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Trauma Shears Holster

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Buyer's Guide: Trauma Shears Holster

A Review of Traumasheers Holsters

If you are a healthcare practitioner or a military officer, a Trauma Shears Holster may be of great importance to you. This is one piece of medical supplies that you will never want to be without. It comes in handy for quickly shearing small pieces of flesh and bone in the event of a violent accident or a serious surgical procedure. But just what are Trauma Shears?

Trauma shears are a pair of scissors designed specifically to be used when operating on human beings. Made from high quality carbon steel and anodized by a high pressure forging process, these shears have a very strong locking mechanism that prevents them from being removed easily. This is important because if the blades were to become loose, it would be easy to cause injury to the patient.

A Trauma Shears Holster comes with a blade that is approximately 6 inches long. It can quickly and efficiently cut through soft tissue, including muscle and bone. You would be able to get to your patients fast and efficiently, allowing for greater patient care. In the military, for example, a wounded soldier can be rapidly rushed to a trauma unit where he will be treated and possibly released. In such an emergency situation, having the right tool is imperative.

The primary purpose of a Trauma Shears Holster is to provide a safe place for the physician or soldier to store their Trauma Shears, while also ensuring that the shears are accessible at all times. This is accomplished by having a single loop with two attaches on either end. The two tight straps, when attached to the shears themselves, form a V-shaped neck pouch. The loop attaches to the other end of the pouch, while the one attachment attaches to the top of the pouch. These two attachments allow the surgeon to secure the shears in place, while also having a firm grip on the pouch itself.

The two primary attachments of the trauma shears are the aforementioned nylon cords, and the non-slip non-marking non-slip grip of the non-slip polyester lining. Both of these materials are available in standard black colors, or you may elect to order one of your favorite color choices. In addition to the black or standard colors, the Medical Trauma Shears also have a slightly textured, non-slip polyester lining. This lining adds to both comfort and convenience.

The main features of the Trauma Shears Holster are its lightweight design, and its versatility. This product is perfect for military and first responder personnel that carry heavier, sturdier combat knives. Because it is so lightweight, it allows its wearers to carry it over their shoulder, as well as to slip it on over their tactical vest or on their belt. Additionally, this amazing knife can be worn like a regular pocket knife, or even like a pen or pencil. In addition, it easily converts from a knife to an EDC knife, so that you never have to stop and think whether or not you should be carrying an assault knife or switch to an EDC knife.

The Traumasheers holsters are available in three different sizes, regardless of what your specific needs may be. They are available in single handles, double handles, and even large leather pouches. The three sizes are an inch to two inches, and are available in black, tan, and khaki colors. The leather shears are also available in these same three sizes, along with the traditional green color.

The Traumasheers holsters are a great product for any military or law enforcement personnel that must carry a shears blade close to their body at all times. The unique, lightweight design of this item makes it so that its use is always optimal, making it the ultimate shears holster. It also allows its wearers to quickly transform their knife from a regular pocket knife to an EDC-style combat knife, so that they never have to stop and think about whether or not they need an additional knife. In addition, if an emergency arise, no one ever has to worry about getting stuck with an extra knife blade or trying to figure out which shears are for the job, because the blade will always be easily accessible.