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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 14, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Thigh Holsters

Reviews Of The Best Thigh Holsters From Our Research

Cisno Gun Holster Right Leg Adjustable Tactical Thigh Pistol Holster

CISNO Drop Leg Adjustable Right Handed Tactical Thigh Pistol Gun Holster (Black) (Army Green)
  • Tactical drop leg pistol holster; ----Usually for Right Hand, Right Thigh
  • Adjustable size: Perimeter 38cm.
  • Can be attached in the wrist belt and fasten to the leg.
  • Adjustable non-slip leg straps minimize movement and provide maximum comfort.
  • Fully adjustable leg strap with non-slip rubber lining and quick release buckle.

This holster is comfortable on the skin regardless of the type of firearm you carry. You can adjust it to fit a wide range of firearms without feeling any strain on your leg or thigh area.

It is a simple drop leg holster that is very easy to strap and will not allow the gun to slip off or move around. It is manufactured with material that keeps the holster together, making it as secure and reliable as possible. Although it is not the most aesthetically pleasing holster, it does want what you need from a drop leg holster.

It has a waist belt strap that will allow you to adjust the height based on the size of your body. So you can adjust it perfectly according to the size of your body and comfortability. Since it is a customizable holster, it will fit various models of guns.

It has velcro straps and a quick-release buckle that makes the holster more adjustable, comfortable, and easy to use. It is made from nylon materials that are easy on the thighs and allow seamless and swift gun drawing.

It is not costly, making it suitable for people with tight budgets. Also, because it can be easily used, it is ideal for beginner CCW holsters. However, one of its drawbacks is that it is only available for right-handed users.


  • Adjustable gun holster
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for plenty of gun models
  • Affordable price
  • Tactical gun holster
  • Swift buckle lock release


  • Only plastic parts

Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster

Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster, Black, STX, Glock 17
  • (ALS ) Automatic Locking System secures weapon once holstered (includes SLS hood assembly and Hood Guard)
  • Adjustable vertical leg strap, standard double leg strap and leg shroud with mounting holes for optional accessories
  • Simple straight up draw once all releases are de-activated
  • Mounted to the same leg shroud assembly as the popular 6004 series
  • Thermal-molded SafariLaminate construction protects handgun and sights

This holster is designed for both right and left-handed gun users. It helps lefties solve the issues of scarce drop leg holsters, and right-hand users can enjoy it too. It provides top-notch comfortability and adjustability regardless of your favored hand.

No matter how long you wear the holster, it holds up perfectly, making it a go-to drop leg holster for EDC and people that want to wear it frequently.

It is a great choice for both civilians and the military because of its thermoplastic features, making it look like a Kydex holster. It has a lining designed to keep your gun protected at all times.

The automatic lock keeps the gun secured in a place. For retention, it has a hood retention system that can be operated with the thumb. To release and draw out the weapon, all you have to do is push down the hood and rotate it. Its lightweight means you won’t have difficulties moving the leg around.

It has a double strap leg that gives space for extra weapons like foldable knives and magazine pooches. It is a functional drop leg holster with concealability that makes defense yourself without suspicion. However, it is a costly drop leg holster.


  • Auto-lock holster
  • Secured retention holster
  • Adjustable and comfortable holster
  • Additional space for attachments
  • Thermoplastic holster for gun protection


  • Costly drop leg holster

BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 2 Tactical Holster

UTG Extreme Ops 188 Tactical Leg Holster, Black
  • New Gen leg holster with composite padding
  • Tactical design keeps gun in ready position; fully adjustable for height and tension
  • High-quality Velcro strap and quick-release buckle system
  • Fits most medium-to-large frame pistols and flashlights
  • Extra magazine pouch attached

Delivering both lightning quick deployment and two levels of retention, the circle level 2 auto-lock tactical holster has a battle-proven retention system optimized for a natural draw in high-stress situations. First with a detent screw that provides adjustable tension on the trigger guard, second with the Serpa auto-lock that responds intuitively when the trigger finger is indexed along with your firearm slide and the locking mechanism is depressed during the draw cycle.

Upon drawing, your finger finds itself in a safe position parallel with the slide. You can slip your firearm back in the holster and it is automatically engaged at level two.

It has a full-length design to protect your rear sights and multiple mounting options available. It is made in the USA, serving with honor and distinction worldwide.


  • To retention levels
  • Rubber leg straps
  • Fits a wide range of Glock pistols
  • Flexible thigh holster
  • Made of polymer
  • Buckles and loops for straps
  • Great tactical holster


  • Reholstering could be an issue

UTG Extreme Ops 188 Tactical Leg Holster

BLACKHAWK Serpa Level 2 Tactical Black Holster, Size 00, Left Hand, (Glock 17/19/20/21/22/31/32 S&W M&P 9/40/45 )
  • Swivel buckles on belt loops
  • Fits Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 31, 32 and SandW MandP 9/40/45
  • Flexible thigh platform conforms to leg size and Y-harness suspension system distributes weight evenly, keeps holster vertical when kneeling, and allows use of pants pocket
  • Quick-disconnect swivel buckles allow superior flexibility and quick holster mounting and dismounting and offers accessory mounting locations for pouches, knives, mag cases, etc.
  • Rubberized leg straps eliminate sliding

This is another drop leg holster with perfect snugs that make them very easy to adjust. At the same time, the fittings were not too tight to make you feel uncomfortable. The holster is made from top-quality materials that cannot easily rip off.

