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Trijicon Sights

Trijicon GL05 Bright & Tough Steel Sight Set for All Glock...
  • Steel replacement set for the original plastic sights
  • Features three white dots
  • Fits All Glock Models

Buyer's Guide: Trijicon Sights

Choosing Trijicon Sights

Trijicon Sights are a must for any serious outdoorsman. Trijicon has been manufacturing precision-made accessories and weapons for over 60 years so that you can trust their quality. Trijicon Sights come in various models, and there is sure to be one to suit your needs. Some of the more common Trijicon Sights include;

The TRITRAX magnifying light fixture is an excellent choice for anyone interested in night sights. The magnified light from the Trijicon TRITRAX series helps illuminate small areas at night, making it easier to see targets at close range. This is combined with a high-powered xenon lamp which gives even brighter light. This system not only works well as a night sight but is also a great way to light up your home. Many models come with a built-in adjustable dawn/dusk sensor, so there is no need to worry about the light fixture turning off while you're not using it.

If you're hunting, then the hottest trend in deer and gun sights is the Trijicon Buck sighting systems. These fantastic sights bring accurate target acquisition, longevity, and user-friendliness together in one great package. The best feature of all is that they are modular. As new technology is introduced, new Trijicon Buck sight series models will incorporate them into existing models or be compatible with any future model.

The Trijicon Buck Sight is probably the most popular hunting accessory used today. It's simple to use with a push of a button, just like a regular sight. Just like a common tritium night vision sight, it has an adjustable dawn/dusk adjustment so you can get the perfect fit for your environment. The user-friendly front sight makes adjustments fast and straightforward, while the large reticle gives you plenty of space to aim.

Another great model in Trijicon's line-up is the Marked Laser Scope. The Marked Laser Scope is another excellent feature found on the Buck sights. The LMS offers users the capability to identify their target at night because of its laser markings. The laser markings appear white on a bullseye through a more significant portion of the target, making it easier to locate that target at night.

For those hunting whitetails in more challenging environments, the Trijicon Deer Hunting Scope is the perfect solution. Users can eliminate a lot of guesswork from a whitetail hunt since these sights can target an animal in complete color all the way. The user-friendly controls and easy-to-use adjustments make this scope a perfect option for hunters of all skill levels. The sizeable adjustable range and user-friendly controls allow any hunter to find the best range for their needs. This also eliminates the need for an experienced hunter to figure out where a high-impact target is located.

In addition to the standard models, Trijicon has a couple of specialty scopes as well. The Hunter Call Supplex is a particular scope that works well with the Hunter Call. The adjustable range allows the user to adjust the scope's magnification based on wind resistance. Another great feature found on the Trijicon Sights is their night vision scope. This scope offers an outstanding level of visibility during the dark hours of the hunt, making it a popular choice among many hunters.

Trijicon sights are manufactured using advanced technologies that make them user-friendly and durable. The sights have a lifetime warranty that assures the user that the product will be defective-free. There is a warranty for the Marked Laser Scope, Buck Travel Series, and the Laser Mark Silver Reflex sight. These sights can be purchased online and in most retail stores across the United States.