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Philem Withlead
Published Sep 06, 2021
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Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base for Paper Shooting

Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base for Paper Shooting Targets Cardboard Silhouette - H Shape - USPSA/IPSC - IDPA Practice - Upgraded Version (1 Pack)
  • ▶ Highwild Adjustable Target Stand is compatible with 8 to 24 inches wide paper or cardboard targets.
  • ▶Supports 1x2 board(Actual 0.75" x 1.5"). No tools required, set up in just seconds! (1x2 board not included)
  • ▶ Powder coated steel construction with clear width markings on the base.
  • ▶ Environmental Protection Design - The two large 13" X 16" sides of the packing box are designed as Silhouette Targets, which you can get by cutting the box.
  • ▶ Great for more advanced training, such as sports, firearm training, gun ranges, millitary and competition.

The Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base for Paper Shooting is an adjustable base made of steel and ABS plastic for paper shooting. This stand can adjust to accommodate targets of varying size and orientation, making it perfect for any sport.

The sturdy base will stand up against anything Mother Nature throws at it.

It comes with four rubber feet for stability on any surface. This stand is lightweight and easily portable, making it perfect for travelers or campers without sacrificing strength or durability.

This product is suitable for outdoor use.


  • It has a height range from 21cm to 61cm, and its target holder opens to 30mm wide.
  • It comes with screws and washers for easy installation.
  • It comes with 3 bolts: two are 20mm long and one is 6mm long.
  • The product's dimensions are Waist: 30cm, Height: 61cm.
  • It weighs 790 grams.
  • The material is ABS plastic and steel tubing.
  • It can contain targets of any shape or orientation.
  • It has rubber feet to prevent slippage on smooth surfaces.
  • The stand's height is adjustable to suit your needs.
  • It comes with installation instructions in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.


  • It is compact and portable.
  • Adjustable to any height of your choice.
  • It's made of high-quality materials and is very durable.
  • The product can be used with a variety of targets and sports activities.


  • This stand may not fit all sized targets, depending on the material.
  • The item weighs 790 grams, so it isn't as light as other brands' target stands.

Splatterburst Targets - Multi-Width Polymer Target Stand

Splatterburst Targets - Multi - Width Polymer Target Stand - Excellent for All 6-24 Inch Wide Targets - Made in USA
  • Our TOUGH polymer stand is EASY TO USE and designed for sportsmen, firearms trainers, gun ranges, law enforcement, military and competition.
  • The DURABLE polymer is BETTER than wood, SAFER and LIGHTER then metal and has shoot through self sealing properties.
  • Vertical sticks are held SECURELY with patented design. No more shimming or thumb screws required to hold vertical uprights secure.
  • Compatable target widths include: 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 23", and 24". Uses rough cut 1"x 2" wood fir strips (actual dimentions: 0.75" x 1.5"), not included.
  • So good they're PATENTED - PROUDLY MADE IN USA - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Makes a great gift

The Splatterburst Targets - Multi-Width Polymer Target Stand is a gel target stand with two sides that can hold up to five different paper targets. This stand can accommodate all types of paper shooting and can be set at any distance.

This target stand is perfect for all shooters, regardless of how far you can shoot. It allows for targets to consist of 6-7 inch circles on the stands, but also has 9-10 ft lanes on the posts just in case your target ranges get more elaborate than that!

This swinging target stand holds up to 100 targets and is designed with a 1-inch ledge for easy scoring. It's white to ensure visibility and the 1-3/8" wide slots can contain a wide array of targets, whether clay targets or paper targets.


  • It has multiple width settings, allowing the user to adjust the target height to the desired height.
  • The high-impact polystyrene target plates are made of black opaque borders with white bullet splatter centers.
  • It has an adjustable steel hanging bar with 11 height settings (from 5ft 6inches to 10ft).
  • Each set is designed to be completely customizable; they can also be used in pairs for two-sided practice.
  • It has an easy installation system, requiring no tools to set up.
  • The brackets are 8mm thick steel and the bars are .054" solid steel.
  • It has a width of 23".
  • Each set includes three target plates, one bar, and two brackets.
  • It comes with two sets of plates to switch between different types of targets in one session.
  • It has a 5ft range and is capable of withstanding use in high-traffic areas.
  • The base stand is made of ABS plastic and the post is made of steel tubing.


  • This target stand can accommodate different types of targets, including steel targets, and clay targets for other uses besides shooting sports.
  • The brackets are made of high-quality material and are very durable.
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Two-sided target systems are great for an engaging competitive shooting experience.


