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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 14, 2021
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Our Top Picks for Tactical Holsters

Reviews Of The Best Tactical Holsters From Our Research

Condor Tornado Tactical Drop Leg Holster

Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster (Black, Fully Adjustable)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: TTLH-002
  • Package Weight : 1 pounds

This drop leg holster was designed for standard and compact pistols. It has an extra pouch for magazines, making you extremely prepared for self-defense and tactical situations. It provides discreet concealment and allows you to be extra comfortable without breaking a sweat.

Its adjustability combined with its nylon-designed material makes it an adjustable and versatile holster that can fit large and medium and small-sized pistols. It comes with adjustable straps equipped with rubber lining to prevent it from slipping down your legs while walking.

It has secure retention from a Velcro strap and a snap button. It is also an inexpensive drop leg holster, and people with a tight budget can purchase it.

It is an ideal choice for you as a civilian CCW owner and lets you catch attackers unawares with a great concealment holster hidden in the unlikeliest place.


  • Cheap drop leg holster
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for various pistol sizes
  • Customizable holster
  • Additional magazine pouch
  • Extra features to mount lasers and flashlights


  • Designed with nylon materials that tend to wear out quickly
  • Releasing the Velcro comes with an audible sound

CrossBred SuperTuck Holster

The SueprTuck is a groundbreaking holster by CrossbBreed. It is an IWB holster that is comfortable to wear. The company designed this holster to fit a wide range of gun models. The holster allows gun carriage in various options.

One of the most interesting features of this holster is its quality leather backing that comes with a pocket and is designed with Kydex materials. You can wear a CrossBred SuperTuck Holster with your shirt tucked in or not, depending on personal preference.

The holster is designed for right-handed people with a quick drawing of 3:30 to 5 o’clock and a left-hand drawing of 7 to 8:30.

Adjustable cant is made possible with this holster's SnapLok powder-coated steel belt clips. They are modular and also help with the adjustment of ride height.

With this holster, you have two leather options, clip choices and combat cut choices to choose from. These options will provide every individual with their preference and allow them to customize the holster according to their taste, as much as possible.


  • It is a perfect Right-hand draw holster.
  • High-quality leather for design
  • Perfect for a wide range of firearms
  • Adjustable cant and ride height
  • Lightweight


  • They will require bigger clothes to conceal carry.
  • Reholstering might be difficult


BLACKHAWK Epoch L3 Mld Lt Brg Dty Glk17-32-Pln L
  • No snaps or Hoods to accidentally open
  • Fits popular lights (tlr-1, tlr-2, X300 and X400)

Designed for law enforcement, the epoch level 3 light-bearing tactical holster fits the most popular under-barrel lights and keeps your pistol secure with a three-point locking system that is optimized for a swift natural draw.

Your firearm is secured with a passive adjustment screw that provides adjustable tension on the slide and under-barrel light.

The pivot guard locks over the slide and the auto-lock thumb release responds intuitively as you drive down with a full master grip releasing both the pivot guard and the ejection port lock.

For added assurance, the pivot guard closes with a slight depression of the release and rocking it back, preventing accidental closure and eliminating the chance of being locked out of the holster

It is an instinctive and efficient holster and the overall result is consistently faster draw times, a more effective response, and multiple mounting options. It comes equipped with either a jacket slot belt loop or a tactical thigh platform and is made in the USA.


  • Tactical pistol holster
  • Three locking systems to secure the firearm
  • Swift and easy draw
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Pivot guard
  • Adjustment screw


  • Needs some level of expertise to get acquitted to the pistol

WB Belt Slide ShapeShift Holster by Alien Gear

Alien Gear holsters ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster S&W M&P Shield 2.0 40 Caliber (Left Handed)
  • Custom fit to your specific pistol to ensure for proper fitment and retention. Fits: S&W M&P Shield 2.0 40 Caliber (Also fits Shield Plus)
  • Tool-less Retention Adjustment: Simply remove a twist lock and use it to increase or decrease your passive retention then replace the twist lock.
  • Material is made from a hardened polymer similar to most modern handgun frames meaning your holster is just as durable as most pistols like glocks and sigs as well as the soft breathable neoprene backing for comfort against your body!
  • Change How You Carry: Integrates seamlessly into any of the ShapeShift Line of holsters from Alien Gear meaning you can expand the ways this holster allows you to carry, from open to concealed to shoulder. *This product only comes with the OWB Belt Slide option as well as the completed shell for use with other ShapeShift Products*
  • Made right here in the USA, insuring the use of high quality materials and hardworking American craftsmanship where we stand behind our Iron Clad program to insure you have a holster for life after a 30 day test drive!

