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Truglo Night Sights

TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-The-Dark Night Sights for...
  • Fits Springfield XD Series (XD, XDS, XDE, XDM excluding...
  • Tritium night sights transition from standard white dot...
  • Utilizes quality Swiss tritium for maximum brightness and...
  • Glows in the dark with no batteries or light sources needed

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Truglo Night Sights - Are They Any Good?

What is the best night light for your handgun? For most people, the answer would be the Truglo pistol light. Let's take a look at some features of this popular personal alarm light that you might want to consider when purchasing for yourself or your loved ones.

A Truglo Night Sights review I did a while back covered Truglo's three different model types. They are daylight fluorescent, daylight bright, and nighttime bright. The review concluded that there was no real difference in the brightness of the front sight on all three, except for the one that was sold with the "diode red dot." It did warn, however, that it is a very tiny dot. Most times, you would only see the red dot from about fifteen yards away or so. That is pretty typical for any red dot sight.

Truglo also makes a few other models of critic sights, and although it can seem confusing at first as to what would work best with your particular pistol, it is not at all. Truglo takes the guesswork out of selecting the proper night sight to suit your specific pistol. Get this: Get this Triton XD front sight ONLY if your gun has a tritium pointer and shoots in dark conditions. Don't even try it in bright sunshine or good lighting. You won't get a good picture with a tritic light this way.

I think most people that own a Truglo will agree that their sights are excellent. One customer has noted that the latest model has a much larger exit pupil than older models. This is a very nice improvement. He further explains:

"My first impressions of the sights were that they were very smooth. They have a slightly open eye angle, with an apparent resolution and a very crisp picture. The Jan model also has a triturated lens, which adds an element of light to the picture. Also, the sights are easy to use, and the Jan model also has a newer battery. Both of these new additions make the Truglo line of sight an excellent choice for your firearm. The only negative point that I can think of is that the color of the Jan is a bit different than the color of the older models. 

Truglo Night Sights for pistols and sub-compact models have also seen some positive reviews recently. According to one customer, "The sights on my gun now are in a great condition, and I haven't noticed any rust or problems with the sights at all. I love the fact that Truglo lets you adjust the sights for distance. They are not just blunt-looking. I was impressed with the way they easily attach to my gun."

There are two options available for accuracy hunters in the Truglo Night Sights line: the Night Sights with tritium and the Night Sights with non-tritium. According to one customer, "the tritium was helpful for hunting large animals, such as deer. The sights with non-tritium, on the other hand, are great for general shooting at close range."

Overall, Truglo Night Sights for pistols and sub-compact models seem to be a hit with consumers. The latest release includes:

  • A front sight pusher.
  • A stainless steel barrel.
  • A front sight insert.
  • Three different laser options.

The sights can also be adjusted for distances up to 200 yards.

With a price tag under $100, Truglo's cheapest model, the Jan 20yard, offers the most miniature technology and the lowest resolution of any of their models. While it did not receive the best reviews, it did have the brightest night sights we tested, which may account for its favorable consideration. For less than half the price of the most advanced model, the cheapest Night Sights package lets you take advantage of Truglo's reputation for producing the brightest and most accurate pistol sights on the market.

Truglo Night Sights with the tritium option is a little brighter than their other non-tritium counterparts. However, despite their lower dot resolution, these sights were still a lot better than the dotless front sight models we tried. Even if you don't like the brightness, you should consider these sights for accuracy and distance hunting. Some users noted that their laser alignment was off when using the tritium sights, but many people seemed to find this acceptable. We also noticed that the brightness of the laser danglers tended to wash out the colors on the target.

While the price may put some off of buying one of these sights, you'll realize that they are well worth the investment after reading the testimonials. You can now get the same high-quality optics for less than half the price. If you're in the market for an excellent hunting or fishing optic, take a good look at Truglo Night Sights, and you won't be disappointed. And if you have friends that are still using them from 13 years ago, they probably won't be too impressed with them either.