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Taurus Th9 Holster

Detroit Kydex IWB Kydex Gun Holster for Taurus TH9C Compact...
  • Adjustable Cant / Angle
  • Right/Left Handed Holster
  • New Slim Design Good easy retention
  • .060 Kydex Material New FOMI Clip (1.5" Belt Clip)

Buyer's Guide: Taurus Th9 Holster

Taurus Th9 Holster Review - How to Pick Your Perfect Holster

A Taurus Th9 Holster was designed by Smith and Wesson to be a smaller version of their larger and heavier Model 70 line of Model pistol holsters. Holsters are designed for easy, comfortable carrying of handgun close to the body. Holsters are often adjustable to fit a variety of handgun sizes and are often made of leather or synthetic material. Taurus has its own proprietary sizing system, which is different than most manufacturers' systems. They also offer pistol brace attachments and a variety of accessory accessories including gun belts.

The Taurus Th9 Holster is a belt holster that has an open end designed to accept a loaded handgun with a full capacity tube or spring. The open end conceals the loaded gun with a retention shell located inside a rubber sleeve. This open end is exposed when the holsters are worn on the belt. A small, push button on the side of the retention shell allows the user to quickly draw and hold the handgun.

The textured black kimono pattern on the belt and red dot sights give the Taurus Th9 Holster a classic, military look. The Ruger ipping is an excellent addition to this holster. Made of high quality leather, this holster looks great and functions flawlessly.

With its bulldog frame and stainless steel slide, the Ruger ipping provides additional strength for any handgun. The open end of this Taurus Th9 Holster provides easy access to the Ruger ipping, and the open end of the Taurus Walther Backup includes the thumb break opening for additional strength. This combination of strength and versatility makes the Ruger ipping the Taurus Th9 Holster and Walther Backup the ultimate choice for any dedicated user. In addition, both guns have been designed with superior comfort in mind. For instance, the Taurus Th9 holsters have been designed with comfortable leather surfaces that cradle the user's fingers and provide a firm grip.

When shooting, it is important to have a strong retention shell, since it will withstand the force of a powerful recoil shot. For this reason, the Taurus Th9 and Walther Backup holsters feature an open end retention shell. In addition, both guns feature an open end that easily attaches to a standard carrying handle.

One final option in the Taurus Th9/Waltzheimer Company line of handguns is their popular CZ P-10. The Taurus P-10 is available in two different styles, the Standard and the Slim Taper. Both styles feature the popular open end cantilever system, which allows quick access to the handgun's chamber. The Taurus P-10 also has a drop safety latch and includes an easy to use recoil-reducing holster. This CZ pistol is a favorite among professional trainers and self-defense enthusiasts, and its compact size and quality construction make it ideal for any female shooters.

For some female hunters, a Taurus Th9 or CZ P-10 is not sufficient. Because women often use their handguns in a more concealable fashion than men, many manufacturers have designed additional holsters to address this need. The Taurus Expert Witness series offers several options, all of which are made of high quality leather. For example, the Taurus Expert Witness Deluxe is a small, but sturdy holster that offers an open end cantilever. The rear of this holster is constructed in a straight, flat design. However, the front flap has been designed with a flaps that allows for rapid access to the pistol's grip.

For hunters, it might be necessary to add a small laser pointer accessory, like that offered by Maglite. This accessory, however, is not compatible with most holsters, and many of the models sold today include a belt clip for attachment to a vest or belt. For hunters looking for a smaller, lighter duty option, the Taurus Th9 or CZ P-10 is often the right choice. These models are available for sale at most major gun stores.