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Taser Pulse Holster

Taser Nylon Holster with Strap for The Pulse and Pulse +
  • Carry your TASER Pulse/Pulse+ easily with this outside the...
  • The lightweight and flexible material allows for safe and...
  • Right Hand Orientation

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Taser Pulse Holster - For Immediate Relation

The Taser Pulse Holster is a lightweight ambidextrous TASER Pulse holster that allows for easy carrying of your TASER Pulse electronic device. With a positive click lock latch, the TASER Pulse is easily accessed without fear of it accidentally going off. Quickly gain access to your TASER Pulse and feel secure knowing it is on your person without the potential for it to accidentally go off. Holsters come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. If you need more room for items like keys and cell phones then you should consider purchasing a larger model.

The belt retention design provides a great deal of convenience. The belt retention allows for easy access through the use of your vehicle's seat belt. This is perfect for quick trips to the local store or super market. The belt also does a great job of containing your device when not in use.

Many models of the Taser Pulse are designed with the help of an ID tag or bracelet attachment. These ID tags/braces can be placed securely on your waistband. This is a simple way to add more functionality to your taser device without changing out the entire holster. With the addition of the bracelet, you can access your taser pulse at any time with out the need to remove your gun from its holster. This feature is perfect for those who may have multiple guns and access them at the same time.

When shopping for a quality taser pulse holster you want to make sure it comes equipped with the taser pulse attachment. The attachment allows the user to quickly and efficiently deliver a highly effective dose of stunningly fast force to the attacker. The rapid firing capability of the gun can often catch the attention of those being attacked. The sudden and extremely strong burst of force delivered from close range can often distract the attacker long enough for you to get to safety.

The goal of many new self defense technologies are to create an extremely powerful subcompact self-defense innovation that can be easily carried in the individual's purse or pocket. The Taser Pulse Holster is such a innovative product. It combines the convenience of a traditional leather holster with the quick firing capabilities of a two stage laser system. The device is comfortable to carry even when the wearer is sitting down. The tek-lok attachment is also small enough to conveniently fit in the individual's pants pockets.

The Pulse Holster was designed by the world renowned firearms training expert, Les Brown, Ph.D. who developed the original Taser device for law enforcement. He realized that the conventional belt pouch style holster lacked the benefit of an easily adjustable retention clip. He also felt that most devices were either too cumbersome or required a tremendous amount of strength and effort to wear. The Pulse Holster was designed with these in mind.

The Pulse Holster attaches quickly and easily to the individual's belt with the use of its attached Quick Release Pin. When the pin is released the clip can then be drawn into place and held securely within the holster. Because the device is so compact, it allows for a more flexible draw, which makes it the ideal carry system for carrying less than one hundred or two hundred pounds.

The Taser Pulse Holster attaches quickly, easily, and effortlessly using its quick draw pin. It provides the convenience of a fully concealed carry with the added benefits of an adjustable retention clip. For use in any situation whether active duty or personal protection, the Taser Pulse Holster proves to be a smart choice for both its convenience and its effectiveness.