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Tactical Torch

Pocketman Ultra Slim Portable XPE-R3 900LM Mini LED...
  • Portable mini size, shape like a pen, only 9cm length.
  • Simply 1 switch mode lighting effect design
  • The maximum output brightness can up to 900 lumen
  • Comes with a clip, suitable for carrying around.

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Tactical Torch Accessories - Flashlights and Head Lights

A tactical torch is a small flashlight designed for use in combination with a handheld firearm to help low-visibility target identification, enabling the military, police officer or hunter to simultaneously aim and light the target, enabling critical target identification during volatile situations. Tactical torches are a fundamental requirement for law enforcement agencies across the nation, especially for "hot spot" operations where law enforcement officers must work in close contact with citizens and subject them to high levels of danger. The smaller size of the tactical torch allows it to be carried by a single officer, which in turn reduces the chance of deadly miss-fires when long-range shots are necessary. The key design of the tactical flashlight allows for a one-hand-fits-all carry that provides a higher degree of protection against dangerous situations while still maintaining a compact, efficient design. Utilizing a tactical torch can increase a law enforcement agency's success rate in apprehending criminals and providing citizens and officers with greater safety and security.

There are a number of factors that must be considered when evaluating a tactical torch. These include, but are not limited to, the law enforcement officer's level of training and experience with the specific tactical device, the agencies hand held laser models and how these devices will be carried by the law enforcement officer. It is important to consider the law enforcement officers current hand held devices and how they will be used in the field. Most law enforcement officers are trained to use their current equipment, unless there is a specific emergency that requires a different operating method. There are many benefits to the performance standards of today's modern tactical flashlights. Some of these benefits include:

The higher the lumen, the brighter the light. Today's tactical torches produce bright light at up to eight thousand lumens, far brighter than a traditional LED flashlight. Many models have a high lumen rating that can be achieved through surface diffusion, where a pattern of pixels is illuminated on the flashlight, giving the impression of a moving image.

Today's tactical torches are also made with a much sturdier construction than in years past. In addition to using a more durable external body, the internal components are becoming more resistant to corrosion and internal impact. This means that today's tactical torches are far more likely to last a long time and still provide sufficient light to perform their duties. Most military torches fall into this category. In addition, due to the durability of modern materials, even the handles attached to the units are much more durable than ever before.

The bezel surrounding the light is another area that has improved over the years. Today's tactical lights are constructed with a much more durable bezel, which is the outermost layer of any given colored LED. The increased durability is through a greater use of micro-beads, which are much finer than the bezel material. Because there is no more possibility for abrasion, the durability of the bezel, which is usually made from plastic, is greater than ever.

When it comes to law enforcement equipment, tactical torches are often used to supplement or replace existing light sources. While the use of tactical lights is not new, the incorporation of a more durable, waterproof, and lightweight design has meant that they can be used in tandem with existing tactical lighting systems. These lights can be found in a number of configurations including fixed, mounted on a belt clip, or attached to an officer's personal gun. A popular attachment for police cars is the "bean bag" mount; these bags can easily fit over the entire roof of the vehicle, securing the tactical torch at all times.

Another popular use for a tactical torch is as night vision equipment. Modern cameras and binoculars use small, high power LED lights to illuminate scenes during the dark. While traditional high power lamps and bulbs have been replaced with LED lamps, these newer versions can provide much better light than their predecessors, especially when directed towards high-visibility areas such as a target area. The addition of a tactical torch to an inventory of night vision devices helps to ensure the best results when working at night. It is also a cost effective solution to replacing older, larger, and heavier night vision equipment.

For all these reasons, the use of a hand held tactical torch is highly recommended. These devices are available in both "high mode" and "low mode", allowing users to switch between the two when appropriate. In order to conserve battery power, they are usually only run in "high mode", even when working directly under direct light for long periods of time. They also have a built in "white balance" mechanism which allows for bright LED lights to remain bright even in low light environments, and a reliable high temperature auto shut off feature to protect the batteries from high heat.