SM2 - Fits Pocket 380's Up to 2.5" Barrel...
  • WHAT IS A STICKY HOLSTER: Sticky Holsters uses a modular...
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY: Designed to fit pocket 380s up to 2.5"...
  • NO MORE CLIPS OR LOOPS: Sticky Holsters don’t rely on...

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Sticky Holsters - Perfect for Quick and Easy Carry

Sticky Holsters is a unique business that creates a comprehensive line of holsters especially designed for shooting sports like hunting, military, and target shooting. Their primary focus is to create a simple holster that's easy to remove, easy to place back on, and one that won't interfere with the hunter or shooter's quick action with the gun. Sticky Holsters have also developed a whole line of other accessories for their holsters. A popular accessory is called the magnetic paddle. Here's what you can use it for and some tips on using it.

Sticky Holsters was created for the United States Army specifically for their assault rifles. The design was intended to keep the assault rifle safe while still allowing the rapid firing of the weapon. They developed this particular kind of holster to prevent slippage from occurring with magazines, bullet shells, or other things found in assault rifles. In addition, they wanted to eliminate all interference with quick actions. To solve this problem, they created Sticky Holsters.

This specific model is called the thunder pro. It has a rubberized grip that gives it a solid feel but doesn't grip too tight; this makes for an easier transition from one hand to the other. In addition, the additional grip makes handling the 9mm gun more comfortable. It allows the hunter to place it close to his body or in a shoulder holster and still have the comfort of a full grip.

There are two basic styles of Sticky Holsters. There are the traditional hard case model and the newer soft case models. Most of the time, conventional hard case sticky models come in either black or tan color schemes. On the other hand, soft case versions can come in various colors, though hunter blue and brown are standard. Both types of sticky holsters have standard-sized gun clips on the outside. In addition, some models have additional channels to place other accessories like laser guides, knives, or extra ammunition.

With both types of Sticky Holsters, you have a secure place to carry your gun with little to no movement. They are usually made out of rubber or other material, making them highly comfortable to hold; this is the reason they are so famous for hunters. The entire idea of using a Sticky Holster is to make the gun as close to its user as possible, ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible. It's hard to argue with the effectiveness of this type of holster. After all, they work!

If you're considering buying a Sticky Holster, you'll need to decide what your needs are. Do you need a Sticky Holster for general use? Do you need one for your pistol? Is it just for your gun because you can't seem to get it out of the holster? No matter what your needs are, you can find a model that will meet them.

The best way to decide if a Sticky Holster is right for you is to do some research. Look at the different models available, read customer reviews, and compare features. You can buy a Sticky Holster online, but you should also look at hunting shops and gun stores. You may even be able to find a coupon to use.

Holsters are a great alternative to conventional handgun cases since they make carrying your gun quick and easy. When you need to get something quick and easy, consider a Sticky Holster. You will not have any problems finding one that suits your needs. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer just about every accessory you could imagine. With a Sticky Holster, you have everything you need to take your gun anywhere with you.