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Tactical Packs

FAMI Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack, Military Sport Bag Pack...
  • SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT: 7.87*3.9*11 inches...
  • DURABLE: Made of upgraded 600D Military Nylon durable...
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Used for EDC sling pack, chest bag, hand bag,...

Buyer's Guide: Tactical Packs

Choosing the Right Tactical Packs

Tactical packs have become quite popular over the years. It was not so long ago that tactical packs were for the military or law enforcement professionals. These packs are designed specifically for the individual who is not used to carrying large amounts of gear. The great thing about a tactical pack is that it can be worn as casual gear or put on when going hiking or fishing. Tactical packs come in all different styles and colors.

You could put a pistol, radio, tactical flashlight, and other items in the front compartment of the pack. You could also place a laptop in the back compartment of the pack and other items in the side pockets. Many people prefer to use the side pockets for smaller items, like cell phones, snacks, or other items that they would not want to take with them while hiking. You always carry the tactical packs easily on your shoulder because of the padded back and secure strap.

There is something to be said for the ability to pack only the necessities with no extra stuff. That is why the tactical packs from Modular Management are so popular. The military packs have many different compartments for different items such as; ammunition, first aid kit, water bottle, map, compass, knife, work light, and more. These military packs are very spacious and have plenty of room to carry all your gear.

The best tactical packs all have both internal and external straps and quick release buckles. All packs have a system for attaching the straps to a backpacker. In most packs there is a small line of webbing on the inside of the straps that allows quick attachment and removal of the straps without tearing them off. For convenience it is best to use the included strapping system on most tactical packs.

Another feature that all the top quality tactical packs have is a ruck sack. The ruck sack is designed to hold small items that can easily fit into the pack but are not as valuable such as a camera or radio. When choosing the right pack it is important to consider how often the ruck sack will be used. If the ruck sack is being used daily the owner may want to choose one with multiple pockets and several compartments for keeping personal items that are used daily such as medications, cell phones, and keys. However, if the pack is being used once in a ruck sack then one size of backpack may be sufficient. For everyday use the pack should have one main compartment with several smaller pockets that allow easy organization of the items taken.

In addition to choosing a ruck sack and the right pack there are also other features that should be considered when choosing the right pack. One feature that many people do not think about until after they have purchased a pack is whether the equipment will be comfortable or breathable while wearing it. A lot of people like their gear to be very warm but they also like their clothing to be cool and dry. For this reason the majority of tactical packs contain hydration systems so that the user doesn't have to worry about sweating and getting wet during an active game of golf.

Another feature that some people may overlook when choosing the right pack is the overall comfort of the equipment. Some of the top quality tactical packs include padded shoulder straps that make carrying the bag a much more comfortable experience. Padded straps can also help prevent chaffing, which is often caused by the weight of a bag on the shoulders. The main consideration of comfort of a sling bag is how long it will be used before it becomes uncomfortable. If the pack is intended for occasional use then a general use pack will work well; however, if the owner is going to be carrying the bag frequently then the owner may want to consider a padded shoulder strap that will provide additional comfort.

Some of the most popular tactical backpacks include Blackhawk, Blackwater, Coyote, Desert Eagle, Evolution, Kelty, Muddy Jute and Packbot. Some of these packs come with specific accessories such as a hip belt, cross straps or zippers, various compartments, a laptop compartment, zippered mesh pockets, and pouches. Some of the major manufacturers of tactical backpacks are Blackhawk, Blackwater, Buffalo, Coach, Evolution, Eureka, Gerber, Hiking, iSieg, Kifaro, Marmot, Ncstar, Peque, Private Reserve, Public Services, Rockler and Windproof. Other manufacturers that manufacture tactical backpacks include Blackhawk, Blackwater, Century, Coach, Evolution, Gerber, Hiking, Inc., North Face, Packbot, Schrade and Syclo.