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Tactical Boonie Hat

Generic Blue Cell Tactical Head Wear/Boonie Hat Cap for...
  • Package included£º1 x boonie hat + Free Bluecell Cable Tie
  • Two snap buttons help changing to another style hat
  • Four ventilation holes keep the hat ventilate

Buyer's Guide: Tactical Boonie Hat

Climbing Your Way Up a Mountain? Get a Tactical Boonie Hat

If you've always wanted to wear a hat that gives you a little bit more "breathing room," a Tactical Boonie Hat might be just the thing for you. A lightweight, durable windproof hat with a wide, flexible brim and elasticized side wings is ideal for hunters, fishermen, and anyone else who needs a head accessory that can keep them dry and warm. Tactical hats are available in a variety of colors, prints, and styles, so finding the right one for you is easy. Here are some more details about this great head accessory.

A Tactical Boonie Hat can easily fit into any casual or professional uniform. A mix of polyester and cotton gives the hat its versatile, breathable texture, while the elasticized side wings allow you to securely tighten and release the brim for tough, high-stress conditions like extreme high winds. Many Tactical Boonie Hats have removable, replaceable face shields that are useful for added ventilation. This feature helps prevent fogging from moisture or humidity, and can really come in handy on hot days.

The adjustable chin cord on a tactical boonie hat allows you to customize it to your own head size. You can be either taller or shorter, giving you the option to make the best fit for your head. The adjustable, fully zippered brim also allows you to get a better seal against the wind, keeping you comfortable and keeping your head and hair dry. The chin cord attaches to a removable, machine washable zipper band, which can be replaced with a reusable one if desired.

There are also several different accessories available to customize your 5.11 Tactical Boonie Hat. Some of these options include:

Foliage Loops Can add an extra element of style to your hat. These loops run along the entire length of the brim of the tactical boho. They are ideal for adding some color and some texture to your hat, especially if the loop is in the same color as your clothing. These can also be used in conjunction with the elasticized sides. These can really make your hat look good and give it a boost of self confidence, especially if used at the right time or occasion.

Fabric Can be used for many things, but one of the most important things to note is how well it will hold up. 5.11 tactical knows that their hats come with the long-lasting Propper lining that is designed to be durable and withstand wear. It is also made with a polyester/spandex blend, which gives it the stretch and comfort you need to avoid any possible ripping or tearing. The inside of the berry hat is also made from the same material, so it is virtually indestructible. If you prefer a lighter weight fabric, the canvas polyester-cotton blend may be the best option for you. It is also highly resistant to tearing, has a snug fit, and a professional finish.

The liner is completely removable, allowing you to exchange it for a different color or style. The adjustable chin strap is fully adjustable, giving you the ability to get a better fit if needed. It also helps prevent the hat from slipping down in high winds, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable ride on the road. The strap is easily adjustable with the use of a double-sided tape. For a more casual look, the white tactical boonie hat with a black faux zip closure is a great alternative.

The drawstring closures on the bibs are very secure, as well as being able to be exchanged out for another style should you ever feel the need. The polyester fiberfill construction of these hats makes them extremely light, making them great for even the heaviest climbers. These hats also come in an a number of sizes, from X-L to X-large. This ensures that there will be a bib suited to your head regardless of its size.