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Trophy Ridge Sights

Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight with React Technology and...
  • Solid 6061 aluminum construction
  • Micro-click windage and Elevation adjustments
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Rheostat sight light

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Trophy Ridge Sights 

If you're looking for a new bow sight, then Trophy Ridge is the name that should come to mind. Bowhunters and bow fishers worldwide have one thing in common; they want to use Trophy Ridge Sights to help them find that winning shot. While the company isn't the most popular or well-known, they have been around forever and have many good products to offer to their users. In this article, we will take a look at some of the more popular bow hunting and fishing products using Trophy Ridge Sights as the primary source of power.

To start with, there are four different sight types that the company offers. These include Hydra-Lite sight pins, Deltaprism sight pins, and removable pin sight. Hydra-Lite sight pins are made from stainless steel and are pinned into the bow by a spring tensioner. The sight itself has an adjustable leaf and wheel that allows you to change the sight's elevation while hunting or fishing. You can also easily rewind these sight pins into place after use, which is great if you lose your pin or wind it out of alignment.

Deltaprism sights are mounted onto the bow using a pin slide assembly. These sights have two-pin slide assemblies instead of just one, making them unique in design. One side of the pin slide assembly houses the light, and the other houses the reflector and fiber optics. A Deltaprism sight pin consists of a fiberglass blade and a steel spring that mounts to an arbor, and a Deltaprism light is contained within a tube.

Trophy Ridge also offers two other famous bow sights; the pin slider sight and the tool-less magnifier sight. Pin sliders are installed using two stainless steel pins that fit snugly into drilled holes on the bow, sliding plate screws into the pins to keep them in place, and sliding band screws into the pin slots to keep the pin slides sliding smoothly. To use these sights, you must remove the pins from the sliding plate and place the pin slide into its holes and slide the sight into place. The magnifier uses the same method but with a magnifying lens instead of a steel spring. Tool-less magnifiers are installed using a spring-loaded pin that fits into a drilled hole in the sight.

To mount the Trophy Ridge bow sights to your bow, you will need two drop rings that match the size of the pins. These sights come in black, tan, and royal blue. You will need approximately five or six drop rings to mount the sights to your bow. The sights will sit just above the right-hand grip of your bow.

The trophy Ridge right-handed drive slider sight comes with a right-hooked or left-hooked installation. The mount for the sight is fixed to the back of the bow. A hunting right-handed can also use this sight, but they must have the sight mounted to the left of the bow for this purpose.

The Trophy Ridge left-hand rheostat light is an adjustable device that holds the light within the sight. This light is designed to be left or right-handed, depending upon your preference. It is a small, plastic-looking light that can be adjusted up and down to focus on a target. The rheostat light has an adjustment knob on the top of the unit for the height and direction of light and a rubber grip for a good feel during operation.

The Trophy Ridge laser rangefinder sight is one of the most popular and sought-after bow sights on the market today. It is highly functional and highly accurate. The laser rangefinder sight comes equipped with five high-power, fully adjustable pins for the ultimate visibility in any situation. The sight incorporates an innovative tilting mechanism that is highly safe and reliable and will work for all hunting applications.