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Tasers For Women - An Amazing Defense Device For Women

Tasers For Women are an amazing new defense device that is specially designed for women and also for men too. The Tasers For Women Self Defense stun guns are nonlethal, and so women can safely hold and wield the electronic devices even when they feel particularly threatened. These new defense products come in both rechargeable and permanent batteries, and the rechargeable models are much smaller and handier than their permanent counterparts. Tasers For Women are ideal for discreet self-defense needs, and all women should have one on them at all times.

Tasers For Women Self Defense works in the same way as a traditional stun gun: the user holds the device between the fingertips and releases it by means of a switch on the belt or by pulling the trigger. The key difference is that the newer taser models use non-lethal gel cartridges, which will result in less injury to the user if they are attacked: some users report an injury from the actual shock itself. Also, the gel is not ingested; it just is released into the skin. This is a major improvement over the older Tasers, which often caused people to choke or even lose consciousness from the amount of pressure placed upon the throat. However, regardless of the gel cartridge, the user must still remain conscious to avoid discharges when an attacker uses the device against them.

Tasers For Women differ from older stun guns in many ways, but the primary difference is in how the product functions. Old-style tasers held a two-pronged shock that could potentially damage tissue but did little to prevent attacks: the attacker was able to continue with his attack after discharging the stun gun. Using a non-lethal weapon in this manner may make an attacker hesitant to attack. This makes a great deal of sense, as nobody wants to be permanently paralyzed from fear! Tasers For Women use a technology known as "passive surveillance," which means that even though the attacker is not physically incapacitated, his attacks can be minimized by the attacker's lack of confidence.

By using a device that looks similar to a baton, Tasers For Women can deliver a much more powerful electric shock to an attacker who is fifteen feet away. The stun gun in question has very little muscle control, if any at all, and must be held at arm's length to be effective. This means that the user must be directly in front of the attacker and must maintain contact for as long as possible with the device. At no time should the Taser user be afraid to pull back and get in a different position. If the attacker is close enough, it may even be a good idea to turn around and face the attacker instead.

Even with a much smaller device than the old-style tasers, it is important to take care of your Tasers for Women safely. If you drop the stun gun, for example, it is very easy for it to come off and become a potentially deadly weapon. If you have children or grandchildren, it is imperative that you teach them about safe personal defense and then allow them to learn how to use a stun gun themselves. Otherwise, they could be left wondering why you did not teach them this valuable self-defense device.

One of the most common mistakes made by women with Tasers for Women is aiming the device too far away from the assailant. Although many stun guns are rated for distances up to fifteen feet, some models will only work as long as five feet, so never leave yourself vulnerable by aiming far away. There is also no reason for you to leave your Tasers for Women at the ready if you are worried about being attacked by an attacker. Instead, make sure you always have a second set of batteries available just in case you need them, and always check to see whether your stun guns or batons are working before actually giving them to your attackers.

Another issue that most women make when using Tasers for Women is not wearing the proper personal safety equipment. Although it is recommended that you wear a safety belt when walking at night, many people do not do so because they think it will be uncomfortable. In truth, the safety belt can help to prevent serious injury, but it will not stop someone from grabbing your stun gun when you are unable to defend yourself. Keep in mind that personal safety gear should never be optional; it should always be required by law.

Finally, keep in mind that Tasers for Women are often difficult to conceal. Because of their small size, they are often carried in pairs, and even then, many people cannot tell you exactly where one is when you are holding them in your hand. To ensure that your personal protection device is completely concealed, purchase a good pair of earplugs and make sure your baton is also tucked safely into a bag or pocket. Tasers for Women can be a useful tool if used properly; however, they can be equally dangerous if used incorrectly. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you will be better prepared to deal with any situation that may come your way.