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Tactical Pouch

FUNANASUN 2 Pack Molle Pouches - Tactical Compact...
  • One item includes 2 tactical pouches and 2 carabiners....
  • The tactical pack has vinyl sewed inside to keep moisture...
  • The molle attachment bag with 2 buckle straps on the back...
  • The utility molle pouch with two-way zippers in silent cord...

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Kinds of Tactical Pouch

Did you know that a tactical vest or a tactical pouch, is an essential part of your tactical gear? Tactical vests were designed specifically to meet the needs of military or law enforcement personnel. A tactical vest or a pouch adds extra storage to enable you to have more tactical items available to you at all times.

For example, a tactical vest or a pouch may have many pockets on them to add compartments to hold smaller items such as hand grenades, tactical scopes, or other items of gear. Some of these tactical vests can be attached right to your backpack for an even faster customizable loadout. When you order a vest online it will come with all the extras you need such as your own attachment points, adjustable straps, padded backing and sometimes a color or patterned cell phone pocket to wear on your vest. Once you check latest price on a tactical vest it should arrive in about two weeks. When ordering online just make sure it has all the compartments and padding you need and don't skimp on the padding, it will pay dividends in the long run.

It's good to have some way to carry your water, food or first aid kit in your vest, so look for a good tactical pouch with plenty of room for these items. Another good feature is to have a place for your cell phone, sunglasses and other personal items such as a key chain. It's also good to have an area to attach a personal radio to in case you get separated from your group. Other compartments on most tactical vests or Condor Tactical pouches include zippered mesh pockets to carry coins, pencils and pens, water bottle carrier, Velcro straps and an adjustable hem line.

There are many different style of tactical pouches that one can choose from. You can find them made out of different types of fabric such as nylon, canvas, leather or even nylon coated polyester. Nylon is very light and has excellent ventilation. Canvas is a bit stronger but it also tends to wear down after repeated use. Leather on the other hand is stronger but it is a lot heavier and tends to be uncomfortable to wear on your back or around your waist.

Most people prefer to use the newer versions of the tactical pouch such as those that utilize Cordura nylon material. This material is a little more expensive but it makes a world of difference when it comes to durability. The material is known for its resilience to tear, stretch and wear. It also resists water, stain and has an antibacterial protection that will help keep bacteria from damaging your pockets. The pockets on the back of the pouch are designed to accommodate a variety of different items such as a compass, flashlight, cell phone and others.

The third type of tactical pouches that you can get are ammo pouches. These pouches serve the same basic purpose as the other pouches with the exception that they are made specifically for storing ammo. People who regularly shoot at a range may want to consider getting these so that they do not have to keep a large number of ammo cans on hand. These also make a great gift choice because there are a wide range of designs to choose from.

The fourth type of material used to manufacture tactical pouches is a durable 600d polyester fabric. This material is known for being extremely strong and sturdy. Although it is heavier than many of the other materials used to make tactical pouches it is still very lightweight. Because of this lightweight feature many tactical pouches are able to be worn by individuals while they are running around carrying their backpack. In addition to being lightweight the material is also known for having excellent abrasion resistance which will help to make the fabric last for a longer period of time.

There are a number of different places where you can find these pouches such as the internet, gun stores, and gun specialty shops. Although they can be purchased online you should be aware that they may be more difficult to get in some local gun stores. The best way to be able to find a tactical pouch is to be armed with an internet and map of your local area. By knowing where and how to find one you can assure yourself that you will always have one on hand. When you are outfitted with your tactical pouch you will never be afraid to take a shot.