  • The product may rust in areas that receive a lot of moisture or humidity.
  • This target stand lacks rubber feet to prevent slippage on hard surfaces.

Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand with Compact Design

The Caldwell Target Stand is uniquely designed, allowing users of all skill levels to shoot targets with ease while saving space and providing convenience in its mobile construction

This stand starts at a lower height and can be raised to accommodate various shooting skills for maximum use. Its compact design allows the user to effortlessly transport it from location to location, so you can set up your target no matter where you are.

The tripod design stands in excess of six feet tall, making it a stable launching point for a variety of firearms. Designed to be portable and durable when folded up, this lightweight stand holds up well when left out in adverse weather conditions. With an easy setup that requires no tools or drilling, you'll be shooting targets soon after arrival!

The Caldwell ultimate target stand was created to fit in the back seat or trunk of most vehicles without taking up too much room.


  • It is portable, lightweight, and mobile.
  • Its tripod design has a durable steel construction that can support most firearms.
  • Its easy assembly requires no tools or drilling into the ground. It simply unfolds for use when you're ready to set up your targets.
  • Height is adjustable from 48" to 68".
  • It folds flat for easy storage and transport.
  • Constructed of durable materials that are built to last.
  • An all-weather design, allowing it to hold up against rain, wind, or snow.
  • The stand features a powder coat finish that is rust-resistant.


  • Very affordable target stand.
  • Easily adjustable heights.
  • Great for use in changing conditions.


  • The tripod design may give way to heavier firearms, so lighter firearms are recommended.
  • Target stand may be difficult for some to adjust the height settings.
  • The included instructions do not give clear information on how to assemble.
  • Does not include target plates or posts.

Birchwood Casey Adjustable Base Target Stand Kit w/uprights

Birchwood Casey Adjustable Base Target Stand Kit w/uprights and Plastic Backer Board, Black, Adjustable Width Stand: 13" to 25"
  • Adjustable Width Stand 13" To 25"
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 20.0"
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 21.0"
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 5.0"

This product is a target stand that includes two adjustable brackets and one steel hanging bar equipped with 11 height settings. It can be used to hang paper targets from printable heavy-duty steel targets to clay pigeon shooters and is great for use in a high-traffic area due to its durability.

The Birchwood Casey target stand kit includes three sets of replacement plates that can be swapped between sets for variety during one session. It has an easy system that requires no tools and installs with no screws or bolts. It is widely used for shooting practice and is often used in competitions.

With this product's adjustable target, you'll be able to shoot from a variety of angles. The stand holds both narrower and wider targets as well as an angle-saving arrow channel. It assembles easily for those who don't have time to assemble kits at home.

Birchwood Casey Adjustable Base Target Stand Kits, with a starter kit of additional targets and a carrying case for all the pieces, allowing you to shoot from any angle.


  • Holds targets securely in place.
  • Built with durable materials for durability and reliable use.
  • Comes with three replacement plates.
  • Can be used to set up your own shooting range anywhere there are trees or posts to tie off the brackets.
  • Includes carrying case for complete portability.
  • Allows you to practice from any angle using the angled arrow channel.


  • Allows practice from multiple angles due to the angled arrow channel.
  • Durable construction for reliable use throughout many sessions.
  • Simple installation with no tools required.
  • Lightweight and mobile so it can be transported easily without draining energy.


  • Some users have found it difficult to set up, which may require an additional tool.
  • It is lightweight, so may not be able to support heavier firearms.

Highwild Steel Target Stand for AR500 Shooting Targets

This innovative target stand from Highwild is a perfect piece of equipment for any avid shooter. Built to a very high standard, this model offers superior stability and an ergonomic design making it easy to use. With the addition of adjustable height, this target stand will provide you with many hours of amusement from shooting at different heights.

This AR500 steel shooting target stand was designed to hold targets securely in place, even against heavy-duty firing including .50 BMG rounds. It is made of lightweight materials so it won't drain your energy when you have to transport it, and its simple installation requires no tools or drilling.

The sturdy steel construction provides plenty of stability for shots from any angle. It's also easy to transport and install, with its compact design that tucks away easily when not in use.

The simple design of this target stand allows for quick assembling and display of the stand.


  • Made with lightweight steel that holds up well to heavy-duty use.
  • Adjustable height for a variety of angles.
  • Simple installation with no tools required.
  • Ties easily to trees, posts, or other sturdy structures for reliable stability.
  • Comes in a compact design that tucks away easily when not in use.
  • Allows targets to hang securely in place no matter how much force is used.


