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Thermal Scope

FLIR Scout TK Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular Green, 6.0"...
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Thermal Scope - Ideal for Hunters

How do thermal scopes function? Basically, a thermal scope combines the inherent functionality of a rifle scope with infrared technology. A thermal scope utilizes infrared light to produce digital thermograms or images (which is also why it's also known as an infrared scope or IR scope). The main difference between a thermal scope and an optic scope is that the latter is not able to provide you with clear image even at long distances.

During the night, various technologies such as laser and illumination allow users to see clearly at long distances. But when you are in the dark, especially during nighttime, your eyesight deteriorates considerably. To compensate for this, many current military weapons feature night vision. Thermal scopes use this technology to improve your vision at night. This means they can help you detect a target and thus increase your chances of making a kill.

There are two types of thermal scope which are either monocular or binocular. The former use light to magnify the image and transmit it to a distant receiver. Meanwhile, the latter uses a combination of optics and electrical components to create the image. Thermal scopes with a binocular lens have much higher power requirements than those with a monocular lens because they require more light source. They are more expensive but are ideal for military and hunters.

Thermal weapons sights come in different models to suit different hunting needs. Some are fully automatic which allows users to fire continuously even without manually reloading. Other models have automatic firing on the spot with a delay of up to 10 seconds which allows users to have time to prepare their prey.

An atn thor hd640 thermal scope has received numerous awards including the "Optic Weapon of the Year" from the National Defense Association of Weapons and Concealed Arms. This model comes with a laser rangefinder, flip up decoders, and interchangeable goggles. It is equipped with a dual-tube silencer that enables users to eliminate background sounds.

The technology inside the scope is based on patented technology from ATN. The scope utilizes a patented datum system that maintains constant frame rate for long range shots. The system also contains a detection range that adjusts its reticle in line with the surrounding scenery. The datum system includes a high-speed imaging camera that utilizes phase-glasses for greater visibility and a laser pointer that delivers much better illumination than standard pointers.

The Thermal Scope from ATN has a user-friendly adjustment mechanism that provides intuitive access to the various settings. The sight can be adjusted by using a simple dial and features a full-face telescope for fine accuracy and excellent range performance. The sights also offer a modular design that allows the replacement of interchangeable bores along with the installation of optional accessories. The sight incorporates a high-precision, fully multi-coated, multi-focusing infinity lens with multi-blinding Fully Commute Calibration that ensures unmatched optical clarity and performance.

One of the key features of this scope is its battery life. The Thermal Scope from ATN can last up to ten hours on a single charge and can be used continuously for up to thirty minutes before requiring a recharge. The power of the scope is powered by a durable lithium-based nine volt battery that offers extended shelf life. Utilizing the extended battery life extends the usable range of the Thermal Scope while simultaneously extending the lifespan of the scope itself.

The Thermal Scope from ATN is lightweight yet extremely stable. The weight makes it a perfect accessory for a wide variety of hunting applications and allows a user to carry a larger weapon in a more compact form factor. This versatile scope can be used for general purposes to aid in a variety of activities from uplighting your rifle at night to marking a target at the silhouette. This versatile optic is capable of working great when attached to a rifle as a part of the bore sight or scopes installed on the rifle.

The Thermal Scope from ATN is made to be one of the best solutions for a user looking to improve their accuracy at short range. The long-range capabilities of this optic makes it a perfect solution for a large variety of users who enjoy the opportunity to get in closer to their prey at close quarters. For hunters looking to increase the chances of a clean kill, this product can be a great addition to the overall scope package. These scopes from ATN are designed for all types of hunting including: general, elk, mule deer, whitetail and waterfowl hunting.

The ATN Thor LHT is equipped with a dual system that includes an adjustable Turret that is fully wind up for an accurate and fast firing shot. The second system offers a user friendly mechanism which allows the user to manually wind the reticle. With this impressive technology, any user can observe through the Thermal Scope with complete confidence and have a clear shot every time. No matter where you go or what you shoot, you can count on ATN scopes to provide you with a safe and steady shooting experience. The thermal weapons sights from ATN are truly designed to work with any type of firearm.