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Tulster Holsters

Tulster IWB Profile Holster in Right Hand fits: M&P Shield...
  • Minimal to zero "drag" until retention point keeping...
  • Comes with a 1.5" Quick Clip that makes it extremely fast...
  • Adjustable cant (angle) from 0-30 degrees. Forward hole is...
  • Adjustable positive retention point. When gun is fully...

Buyer's Guide: Tulster Holsters

Choosing Between Types of Tulster Holsters

There are many different types of Holsters, including the popular Tulster Holsters. Holsters are designed to secure a handgun, including magazines or other ammunition, and to allow quick access to the firearm when needed. The gun should be within easy reach when the holster is used; this allows fast, safe access to the gun without removing the weapon from its holster. An excellent benefit of the holster is the security that it provides.

There are two general holsters, either over the shoulder or between the ankle and the knee. Over the shoulder, holsters are held in one hand while the other is in a sling or cross-body position. Kydex strips may also be used for the over-the-shoulder holster to secure the firearm. Some over-the-shoulder holsters are reinforced with straps to ensure a belt through the holster. Most modern over-the-shoulder holsters are the same design as the older clip-on type holsters.

In some instances, retailers sell Tulster holsters with a unique accessory. In these cases, the retailer may offer a discount for purchases that include the addition. Most modern, inexpensive accessories are easy to add to the existing design. The accessories often have a soft loop or magnetic closure. A soft loop is a small rope-like strip of fabric that can be wrapped around the handle of a firearm. Because the circle is so small, it is easy to close quickly, and there is no need to open the holster.

The majority of modern Tulster holsters use a traditional paddle arm design for carrying a handgun; this is a firm and secure grip, but it can be awkward if not used to holding a gun. Because of this, many holsters have a dual grip, where the handgun is held in both hands. One hand is usually placed on the grip, and the other hand is free to grasp the gun with the other. This second position provides an even firmer grip while also creating more room to manage the gun.

Another option available in Tulster holsters is the concealed carry model. A lightweight, concealable firearm can be held in a robust and comfortable grip without having the total weight of the gun rested on the fingers. When the trigger guard is open, this leaves only the butt of the firearm exposed. This option is not recommended for people prone to having their finger caught in the trigger guard, as it can easily be damaged.

There are also many holsters explicitly designed to work with Streamlight. These models, generally called "streamlined models" by many manufacturers, feature a more streamlined design, with either a hard or soft grip. They can usually hold either a 9 mm or a.22 caliber firearm. Although they are not typically as strong as most other models, many holsters of this type still manage to offer a good amount of comfort to the user.

In addition to the options already mentioned, many holster companies now offer models that offer a single stack of 9mm and a double stack of 9mm. In the case of a single stack, one gun can be placed in front of the other without interference. However, when the holsters are offered a double stack, each firearm can be placed securely in its dedicated holster.

The company behind Tulster Holsters understands the needs of consumers who must carry firearms daily. Their products meet the requirements of most consumers, providing a good amount of comfort and protection from potential harm while still allowing the user to carry the weapon with confidence. Most of their single stack and double stack designs feature leather gun carriers, while other models may also be available in other common materials such as nylon, vinyl, or metal.