  • Can be installed on trees, posts, or other structures for reliable stability.
  • Adjustable height allows target shooting from different angles.
  • Lightweight for easy portability and storage when not in use.
  • Tucks away easily with its compact design.
  • Holds targets securely.


  • The stand is lightweight and easy to transport, but it can't support heavier firearms like .50 BMG.
  • Material quality is questionable

Buyer's Guide For Target Stands

Target stands are a great way to work on your technique and plan your shots before you get in the field. They also allow for more accurate target practice and can help you with gun safety. You may be wondering what kind of target stand is best for you, so check out our article below to find out.

When buying a target stand, there are so many factors you need to consider. These factors include price, sturdiness, size of the product, etc.


Price is important when considering a target stand because they can vary in price by hundreds of dollars. Affordable stands are good for people just starting out who aren't sure that they will continue to shoot frequently or need a small stand.

The more Expensive stands are made from stronger materials and have a better design. They can also hold heavier targets, so if you'll be practicing with rifles or similar weapons, this is something to consider.


Ensure your stand has some sort of warranty that protects against faults or defects. This will give you peace of mind that the product was made with quality materials and has a reliable design.


Stands are usually made from metal or wood, but not all metals are created equal. Some stands are made of steel that provides the best durability.

Metal is also good because it holds up to heavy-duty shooting sessions that can damage the wood over time. However, the weight of the metal can be a disadvantage because it is harder to transport.


The size of the stand should also be considered when you look for one. Larger stands are able to hold larger targets, so they're great if you'll be practicing with big guns like .50 BMG rounds or hunting rifles.

Smaller stands are good for someone who only plans to use a pistol and doesn't need a large stand. If you do buy a smaller stand, remember that it is less sturdy than larger stands and you should never hang heavy targets on them.


Adjustability is another factor that should be considered. You don't always want to shoot from the same level every time, so adjustable stands are great if you need a target at different angles. You should be able to extend the target stand to whatever height you deem fit.


The materials from which stands are made will determine how much stability it provides and its durability. Most stands are made of metal or wood, but some are even made of concrete that is great for the outdoors.

Check the product description before buying to ensure that the stand can handle your target shooting. The material content of the stand determines how durable it will be.


When considering a stand's hanger, consider whether you will need to use it vertically or horizontally. Vertical hangers are used with targets made out of paper or cardboard, while horizontal hangers are used with targets made out of plywood or other materials that support the high weight.

Stands come equipped with either horizontal or vertical hangers, so take into consideration the type of target you will be using before buying a stand.

Frequently Asked Questions For Target Stands

What is the best height for a target stand?

The best height for a target stand will depend on the type of weapon you are using. Also, consider your preferences when determining what would be the most ideal level at which to place your targets. Remember that different angles mean different results and it's important you get all your shots aligned correctly.

What is the best material for a target stand?

The best option will depend on your needs. More expensive stands tend to be made of metal that provides more durability and stability, while lightweight stands tend to be constructed from materials like aluminum or plastic.

Wood is also a highly popular material because it's sturdy and easy to find within a budget. Some materials help in protecting the target stands from weather elements.

Are target stands worth the investment?

Target stands are an economical way to make your shooting range more safe and effective. It's crucial to use a stand when practicing because it ensures you shoot at the same height every time and minimizes accidental injury. Most stands aren't very expensive, so it won't break the bank to buy one.

What is the best target stand for the money?

The best option will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some stands are made of metal that provides sturdier support, while others are made out of wood which is ideal if you need stands that are lightweight and easier to transport.

Both options come equipped with hangers that can hold either horizontal or vertical targets, so you won't have to worry about getting the wrong stand.

How are target stands made?

Target stands are usually constructed from metal or wood. Some are more commonly made of metal because it provides more stability and durability, while others are more likely to be built out of wood because it provides lighter weight and is easier to work with.

Can I attach Rubber Paddings to the base of the stand myself?

No, the rubber padding comes attached to the base of the product.

What is the best target stand for paper?

Targets made out of paper require stands that are more lightweight and easier to transport. Stands made out of aluminum or plastic are more ideal because they don't weigh as much as metal does.

Are target stands reusable?

Yes, most stands will be reusable if you take good care of them. Ensure that you dry them off with a towel or cloth after each use, and avoid storing the stands near anything that could cause rusting or corrosion over time.

Final Thoughts

We’ve done the work for you and have compiled a list of some of our favorite target stands on Amazon.

Learn more about what to look for in a good stand, plus answers to frequently asked questions so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your own stand.

Check out the content of our buyers' guide section to provide you with the information you need to make informed buying decisions.