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Truglo Bow Sights

Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight .019" Black
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Item Package Weight: 0.7 Pounds
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.59 L X 20.32 W X 3.81 H (Cm)

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Truglo Bow Sights

Truglo Bow Sights are ideal for bowhunters and target shooters looking for ways to increase accuracy. Innovative and durable, TruGlo has been improving and developing its sights since the beginning of its product line. Ideal for both bow fishing and shooting, these sights will make any archer or shooter happy. Great for bow fishing as well!

Unlike many other bow sights, Truglo's have a headrail attached to them instead of a handle. This makes for a more stable mounting system. Also, the elevated height of the sight allows for better eye relief while stabilizing the bow. The sights are designed to accept any standard bow with an axle attachment. You can use a universal cable drive mount if your bow doesn't come with this type of attachment.

These sights are available in many different configurations. For the most accuracy, you may want to opt for a sight that locks onto the bow as well. Some models offer dual locking mechanisms for greater accuracy at varying distances. For archery practice or general hunting applications, the fixed models of these lights work fine.

The bowhunting versions of these sights feature an attached laser pointer, similar to a red dot sight. They work great for long-range shots and can even help you find your way in the dark. If you're bowhunting in an area with poor visibility, you may prefer the side-mounted laser pointers over the fixed ones. The Truglo archery brand is well known for making quality, durable bows and accessories that work well for hunters of all types.

The best five-pin bow sights for archery are also available in high-end configurations. They include tactical pinned back sights, folding blades, and bullbars. Depending on your specific needs, one of these may be more suitable than the other. The folding knife is ideal for hunters who carry several arrows on their quivers.

The fixed pin sight is perfect for archers who are looking for less interference from their sight. The laser models allow more light to pass through them while still allowing for stability and accuracy. Tactical pin back sights are designed for rapid firing and are ideal for experienced shooters who prefer the speed and quiet of a fixed pin.

Some other famous archery sights include the X-Bolt and Crossbolt. The X Bolt is a vertical-action bolt that offers an adjustable release lever and can be used with crossbows or regular MREs (military-style rifles). The Crossbolt, on the other hand, features a fixed leaf design that is supported by two bull bars. This sight combines the best bow release and cross-bolt elements, making it highly functional for the serious archer.

All of Ruglo's Sight models offer high-quality construction and great accuracy. These fine sights make any hunter a true master of the bow. There is no better choice for the aggressive bow hunter who wants the most accurate target possible than a laser sight for your bow.

The standard sight is made of durable nylon materials with an arbor and leaf-shaped butt cap. The cross-bolt is made out of lightweight metal with smooth finishing. To help increase the accuracy of the sights, they are designed with grooves cut into the metal for stability. The sights also feature an aluminum mounting ring that can be removed and replaced when needed. For added functionality, they are also available with rubber inserts to prevent slop during use.

The Truglo Bow Vision model features an adjustable target reticle and an arbor for windage control. The reticle is marked with larger breakaway dots for greater accuracy and target retraction abilities. The crosshairs are easy to use with smooth clicks making them easy to use even by beginners. The crosshairs and white knobs on sight are designed to be comfortable to hold even without gloves.

The Truglo Bow Vision sight comes equipped with a carrying case that has a black handle. This is a lovely addition to the bow accessory. The carrying case along with the bow are both easily carried around with ease. This feature dramatically benefits hunters who travel a lot and can never make it to their hunting site or haven. The bow and rangefinder can be folded up in a compact size and are easily stored in a vehicle's trunk.

Another great feature of this bow accessory is the cross-bolt mechanism—the cross-bolt locks up the bow for extra safety and stability. The cross-bolt tool on the Truglo Bow Vision is made out of a rigid nylon material. It's also one of the most durable cross bolts on the market today. When used in conjunction with a stabilizer bar, the cross bolt is even more effective.