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Trijicon Glock Sights

Trijicon GL05 Bright & Tough Steel Sight Set for All Glock...
  • Steel replacement set for the original plastic sights
  • Features three white dots
  • Fits All Glock Models

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Trijicon Glock Sights

The Trijicon Holsters have been known to stand up to a lot of abuse from the military and law enforcement personnel. It's not a surprise that they have continued to receive accolades for their reliability, durability, and accuracy. This is why so many individuals choose to purchase these holsters from the manufacturer. But how exactly does a civilian take care of these fine holsters? A few simple things need to be known to help keep the gun safe and functional.

Like most sights, the Trijicon HDL carries an adjustable Brightness Setting. This allows the user to select the highest level of brightness for their needs. The adjustable Brightness Setting can be locked and unlocked as well. Another feature that can be useful is the fact that it has a built-in ambient light sensor.

Like all sights the Trijicon has an Eye Adjustment feature. This allows the individual to manually adjust the brightness of the front sight for greater accuracy. The eye adjustment can also be locked and reset as well. The trigger itself has a thumb break which allows for faster target acquisition.

The bright orange tritium sight is the feature of choice on the Trijicon. This sight produces more light than a red dot sight, but it is not as bright. The tritium is powered by a small lamp that stays on top of the pistol as the laser is scanning it. Because of this feature, the Trijicon can be used at longer ranges than a red dot. In addition, the tritium sights produce more light under low light conditions than any other night vision sights.

The big dot front sight is another favorite among the Trijicon gun lovers. While the front sight does not have a red dot, it produces a huge dot. With a large dot comes more visibility. The larger drop is helpful for close-up shooting. However, this large dot can also blind inexperienced users. For this reason, many new shooters prefer the red dot sights.

The fiber optic sights are the most recent Trijicon product to receive attention from gun owners. Fiber optics were developed for the military and law enforcement. Because of its potential to give much more light than traditional sights, the Trijicon fiber optic sights are becoming increasingly popular with the civilian market. The Trijicon sights use a system of fiber optic tubes and prongs to focus the light. The resulting brightness is very bright and makes the target appear much more extensive.

As can be seen, there are plenty of excellent Trijicon handgun sights to choose from if you are in the market for a new sight. However, I recommend that you read at least the Top 5 reasons to buy a Trijicon Glenglass Handgun Sight before you make a purchase. Once you have completed the purchase, you must understand how to install and maintain the sight properly. Only after you know how to care for your new accessory will you be able to maximize its usefulness to you and your hunting and concealment needs. If you need further information about Trijicon handguns and their accessory lines, please visit our website.