This is an all-new belt slide holster, a part of alien gear's new modular holster system. The shapeshift OWB slide holster is made to mirror the curve of your belt just so that it perfectly fits any size waistline.

It hugs your body close allowing for optional concealment by draping your shirt over the holster.

The shift shell of the holster is injection molded with a polymer blend similar to that found in some guns which won't warp at heat. Every tiny detail of your firearm is reflected in the custom-engineered shell.

Safety is primary with the design of the shapeshift owb slide holster. The adjustable retention unit locks your firearm into place when holstered and the trigger of your firearm is completely covered and protected on all sides.

An alien skin material surfaces the base of your holster providing a strong grip against your holstered firearm, and all these features combined ensure your firearm will stay put no matter the situation. A new and improved cool vent neoprene is notably more breathable and provides padded comfort.

This material counteracts the hard structure of the holster and makes it feel as if there is nothing there.

The middle layer of the holster is a stainless spring steel core that bends against your waistline, but never loses shape. All layers of the shapeshift OWB slide base are sewn together with the most resilient military-grade thread that will last a lifetime.

The materials used for the shape-shift shell as well as the parts designed for the belt to slide through are made with a very strong polymer that you can depend on, day in and day out.


  • Fits various models of firearms
  • Easy retention adjustment
  • Hard polymer holster
  • Versatile carry positions
  • Rigid and dependable holster
  • Padding for extra comfort
  • Tactical holster


  • Could be quite bulky

CyberDyer Tactical Double Draw Handgun Shoulder Holster

CyberDyer Tactical Double Draw Handgun Shoulder Holster Fully Adjustable Ambidextrous Horizontal Handgun Carrier
  • ★ ADJUSTABLE - CyberDyer shoulder harness with the adjustable straps and velcro secures you can be sure to have a perfect fit while having the range of motion you need during missions, one size fits small or large body frames.
  • ★ MODULAR DESIGN - Design to carry 2 handguns, it allows for both left and right hand use. Its universal design fits most popular pistols and revolvers, and the holsters' soft lining protects your firearm's finish.
  • ★ DURABLE - CyberDyer shoulder holster is made from lightweight durable polyester with PVC coating, high quality and very well designed shoulder holster with loaded features 2 holsters.
  • ★ UNIVERSAL FITS - Depring shoulder holster naturally fit subcompact and compact handguns, cut the thread to fit medium and large handguns. Fits glock M&P shield ruger LC9 taurus slim line springfield XD series beretta bersa kahr arms colt walther and many more pistols.br/>
  • ★ AFTER-SALES SERVICE - CyberDyer fleece balaclava, shoulder harness purchased from our company are guarantee to keep in good repair for 30 days, if quality problems happen in guarantee period, we will maintain for free. If you are caught in some problems when using our problems, welcome to contact us at any time, thanks!

Nothing makes prepping for danger like being able to strap on your favorite pistol along with a few extra magazines. You can also use this holster for your next competition or practice session. Either way, this shoulder holster is pretty versatile and it might be the closest thing you can get to a universal holster.

It is a good value for the price, includes two magazine pouches offside, and has an adjustable thumb break for various pistol sizes.

It has an ambidextrous shoulder holster with adjustable double thumb brake straps and horizontal alignment. It also includes a double mag pouch and extra material on the shoulders.

However, it may require some modifications, and is not recommended for duty or daily carry. Also, the adjustment straps are not long enough for some.


