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Tactical Waterproof Pants

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  • Material:94% polyester 6% spandex, Dintex soft shell fabric
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Buyer's Guide: Tactical Waterproof Pants

Three Popular Types of Tactical Pants For Military and Waterproof Use

Waterproof tactical clothing is not necessarily designed for every day use. Most specialize in situations where active protection of body armor is needed. Tactical clothing for this purpose can be either nylon or some other light-weight material. These types of pants offer excellent protection in the event of active combat.

An outstanding feature found in many tactical waterproof pants and jackets is the quick-dry capability. Waterproof tactical trousers with an ultra-light structure help keep the material lightweight and keep you dry by avoiding water seepage through the cloth. Another key feature in selecting these pants is their durability, which will extend the life of your pants. The most important factors in determining how long your pants will last are structure, durability, and water resistance.

One feature found in many popular brands of tactical materials is the waist band. This band helps compress the waist for better fit and more comfortable fit. Many models feature adjustable straps to make it easier to get your pants on or off. A few models boast an anti-snake-skin coating around the waistband for added protection. Other models offer lightweight ripstop lining in strategic areas to further guarantee that you're wearing the best pants for your needs.

One of the best waterproof products I've seen was the Hydroxy military pack. It is lightweight, extremely breathable, and features an anti-breath feature. The Hydroxy pack is comfortable to wear even when I was carrying loads of gear and was a breeze to put on and take off. It was also one of the lightest packs I had, weighing in at just over seven and a half pounds without getting cumbersome when I needed to carry it.

Another excellent option is the Recon Advanced Lightweight Pants. If you need lightweight, waterproof, long-lasting pants for a tactical situation in rugged, outdoor environments, then this is definitely the brand for you. Recon makes a few different models for all types of conditions, including regular pants for general use and an edgier model designed for rock climbing or other outdoor sports. They are made with Duro synthetic fibers for a comfortable, moisture resistant fabric.

High-quality pairs of military and waterproof pants can also be found by Access. Military and tactical pants provide a high-quality fit, plenty of breathability, and durable materials that will stand up to the wear and tear of any outdoor activity. These high-quality pairs of pants typically feature an aluminum frame, zippers with button closures, a pre-tailored waist belt, and lots of pockets for organizing gear. Some of the models offered by Access boast a removable nylon liner for extra comfort and a contoured waist belt with hook & loop closures for superior durability. In addition, all Access products include a pair of adjustable, combat boots to protect your feet and keep you protected from harsh ground surfaces.

The third type of high-quality pair of tactical military and waterproof pants I would like to mention is the Armor Holdings Honor Defense series by Armor Holdings. This line offers several models, all of which have a rugged, fully adjustable waist belt and sturdy, fully lined waistbands. All models feature fully adjustable draw strings at the waistband, so you can adjust it to fit your personal comfort and requirements. Furthermore, there are numerous pockets on the outside of each leg of each trouser leg for stashing gear or other items.

Lastly, we will discuss a relatively new company called Black Wolf Gear. This company offers three different styles of pants for military and tactical use. They offer a hip pocket design, an armor pouch design, and a utility belt design. The hip pocket design is designed with an oversized flap that enables you to easily access your MP3 player, while the armor pouch design provides extra protection for your tactical belt waterproofing. In addition, they also provide an adjustable, fully zippered waist belt and lots of pockets.