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Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

Condor Summit Soft Shell Tactical Jacket, Color Black, Size...
  • Stow-away hoodie
  • Two highrise slash chest pockets
  • Underarm vent zipper
  • Full front YKK zipper with double zipper pull

Buyer's Guide: Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

Thermal Defense Clothing - The Warmth Retention of a Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

The Tactical Soft Shell Jacket got its durability from its key component nylon fabric which greatly resists wind and moisture. This tactical jacket is very easy to move around because of the molded out part Spandex textile material. This textile material gives exception flexible so that you can easily utilize this waterproof jacket with padded guns or armor plates and carry your weapon rapidly. Here are some benefits of this jacket.

Comfort This jacket has got a great comfort feature which is due to adjustable wrist cuffs and hood. You can make it more comfortable if you put on the removable liner. It has a flap inside which can be easily folded up and stuff into your pocket so that you can still keep it on when not in use. The drawstring waist is also made with comfortable warm material for better protection from cold.

Protection The jacket features one-piece textured green polyethylene outer layer which offers protection against ultraviolet light. It also includes Dura-Tred outer layer which offers more resistance to tearing. Also, the jacket has reflective patches which makes this tactical vest extremely visible during nighttime. The front zip pocket and front utility pockets make this jacket extremely functional for any occasion. It also has a snap down collar for further protection and comfort.

Accessories The jacket also comes with two utility pockets which make it easier to carry items like keys, cell phones, pagers, cartridges, and other equipment which you frequently use. It is convenient since you do not have to unzippered pockets. However, if you need more pockets, you can add more utility pockets separately. There are two outside zippered pockets and one inside zippered pocket. These pockets are perfect for holding water, gun cleaning equipment, or other items which you might need to bring along. A couple of snap closure bags provide extra security for your gear.

Durability An outdoor type jacket such as this one is made with a heavy duty polyester rip-stop fabric which is ideal for wear in all types of weather. This is one reason why this jacket enjoys the highest customer satisfaction. Its waterproof and washable qualities ensure that it is durable enough to withstand wear and tear through many uses.

Fleece The synthetic polyester fill of the soft shell jacket ensures that this is a warm and comfortable product. The polyester fills trap air making the jacket stay cool to the touch. This is a great feature for those who like a little bit of chilliness during the summer. Some consumers also reported that while they were wearing the tactical jacket their hands and arms did not become cold unlike when they were wearing a traditional wool or other heat pack.

Snaps The zippers on the tactical soft shell jacket are quite strong. Some users also reported that their zippers kept them tightly in place even when they were cold. Some users also noted that the outside pockets of the jacket made it easier to carry the items that needed to be taken on an outing. Other customers reported that the large interior pockets of the jacket made it easy to carry their water bottles or other supplies for their trip.

Warmth One of the most popular attributes of any thermal outer shell is breathability. The breathable moisture wicking fabric of the soft shell tactical jacket has a nice moisture barrier to keep your body heat in while you are out in cold weather. This helps you stay warm and avoid feeling cold more quickly when you take on the day. While you are wearing this jacket, you will feel the difference in temperature right away.