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Trophy Ridge Bow Sights

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight (Right Hand) ,...
  • High-performance vertical pin allows for sight’s...
  • Delrin bushings create smooth, quiet movement with no...
  • Adjustable brightness to suit any visibility condition with...
  • Maintain accuracy through low and changing light with glo...

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Trophy Ridge Bow Sights 

Trophy Ridge is a bow company that sells rests, stabilizers, quivers, and other rests for bows. The company also has a significant online presence with its web page and social networking page. The company does not sell any archery-related products directly but only sells accessories. There are several adorable products in the company's shop, and most of the products have a very positive response from buyers.

Some of the most popular Trophy Ridge bow sights are the Predator Sight, the Banshee Sight, and the RHS Pro Series. The Predator Sight is probably the most popular bow sight that is currently on the market. It can be fixed or mounted on the amount of your choice and comes in various options. Some of the options include illuminated sights, non-laser cut, fiberglass core, and diamond core. It is perfect for a bowhunter who needs to see what they are shooting through the scope.

The Banshee Trophy Ridge bow sights are designed to meet the needs of hunters who prefer semi-automatic gunfire over the fully automatic fire. The sights do not need any laser alignment because it utilizes a line of sight technology. This offers hunters an increased level of accuracy and the ability to make fine adjustments from one side to the other without taking their gaze off of the target. There are six different blade options, with some models having one blade and others being two blades.

The RHS Pro Series is another bow sight that can be used with a variety of firearms. It is fully automatic, so there is no need for a string or a cable to connect the sight to the bow. The sights come in three blade options as well as one pinion style. Some of the models can be used with semi-automatics, and some can only handle revolvers. It is perfect for hunters who want an affordable price for an accurate sight.

The Trophy Ridge compound bow sight is made out of steel with high-grade nitrogen ceramic coatings. It uses a tri-axle locking design with a full rubber cover to smooth the transition from target to deadfall. It has an adjustable blade height and an easy-to-adjust red dot reticle. The sights can be adjusted from five different angles, perfect for hunters of all skill levels. The overall build quality of these sights is good, with most using fiberglass and aluminum.

The Trophy Ridge Cross Bow Sights are made out of high-quality fiberglass. It offers many of the same features as its cousin, the Trophy Ridge, but it is more affordable. They offer the convenience of a crossbow mount and offer hunters an affordable option for an accurate sight. This offers many mounting options like most crossbows, including flush mounts, drop-in mounts, and a few unique mounting options. These bow sights use a tri-axle locking mechanism to transition from the mounted scope to the deadfall smoothly.

Both the Trophy Ridge and Crossbow sights use an adjustable blade height, allowing the hunter to adjust the sight to the appropriate shooting distance. The trophy ridge bow sight offers a range that can easily mount on a 5.56 mm scope and is compatible with most scopes provided on the market today. It has the standard bullseye mount, and like many other cross, bows use an easy-adjust red dot reticle.

The Trophy Ridge Crossbow is another crossbow that is popular among hunters. It has many features like other quality bows, such as a fixed blade system, an oversized grip, and an innovative bolt locking system. The sights do use a red dot, but unlike some other sights, the red dots are color-coded to make it easier for the hunter to find them. Many of the other crossbows offer many options for mounting the sights. Still, the trophy ridge bow sight offers an improved mount system that will not cause interference with different mounting systems. The crossbow has an oversized grip to make it comfortable for the hunter and provides an ergonomic design.