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Tactical Survival Gear

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Buyer's Guide: Tactical Survival Gear

Tactical Survival Gear For Your Home

Tactical Survival Gear can be defined as items or supplies that make up a basic survival kit and are designed for long-term survival situations. The primary goal of these items would be to provide the minimum amount of personal protection needed in order to survive in the event of an emergency. A survival kit can contain a knife, hand held radio, and other items specifically for self defense purposes. Some people tend to think that these products are exclusively for the military but this is not true because anyone can have the basic items for self defense if proper planning is put into place.

One of the most important pieces of tactical survival gear would be the paracord survival vest. Paracord is a flexible, strong, and yet inexpensive string that is used for a variety of reasons including rope, hanging items, and even fishing line. The paracord is strong enough to be used as a strong rope, but also lightweight enough to be worn as a necklace. These vest's can also be used as weapon carriers or hung on a belt for additional protection.

Another great product in the category of tactical survival gear is the mini whistle. The whistle can help signal for help when you are in a potentially dangerous situation. It can also be used to command other survivors while on a hike. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and has a long cord with a ratchet to tie it together. The windproof stainless steel unit is water resistant and will stay effective even when wet. For added protection you can also get a rain fly to use at the end of the whistle.

For some people it might be hard to consider tactical gear as real survival gear but the truth is that this type of gear is designed for disaster preparedness. If you had a surprise attack from an enemy or if your home was flooded you would want something that could keep you alive for a short period of time. A good survival kit would contain items like a sleeping bag, emergency blanket, waterproof matches, food bars, and whistle. A compass and some basic tools would be a necessity too.

In a case where you have to evacuate your home due to an earthquake or flood a tactical survival kit would contain items that would ensure your survival. If you were in your home before the disaster strike you would be able to setup a ration pack that would provide you with enough food to survive for a few days. You would need items such as bottled water, matches, a compass, and a signaling device such as a cell phone. These supplies would ensure that you were able to communicate with rescuers and other survivors.

If you were trapped in a building after an earthquake or flood you would still have some supplies in your kit to ensure your survival. It would include items such as water, blankets, and food bars. Water is always an essential item since it keeps you hydrated and will help you from becoming dehydrated. You would also need to have blankets on hand in case you get trapped in a room with no exit.

Some people opt to wait out the disaster because they feel that there is no point in doing so. The truth is that it is never too late to be able to help yourself. You never know when a rescue will come through and you will be able to live another day. Your neighbors may not care about the disaster that has happened, but others will be dealing with the aftermath for many days to come.

Don't let a disaster control your life. Being prepared will keep you alive and able to care for yourself. If you have the proper tactical survival gear on hand you will be able to stay as safe as possible. Tactical survival gear is something that you can have readily available should a disaster strike and you are unable to reach any safety.