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Trijicon Rifle Scope

Trijicon TR24R AccuPoint 1-4x24mm Riflescope, 30mm Main Tube...
  • Magnification: 1x - 4x
  • Objective size: 24mm
  • Illumination source: fiber optics & tritium

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Trijicon Rifle Scope - How Accurate Is It?

Trijicon has come quite a long way from when it first presented its revolutionary ACOG for the M-16 combat rifles. Over the years, its vision has consistently been met with exceptional results, particularly with regard to its reliability and accuracy. It has continued to meet the challenges posed by today's firearms technology. Trijicon has continually improved its system, making it even more user-friendly. Its continuous quest for excellence has also been rewarded by various law enforcement, military, and special units around the world.

The technology powering Trijion rifle scope tubes has always been based on the principle of having adjustable aiming mirrors. This allows for various degrees of magnification. Through the use of one or two laser isolating tubes, the aiming mirrors could be adjusted so that the user can always see what he is shooting at. There are basically three kinds of Trijicon rifle scope tubes; High Definition (HD), Standard Definition (SD), and High Refractive Power (HRP). High Definition (HD) uses a highly refractive optical lens to provide an extremely clear image even at distances greater than 300 meters. Standard Definition (SD) uses a smaller tube to achieve the same clarity but with lower range of magnification.

Trijicon has extensively tested several models of their acog rifle scope lines, and they all passed the highest standards of quality and durability. They were designed for both the hunting and target shooting market. A primary goal of this brand of scopes is to provide users with the best possible image and resolution of these weapons. The Trijicon acog scope has one of the highest resolution and optical capabilities of any rifle scope. Even though it only has a thirty-millimeter reticle, it offers users with the highest resolution image in its class.

With a choice of optional illuminated reticles, users are also given the opportunity to switch from one reticle to another. For instance, they can have the standard red dot, or opt for the advanced illuminated reticle, which has a higher level of visibility and clearer night vision capabilities. There is also the optional boattail reticle, which is useful when hunting in dark places. It helps to eliminate reticles that might rise up when the user is moving, thereby increasing the user's chance of hitting his target. A unique feature of this hunting scopes is the flip-up trifecta system. This allows users to adjust the crosshairs in different directions, making it easy for them to be able to focus on their targets.

In addition to offering bright and clear images, the Trijicon rifle scope also features fiber optics collect ambient light. The fiber optics collects light from the environment around the user and automatically emits it through the crosshairs. This is done without creating any heat since the fiber optics don't use any kind of heating elements. The result is a clearer image with increased brightness at all times.

With a choice of optional trifocal and optional illuminated reticles, users are offered the opportunity to customize the scope to suit their needs. One of the most common modifications offered is the trifocal Acog 4 x 32 scope, which has two crosshairs for greater accuracy. Users can also choose to add an Accupoint remover, which improves target acquisition while eliminating trifocal bends and shaking. An Accupoint remover is also commonly used in the Trijicon ACOG 4 x 32 scope, although users can also use the built-in remover in this rifle scope.

The trijicon red dot sight has a unique dual illuminated red chevron, which allows the user to adjust for both elevation and focus. Some users may prefer to adjust the crosshair for distance. The red dot sights also feature a locking mechanism that helps to ensure the crosshairs are always in the exact center of the reticle. This is important because it allows the user to achieve a consistent sighting picture regardless of the distance they have to aim at.

One other accessory that can be added to the Trijicon Rifle Scope is the Trijicon SFP. The Trijicon SFP is a laser sighting system that works alongside the reticle in providing users with a greater accuracy in their shooting. The SFP includes a self-contained laser design that projects a laser image onto the crosshairs. A digital camera and a photo-sensory device are also included in the package which allows users to place their hands on the laser and take a test shot. The Trijicon SFP is an affordable and easy to use rangefinder for the hunting and sporting enthusiast.