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Surefire Holster

Surefire (V70) Rugged Polymer Speed Holster, Black
  • Rugged polymer construction
  • Allows rapid draw and re-holster
  • Adjustable for varying belt sizes up to 2.25" wide
  • Retains shape

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Surefire Holster Review

Surefire holsters offer the ultimate in versatility. These high quality leather pouches are designed specifically so that they can be used with any number of handguns. Whether you are interested in a pistol for everyday use, or you are an avid hunter who wants to bring a gun, Surefire can give you the option of selecting from a variety of popular handgun attachments. The attachment available at most online distributors and manufacturers include universal clip sockets, pistol lights, and even laser markings on your firearm. You can have any number of attachments added, making Surefire a truly customized solution for your particular needs.

The Surefire X300 Light Bearing model is one of the most popular handgun accessories available. Made from high quality leather, the Surefire X300 is one of the most comfortable and stable pouches to carry. This holster utilizes the Surefire Locking Engine technology to ensure an extremely tight fit and efficient release of the handgun. This series holster comes equipped with an oversized paddle that will accommodate a variety of handguns including revolvers, semi-automatics, and the newer models of revolvers. The Surefire Locking Engine also increases the strength of the grip during secure and release, ensuring that your handgun is as close to your body as possible during a drawn pose. With Surefire X300, you never have to worry about damaging your firearm.

The Surefire series holster x300 light bearing comes standard with a D-shaped pocket that accommodates either a handgun or a pistol cartridge. To expand the options available, you can purchase additional accessory pouches. The Surefire pistol grip, accessory pouch, and the Surefire holsters belt strap are all included. You can choose from a selection of colors including camouflaging green, desert tan, and more.

Another popular option found with the Surefire series holster line is the Surefire XP Hiimbel. This is a small gun that is very concealable and offers a tight fit with an easy release. A two part clip that adds a rapid firing snap on the butt of the gun is included, and this holster has a large capacity for added carrying capacity. Made of nylon, a nylon cantilever is included to prevent the magazine from coming out while you are in an upright position.

A popular attachment to many handguns is the Surefire weaponlight. There is a canteen that is placed behind the stainless steel barrel, which can be seen through the sight. When not in use, this canteen doubles as a light source. To attach, simply place the Surefire Weaponlight on the holsters belt with the clips or flaps facing out. This attaches easily and smoothly and can be adjusted up or down to target a specific distance.

With a Surefire weaponlight, you can quickly see which way you need to draw your handgun. Many people will choose a holsters with a vertical haft strap that helps keep the handgun close to their body, even when being worn in a waistline holster. For a more flexible attachment, many manufacturers include a v-shaped attachment that allows Surefire to be attached to a belt through the use of belt loops or zippers. This allows for a tighter grip on the handgun and increased stability when drawing it.

Some models of Surefire holsters include a double pullout tool that includes an accessory for added retention. The double pullout tool includes a rubberized sleeve and a tension hook. When the gun is inserted into the holster, it releases latch with a strong click and holds the firearm until you are ready to draw it. If you would like an additional attachment, most manufacturers offer an attachment that attaches using a double tension ring and spring pin.

Surefire manufactures several styles of pistol holsters. You can find a Surefire pistol light bearing holster in different colors including black, blue and stainless steel. The most popular style of pistol holster is the flat top model that features two cross straps that are placed over the butt of the handgun. The second type is a vented model that features an inner tube that vents the gases that accumulate inside the handgun. The final type is the tilting model that offers a forward or backward tilt to the retention area.