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Tactical Work Pants

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Buyer's Guide: Tactical Work Pants

How to Select Tactical Work Pants

Tactical Work Pants are a unique breed of military surplus clothing. They are designed specifically for working in and under hazardous conditions such as combat zones or hazardous industries. The only pants available that feature a double front snap utility pocket and back utility waist band style, these tactical work pants are ready to carry all the tools you require including cuffs, knives, flashlights, cell phones, hand grenades, extra ammunition, and other devices. Utilized for a variety of activities ranging from simple day-to-day tasks to military exercises and complicated operations, these pants are a must-have for any professional military, law enforcement, or tactical personnel. Tactical work pants have their origin during World War I when officers designed them specifically for trench warfare.

Like most protective gear, they feature high levels of durability as they are intended to be worn and used in harsh conditions. Unlike ordinary work pants, which are usually manufactured with only one color, these pants come in various colors and materials. One of the most popular materials used is a heavy duty polyester blend that is designed to withstand long periods of wear and tear. Aside from durability, they are also water, stain, and tear resistant.

For added protection, these pants have added features such as zippers, cargo pockets, Velcro, and hook and eye collars. Most tactical work pants have cargo pockets in the front and at the back of the legs. This enables you to keep small items like pens, keys, first aid kits, cartridges for your guns, and other equipment neatly tucked away while working. The front pockets can also be used to store extra ammunition, first aid kits, or other items. The back pockets, however, are not as beneficial since you may not be able to reach all the items you need with your hands.

To make things easier to work with, most military tactical pants have belt loops. These belt loops allow you to hang up your pants so that you can be fully prepared for any circumstances. Whether you need your pants, shirt, or shoes, they will all fit properly when they are hanging from the appropriate belt loops.

As you get more involved in your tactical operations, you will likely spend a lot of time wearing protective gear. You can further customize your work pants by wearing combat boots with built-in insoles and pointed toes. This will provide added durability and comfort to your footwear while keeping you from having to constantly adjust your shoes. You can also wear a pair of Leeper or Buckled jeans in addition to a durable pair of work boots.

There are several other items you can wear to make your work pants more comfortable. If you plan to be out on the field a lot, a comfortable pair of cotton canvas shoes is an excellent choice. These shoes are both lightweight and flexible, and can easily be dressed up or down to match the situation. They are also available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, making them ideal for every type of environment.

The last group of people who should consider purchasing tactical pants for their law enforcement needs are those who will be working inside a building. Since they will probably be in charge of carrying larger amounts of gear than other members of their team, it will be vital for them to have the option of wearing cargo pants. These cargo pants offer a high level of flexibility so they can be easily adapted to different situations. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that they are made to be stronger than regular cargo pants. In addition, they may offer more protection in the form of Kevlar-reinforced sides and back gussets.

When looking for a pair of tactical work pants for law enforcement or other types of law enforcement work, you can choose between a full pair of pants that cover the waist and legs, or a pair of pants with a waistband. A pair that only covers the waist will not provide the same level of protection that a pair with a waistband will. It will also be easier to adjust the fit of a pair of waistband pants over time as they stretch slightly with use. If you are in doubt about which style would be best for your needs, a pair of full-length pants with Kevlar reinforced sides and back is the most recommended.