  • Straps fittingly on the shoulder
  • Versatile and universal for combat and competition styles shoulder holster
  • Affordable and budget holster
  • Adjustable thumb breaks to fit various pistols
  • Two extra pouches for additional magazines
  • Horizontal alignments
  • Ambidextrous styled holster
  • Comfortable with extra padding on the shoulder
  • Horizontal styled shoulder holster


  • May need to be modified before use
  • Not a great EDC shoulder holster

Buyer's Guide For Tactical Holsters

Tactical holsters are usually designed for law enforcement officers, members of the military, peace officers, and security personnel. In a nutshell, they are the holsters with features built for strategic and tactical situations, other than just self-defense reasons.

In this article, we have made a shortlist of some of the top 5 tactical holsters you can find today.

How are Tactical Holsters Different From Normal Holster?

Tactical holsters are designed to be more resistant to very rigorous conditions that normal holsters cannot withstand.

The basic idea with normal CCW holsters is for civilians to conceal carry in case they have to defend themselves. But tactical holsters are designed for gun battle situations.

Some of their features that make them different from the regular holsters include:

Retention Level

The regular holsters are designed with just passive retention that makes the removal of firearms swift and seamless when need be. This is not to say that tactical holsters draw is difficult, but some level of acquaintance and training is needed for the draw stroke because of its active retention.


Most tactical holsters are usually outside the waistband for quicker access. This contradicts the logic of regular holsters that are only intended for concealed carry.


Tactical holsters are designed with durable materials and features that make them quite heavy. Regular holsters on the other hand should be lightweight for discreet concealment and EDC.

Other Important Tactical Gears

Gears are everything when your job demands the most of you. When you are looking for tough ruggedized gear to take on virtually any task, there are few genres that can stand toe to toe with tactical gear especially for law enforcement and the military.

Unsurprisingly many of the technologies, materials, and features we enjoy in our hiking and camping gear actually originated in the field of tactical military gear.

There are a lot of companies out there that make excellent rugged gear for military, law enforcement, everyday carry, the outdoors, and more. Thanks to modern manufacturing the quality of everything is getting better and tighter by the day.

With thousands of tactical items, making the right choice is anything but easy, so to go with your tactical holsters, here are some of the tactical gears and gadgets you will need.

Tactical Respirator

Tactical respirators are designed to provide protection against a wide range of harmful contaminants encountered during training and in operational environments.

They are specifically manufactured to allow for normal interface with weapons, systems, and other mission-critical equipment. Their front-mounted filter allows for an enhanced field of vision, and quick one-handed filter changes.

They seamlessly integrate with night vision goggles and other eye protection products as well as over-the-ear hearing protection products.

Microphone and non-microphone versions are always available and compatible with standard ground communications headsets to enable radio communications.

Their mask suspension straps are easy to adjust and can be worn in a variety of ways depending on mission requirements and user preference.

Maximus Placard

These placards attach to most carriers on the market with included swift clip style buckle system and velcro backing to keep things lightweight yet highly durable.

They usually have a rugged strength that allows law enforcement officers and military members to equip the placard with different magazine loadouts.

The side of these placards will have multiple pockets with removable polymer for pistol mags, and can also carry other important tactical instruments like torch lights or knives.

The front of the placard features zipper pouches for user configuration, and, mostly, the pouch features an internal divider for additional organization

Medium Packs

Medium packs come with a full panel layout design that allows the user to hold additional supplies on the rear of their plate carrier. They feature a multi-zip back panel system to keep things lightweight yet highly durable.

Most times manufacturers undergo reinforced stitching in the design, and this gives the pouch a rugged strength suitable for tactical situations.

Those with a large single-pocket design allow users to organize supplies that can be easily accessed. Medium packs can fit a small to

medium-sized helmet, jacket, or any other mission-essential equipment.

Those that have elastic features straps will hold other tactical items securely.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to make use of a tactical holster as a civilian, you will need to get accustomed to it in the range before you use it for self-defense.

There is no particular law or restriction that prohibits civilians from using tactical holsters for their EDC carry. But since these holsters are quite complicated, they may require a lot of training to perfect draw strokes and retention.

There are quite a number of tactical holsters in the market, so choosing one would be difficult, even for some experienced law enforcement officers.