It has an extra pouch that will hold more magazines, equipping you with additional ammunition to keep defending yourself when you run out of extra firepower. It is easy to adjust and leaves you with plenty of room for comfort.

It is a customizable holster that can be molded to be a tactical holster. It has nylon pads with hook and loop, perfect for large and medium-sized pistols that are in the market today. It has heavy-duty thigh straps that you can also adjust, and the straps come with a design to make sure that the gun does not slip off your thigh.

You install lasers and tac lights on the holster rails, and the tension and heights can be adjusted to suitability. It has a thumb break to adjust its retention system for swift and seamless drawing, this also makes reholstering possible.


  • Extra magazine pouch
  • Straps that are fully adjustable
  • Comfortable holster
  • Thumb break retention
  • A great choice for medium and large-sized guns
  • Great Tactical holster


  • Bulky holster
  • Quite flimsy

Condor Tornado Tactical Drop Leg Holster

Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster (Black, Fully Adjustable)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: TTLH-002
  • Package Weight : 1 pounds

This drop leg holster was designed for standard and compact pistols. It has an extra pouch for magazines, making you extremely prepared for self-defense and tactical situations. It provides discreet concealment and allows you to be extra comfortable without breaking a sweat.

Its adjustability combined with its nylon-designed material makes it an adjustable and versatile holster that can fit large and medium and small-sized pistols. It comes with adjustable straps equipped with rubber lining to prevent it from slipping down your legs while walking.

It has secure retention from a Velcro strap and a snap button. It is also an inexpensive drop leg holster, and people with a tight budget can purchase it.

It is an ideal choice for you as a civilian CCW owner and lets you catch attackers unawares with a great concealment holster hidden in the unlikeliest place.


  • Cheap drop leg holster
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for various pistol sizes
  • Customizable holster
  • Additional magazine pouch
  • Extra features to mount lasers and flashlights


  • Designed with nylon materials that tend to wear out quickly
  • Releasing the Velcro comes with an audible sound

Buyer's Guide For Thigh Holsters

Thigh holsters are common open carry holsters that are used by law enforcement officers, military members, and civilians that are allowed to open carry.

There are a lot of options for thigh holsters in the market today, and we have reviewed enough to bring you this top 5.

Carrying on the Thigh

In many open carry states, a thigh carry is an option as long as you are legally allowed to open carry. It is most ideal for law enforcement and open carry individuals. Some of the features and factors for thigh holsters include the following:


With thigh carry, you are going to get a little bit more accessibility in a standing position. If you are sitting down, it will be difficult for you to reach out and grab a firearm. So standing gives you a few accessibility options, especially on the strong side.

Convenient Packaging

Most of the time, a thigh holster is going to come with the holster itself plus magazine pouches for you to carry spare ammunition. This is kind of a nice grab-and-go format.

Weight of the Holster

Thigh holster carry is a pretty decent weight-bearing option, so if you have difficulty carrying around your waistband for whatever reason, taking the weight off your belt and putting it over your thigh is not a bad idea.

If you are lucky to see things go sideways on you, you can start to move your hands and get them more into a more inconspicuous positioning for self-defense. With this, you will be able to draw the firearm a little bit sooner. However, a bad side to this is that if you are in close proximity, it is pretty easy to spot that draw stroke because you have to go across your body to draw the gun.

Hand Positioning

Thigh carry favors hand positioning since the hands are down low. This means that you do not need to bring your hands into any position before you reach the firearm. So hand position will not be an issue regardless of what type of thigh holster you carry.

Draw Stroke Disadvantage

You do not have a lot of reaching out to do with thigh holsters. All you need is to draw the pistol out and then go straight to the target. Now when it is time to re-holster, you have to pull the holster forward enough to reseat that pistol back into the holster, and then the thumb break which is a requirement for any of those holsters is going to have to be re-engaged.

So the thigh holster enables a fast draw stroke and a slower re-holstering. However, in either case, practice is going to help increase your performance so that you are not really worried about how fast you are, as much as how consistent you can draw.


The comfort of a thigh holster is important for choosing one especially if you have to wear the thigh holster on a daily basis.

The best thigh holsters should always offer support such that activities like walking or running would not loosen the holster's grip on the thigh.


The common materials for thigh holsters are leathers and nylons. Some companies also combine more than one material. Materials are important because they are the most determining factor of a holster's durability.

In this case, nylons will not be ideal because they are not durable. Leathers, on the other hand, can last for a long time. There are also some Thigh holsters that make use of finished leathers to repel natural elements and make them last even longer.

Choosing a thigh holster made from leather also has more to it than just durability. Leather’s soft texture and feel on the skin makes it a comfortable material.

Leather holsters tend to cost more than nylons, so if you are working with a limited budget, your most realistic option might be a nylon holster. A nylon holster will last for just a few months depending on how frequently you use it.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of thigh holsters in today’s market, and this leaves open carry individuals with plenty of options for you to explore. Some of them are tactically designed for law enforcement agents and members of the military.