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Taurus Tx22 Holster

G2c Holsters, OWB Holster for Taurus G2C G3C G2S G3 TX22...
  • Compatible & Incompatible: Compatible with taurus 3.2"...
  • High Safety: Level II Retention. It will automatically lock...
  • Excellent Design: Made of military polymer material, easy to...
  • Paddle Attachment: 360 degrees tooth gear for...

Buyer's Guide: Taurus Tx22 Holster

Choosing a Taurus holster For Your Gun

Taurus TX22 holsters are precision craftsmanship. They offer a customized leather or carbon fiber inner lining, which is tastefully done by the craftsmanship of Taurus. This assures a secure fit, and a clean, comfortable draw and release from your gun at the range or on the field. Find the right holster base of your preference, then you can safely carry the gun as you need it. These holsters will not only protect your gun but will also add an element of comfort to your shooting experience.

There is no more annoying thing than carrying a gun with a full-size grip. It really cramps your hands and can be awkward to control. You may be tempted to just keep the gun in your front pocket. But what good will a small pistol or sub-gun grip do when you need to fire your weapon quickly? You'll likely have no other option than to work the slide. If you have ever taken a loaded gun out of its holster, you know the discomfort of a stiff hand against the gun's slide.

The Taurus holsters designed by Taurus is different. These holsters are comfortable because they employ a traditional paddle design. Unlike old-fashioned paddle holsters, these are designed with a hook and loop grip. This allows for a secure and tight fit even as the gun slips through the grip. This is one of the reasons that Taurus has become the leader in handgun holster development.

You can replace traditional paddle holsters with these new designs. Then you'll be able to use your Taurus as you would any other gun. With a traditional paddle design, your hand slips into the gun's grip. But because you've put so much weight on your wrist muscles to hold onto the gun's grip, you can't get as relaxed as you might with another type of holster. Not only does this discomfort you, but it can also cause bad posture.

With a Taurus holster, the weight is spread out across your forearm and elbow joints. This keeps your muscles relaxed as you learn to hold the gun's trigger. The combination of a soft touch and high retention give Taurus holsters a distinct advantage over old fashioned paddle holsters. And with their traditional leather construction, they are the most attractive gun holster available.

Taurus also makes other accessory attachments, like a belt clip. They make an accessory mount that lets you attach a tactical laser or other device, such as a laser pointer, to the top of the gun. This way, you don't need to fumble around in your drawers to find the right device. A belt clip also alleviates the problem of a gun being left in your drawer uncovered, exposing your pistol.

Because Taurus holsters use the traditional paddle design, there is no need for a belt clip. You can simply tuck the gun inside the belt, much like a shirt or blouse. If you prefer a more traditional look, a belt clip made from leather would work best, but it's not necessary. A Taurus can be carried like a regular carry handle with the butt of the gun resting on the front of the belt. This makes it nearly as easy to draw your gun as it is to put it in the holster.

One advantage of Taurus holsters is that the gun isn't visible when you're wearing it. It can be a good choice for people who live in areas where there are hunters, or who may face discrimination because they have a visible gun. Some people prefer holsters for their Taurus so they can wear it while working, or anywhere else where a gun is not visible. You can choose the right holster for your needs, and choose a strong yet lightweight model that will protect your gun's safety.