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Thumb Break Holster


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Thumb Break Holster - Perfect Holster for Smith & Wesson Model

The Thumb Break Holster was designed with the end user in mind. It provides quick and easy access to your handgun, and eliminates the need for you to remove your gun from it. It can be easily placed on your belt or pants so that you can quickly access your handgun. The holster is made of high quality leather, and has been designed ergonomically for the ease of the user. It does not sit awkwardly against your pants, but rather fits comfortably within the waistband.

There are many different types of thumb break holsters. These include drawstring, push button, attachment, zipper, pouch and throwaway. Each of these holsters offers a unique way of carrying your handgun that you will enjoy for years to come.

If you are looking for a holster for your Smith & Wesson Model 7, you can consider the Thumb Break model. Smith & Wesson have been making these models for some time, and in early 2021 they introduced the Thumb Break Holster. It provides quick access to your handgun by using a loop that allows for easy placement on your pants. This holster is designed to provide a firm and secure hold to your handgun. When it is open, it provides a comfortable grip, and when it is closed, it provides a fast and easy release. If you would like to purchase your own Smith & Wesson Model 7, there are several different ways you can do so.

Smith & Wesson has provided a great deal of innovation when it comes to designing their holsters. For instance, they have designed two different versions for their pistol grips. One is known as the Thumb Break model, and the other is known as the traditional grip model. This allows for the individual to easily select which one they would like to carry, depending on which type of pistol they have. For instance, the traditional thumb break model for a.22 caliber pistol is much stronger than the Thumb Break model for a.40 caliber pistol.

Both the traditional and Thumb Break models work well for many different hand weights, including both semi-automatics and fully automatic. The Smith & Wesson Model 7 is an excellent choice, because it is so lightweight. This makes it much easier for the individual to carry, even for those who are not as experienced. The new ergonomic design provides the best fit for those that have smaller hands, while still allowing for a firm and secure grip on the gun.

One unique aspect about the Smith & Wesson Model 7, that makes it so popular, is that it uses both the open top holster and the thumb break style for proper gun belt storage. This allows the user to select the best one depending on what they are going to be using the gun for the most. The open top holster is designed to use only one finger for comfortable placement of the gun, while still allowing quick access to the trigger if necessary. This feature is ideal for those that constantly carry their handgun close at hand. On the other hand, the thumb break model is designed to use both hands for a more secure hold on the gun and to ensure a comfortable, if not more secure, grip on the gun.

Many of the open top holsters for the Smith & Wesson Model 7 have been designed with a canteen style flap that will sit flush against the front of the belt. Some of the latest designs even have the canteen style flap opened up in order to add additional storage space for other items. The thumb break models allow the gun to be placed in a holster anywhere from six inches to ten inches. This is a far cry from the thumb break model that was designed for pistols only.

Although there are a number of different types of holster for the Smith & Wesson Model 7, there is one that is especially perfect for the user that needs to carry the gun without any time to fix the hammer or when being forced to remove the pistol with the hammer already fallen, all thanks to the innovative design of the thumb break. This design keeps the hammer in a securely locked position even when the hammer is cocked. No matter what the situation may be, this unique type of holster will ensure that it is always ready to be used.