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Suppressor Holster

sub-tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch Black
  • Inner Material Rated to 1800 Degrees F.
  • Adjustable so it fits any 9 inch long suppressor.
  • Stop mirage while shooting long distance.
  • Protect against burns when removing the suppressor after...

Buyer's Guide: Suppressor Holster

Why You Should Use a Suppressor Holster When Owning a Firearm

Suppressor Holster was developed for people who have a hard time getting their hands on their handgun. It can be a bit of a pain to get a firearm out in public because you have to have both hands free to operate it, plus your non-gun hand has to be steady in order to holster the gun. I know what you're thinking - "What is a Suppressor Holster"? And how could this help me?" In this article I'm going to explain what a Suppressor Holster is and how it could very well replace your traditional pistol holster.

Basically, a suppressor holster (also known as a bodyguard holster or a bodyguard waistband) is just what its name implies. It wraps around your hips and your lower stomach to secure your handgun in place. This creates a "dead angle" so your finger cannot accidentally squeeze the trigger as it would with a conventional belt strap holster. Additionally, since there are no large pieces hanging down from your waist, the likelihood of an accidental slip is eliminated.

In some cases you may not have enough draw strength to fire a suppressed pistol without using a suppressor holster. If this is the case, then these holsters are a great solution. Because there are no large protruding parts hanging down, they eliminate the "dead angle" problem associated with standard belt holsters. As well, because there are no visible cords or straps, you will look much less conspicuous than with a belt holster.

One great example of a suppressor holster is the ADT Pro Series which attaches to the side of your belt. This holster allows you to place your suppressor on the weapon in a vertical position. In addition to eliminating the vertical "dead angle," this type of holster also eliminates a large amount of additional "crotch pressure." This alone makes this type of holster one of the most popular available.

For those who are just getting started with their liberty handgun collection and do not have many guns yet, or do not want to take up a lot of space with several guns, a classic option is the classic leather suppressor holster. These can either be purchased in individual strips or as a series of leather gun clips. The leather strips can be stitched together to form loops, or placed inside other loops to form deadly posts. These deadly posts (also called "dead-angles") can be connected to another set of strips, or used as a mounting point for your other suppressors.

In addition to leather strips, there are other options such as iwb (invisible belt) or iwb nylon (an alternative to leather). Although these options offer advantages over leather holsters, they both still pose some challenges when it comes to actually mounting a suppressor to your belt. For instance, iwb is much stronger than leather, so it can prevent your weapon from slipping out of sight when you place it inside the holster. The drawback is that you cannot use a regular belt buckle to mount an iwb holster on your belt, so you must buy belt buckles or some other attachment to accommodate the gun.

I often see people opt for suppressor holsters instead of traditional belt-mounted holsters. The reasons are varied, but the biggest reason I see people select iwb holsters instead of belt holsters is because they offer more flexibility. iwb holsters can be used with any firearm, and they can also be used to position your weapon in a number of different ways. A popular method of mounting a suppressor in a belt holster is by using a small retention aid stick that you place directly inside your waistband. The nice thing about using a retention aid is that it does not interfere with your clothing, which allows you to still wear your favorite tank top or dress pants.

If you prefer a more traditional look, then you might want to consider investing in a suppressor holster that has a belt loop or a paddle attachment. Typically, these types of iwb holsters will offer you a much heavier weight and greater stability than a belt-mounted or paddle-mounted accessory. A few good examples of this type of iwb holster include the Maglite Armor Master, the Sig Lite, and the Diamond Plate Magna Flip. If you prefer a more compact model, then the Recoil Holsters S.I.T.E.R.M. ( Silent Infiltration Tactic Elimination Equipment) is an option that I highly recommend.