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Taurus Millennium G2 Holster

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Buyer's Guide: Taurus Millennium G2 Holster

Tips For Buying a Taurus Millennium G2C Cantilever holster

Taurus Millennium G2 Holster. A Taurus exclusive holsters which is a little larger than most Taurus holsters out there, and designed to fit an average sized semi-automatic pistol. The Taurus Millennium G2 is a drop-away retention holster which is compatible with most standard and Gen 2 Glide pistols. It offers a more stable hold than the traditional cantered belt holster. It has a comfortable belt buckle so it's easy to wear and its metal slide fits securely around your pistol's trigger.

I got my Taurus Millennium G2 from gun owners everywhere. Everyone who uses an OWB holster raves about it. After a couple of weeks, every guy in my office wants me to put his Taurus Millennium G2 Holster on his belt. The only problem is, they can't tell me how to tell if it fits right because the company doesn't make it clear on their website. I found a great website devoted to holsters called the OOBG website and was able to get some clarification on their fitting instructions.

Taurus recommends that the Millennium is worn on the belt with the included belt strap or with the included OOBG quick release button. Most personal protection agencies or professional law enforcement use OOBG equipment for their personnel. This button is used to manually release the holster when the gun is not being held by the user. Since the Taurus models don't have a conventional cantered model, the quick release button won't work unless the wearer does a manual release. This means that the Millennium G2 is the perfect concealed carry option for anyone who works in an environment where he or she may need to defend themselves or their loved ones.

This Taurus Millennium G2c model is part of a family of Taurus holsters called the Millennium G2 series. This line is made out of different materials including leather and nylon. All of the holsters are made using the same techniques so they all offer a high degree of functionality. The one big difference between the models is the cantilever that is used on most. Other belt clips will also work, but this one is considered ideal equipment by many.

For those agencies or personal protection use that want to be able to quickly and easily change their holster, this is the ideal equipment. This means that they can switch to the other belt clip without having to take their gun out of storage. This item can be purchased online or in most stores that carry gun supplies. There are different prices depending on where you purchase it from and what you get in the package.

It can also be easily converted into an OWB holster, which is an auto-lock system ensures a ultimate safety when holstered. By pulling back on the paddle holster, the top of the belt will go down to just over the paddle, while the buckle will push the gun out. If you want to release the top of your belt, simply pull the paddle away from your belt. The system will lock automatically.

In order for the Taurus Millennium G2c pt111, pt 140, pt 132, pt 145, pt 745 (not pro) to fit comfortably, you need to know your belt width and how much space is between your paddle and your pants. The dimensions of your hips, waist and shoulders should be determined by the manufacturer so that the correct size can be made. A good example of this would be women who are petite should use a belt that is one fourth of an inch wider than what men usually wear. In order for the Taurus Millennium G2c ptqv to fit properly, you must ensure that the material covering the gun's trigger is thick. This is because it is the trigger that will catch the bullet when it makes contact with the gun. The larger the trigger, the stronger the gun's safety.

This will allow the Taurus Millennium G2c to function properly and avoid accidental firing. By doing this, you will never have to worry about your gun's safety. Your attention should be on yourself rather than your gun when it is in your hand. The sights of the gun should be aligned with your target and you should have a firm grip on both the paddle holster and the belt.