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Swarovski Rifle Scopes

Swarovski Optik Large Scope Guard Cover for The Z6 & Z6I...
  • Swarovski Optik Large Scope Guard Cover for the Z6 & Z6I...

Buyer's Guide: Swarovski Rifle Scopes

Tips For Choosing Swarovski Rifle Scopes

Swarovski is a brand that has many fans. Their rifles are top of the line, and they have quality optics for hunting and self-defense purposes. There are now assault rifles that use Swarovski technology. In fact, for many hunters and target shooters, a good scope is critical to the success of the hunt or the sport.

As with anything, there are good and bad quality products. For instance, I have personally enjoyed using one of their newer lines of scopes that utilizes fiber optics, which allows for super-fast transmission of images from the scope to the firearm. This eliminates much of the light conditions that plague hunting in damp or dark environments. The results can be life-changing. I especially appreciate that Swarovski utilizes a ten power magnification allowing for fine adjustments to get just the right shot.

With its head-mounted telescope and heavy-duty housing in Tyrol, Austria, Swarovski Optik always improves what's great as soon as day one is gone. They also offer various tube and bull bar scopes, ranging from low-end to high end; however, the Optik magnifies up to two-thousandths of an inch. They also provide spotting scopes, binoculars, laser cross sights, and even an optronic scope, including a red dot.

Another brand that comes to mind when discussing quality rifle scopes is Sig Sauer. They are the classic manufacturer of subsonic scopes and boast a lifetime warranty on their products. Their scopes are manufactured in the United States and are also resistant to electromagnetic radiation. They are also, by far, the most expensive of all the available optical performance scope manufacturers.

The best-known brand for spotting scopes and other optics is vortex tube mounted rifle scopes from Smith and Wesson. Smith and Wesson also manufacture some other popular brands. The V-curve design features a small tube with larger curvature at its perimeter. It has a high curvature that produces high magnification. Smith and Wesson offers both standard low and high end reticles.

Sig Sauer also offers some popular tube and bull bar designs along with their Match models. They're also high-end optics with a slim design. Their slim design makes them easy to carry and mount, making them easily interchangeable with other optics systems. All models come with an easy-to-change reticle and include a hands-free electronic diode to increase accuracy.

Finally, Hyperion is a well-known brand for hunting scopes. They're also known for quality construction. Unlike some other manufacturers, however, Hyperion does not incorporate the fiber optics technology used on many Swarovski Riflescopes. This means they are generally more expensive, although the price is worth paying for the improved optics.

For hunters who need wide-range shots but don't need the extra light offered by scopes, there's the Steinway line. Steinways also make spotting scopes for long-distance shots and have a long-range lens as well. The Osprey range features scopes that are both a fast firing and a long-range lens. Lastly, binoculars can offer excellent distance imaging and magnification for spotting rifle scopes. They're available in a large range of sizes and price ranges, so no matter what your needs are, you're bound to find the right one at an affordable price.

Most hunting rifle scopes will be available in either a tube design or a bullseye design. A tube design is easy to hold because it comes with a tapered barrel and includes a hood. However, because it has a tapered barrel, it will require a lot of care. And cleaning it can become an ongoing chore.

Bullseye designs are better because the barrel is open, and a lens is attached to the front of the tube. This type of scope also does require a lot of cleaning. But it also offers a little more versatility. Some customers say that while other bullseye scopes are open-faced, theirs are semi-open-faced.

The final consideration when purchasing rifle scopes is how they will work with your optic. The best scopes have crosshairs on the front for aiming at specific targets. Other optics will have a pair of circles that mark the front and the back of the crosshairs. The best of these optics include the Swarovski 24 Z6i EEL, and the Zeiss Super Speed Ultimate XP, among the best-rated optics.