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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 25, 2021
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Reviews of the Best Under Bed Gun Safe from Our Research

Snapsafe Under Bed Safe Gun Storage And Security

The Snapsafe Under Bed Safe makes it easier and more convenient to keep your two handguns or other types of guns completely secure from unauthorized use.

The product is made in the United States and is designed to be placed under a bed or some other piece of furniture so that its contents are not visible to anybody entering your home.

The Snapsafe under-bed safe is the perfect addition to your home defense and is uniquely accessible without coming into contact with your firearms or ammunition.

You can access your firearm anytime you need it when there's an emergency but don't have to worry about looking for another hiding spot like in the mattress.


  • Secures two handguns or multiple weapons
  • Provides quick and simple access to your firearms
  • Double-Barreled Steel Security System
  • The product is anchored to the bottom of a bed or other piece of furniture with four screws.
  • It has an internal biometric safe, which opens when you place your finger on top of the scanner in front.
  • It also has a manual key override and two deadbolts for added security, all three mechanisms are used to unlock simultaneously to release the door.
  • The biometric feature automatically resets every time you close the safe and opens the next time you need to secure it.


  • Durable metal construction with powder coat paint
  • Interior biometric and keypad access, as well as built-in safety mechanisms that reset every time the safe is closed.
  • Allows for quick and simple access to your firearms when there's an emergency without having to worry about hiding them in other places.


  • The price is a little high
  • It's not as well hidden as a mattress storage compartment.

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker With RFID Touch

The Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker With RFID Touch is an excellent choice for storing up to two rifles with scopes that can range in size from rifle barrels ranging from 22 to 45 inches.

This product features a lock, which is easy to set and can be accessed quickly. It also works with the use of RFID technology that allows for quick access when you are in an emergency.

This sleek gun safe is designed to be hidden, discreet, and secure. You'll store your rifles and handguns under the bed with ease by sliding out this storage drawer made of rugged aluminum.


  • The Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker With RFID Touch is made with 11-gauge steel and a lightweight composite door that can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • It has two solidly locking live-action bolts, which provide the security you need to keep your contents safe.
  • It also comes with a heavy gauge aluminum base, which is constructed with a pry-resistant foot, which prevents unauthorized access.
  • It has an internal RFID Card that can quickly and easily open
  • The drawer compartments measure 19-inches in length by 2 ½ inches in width by 3 ¾ inch depth to hold multiple rifles or handguns securely.
  • The door is constructed with a three-point locking system that consists of the double deadbolt on the top and bottom of the drawer.
  • It also comes with foam inside, which keeps your weapons and accessories secure during travel.


  • Solid construction
  • Quick to set up and easy access via RFID technology for quicker access.
  • Store multiple rifles and handguns.
  • Able to be hidden under a bed or table.


  • It is a little large, so it takes up more storage space.
  • The locking mechanism can be stiff at times, but it becomes easier to use after a few more uses.

RELIANCER Electronic Gun Safe

Electronic Gun Safe with Four-keypad&2 Emergency Keys&Rechargeable Battery Smart Quick Access Pistol Safe Storage Security Cabinet Q235 Carbon Steel Handgun Lock Security Box w/Pop-Open Door
  • 【Quick Access with Keypad】Whisper quiet yet quick keypad provides quick access to your valuables even in the dark.Electronic four-key pad enables you to create your own programmable 3-8-digit "no see" pass-code combination to ensure easy access;Spring loaded drop down door giving you instant entry to your handgun and other vital objects;2 override keys offer analog backup option if you forget your code
  • 【Q235 Carbon Steel】Safe boxes are crafted of durable Q235 carbon steel which has sufficient intensity,features a black anti-scratch powder coat with good anti-corrosion.High density material strength, explosion-proof performance, rock-solid construction,give you the best security on the market.Exquisite laser cutting technology make the surface of safe boxes flat and smooth enough to provide an adequate seal
  • 【Alarm-U Tamper Sensitive Alert System】Our quick access pistol safe features Alarm-U, the tamper and motion sensitive alarm that deters theft and keeps your family safe.If 3 wrong invalid code are made in succession this will cause the keypad to alarm for 1 minute and automatically locks down for 2 minutes.New to the Handgun Hanger Safe is an optional silent mode,making you safe completely
  • 【Reliable Locking Mechanism】Solid steel construction with anti-pry tabs,precise fittings and high strength locking latch that are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools;A thick steel door that is recessed from the frame,our gun safe is difficult to tamper with and extremely pry-resistant, preventing unauthorized access and leaving you feeling confident that your children will not be able to access your handguns
  • 【High Density Foam Interior&Spring Loaded Drop Down Door】The protective foam-padded interior protects your valuables from damage and helps to prevent rattling;Spring loaded, the door quickly drops right after the correct combination is entered.The weight of the door is so heavy, we added a speed reducer that catches the door just before it slams onto a hard surface.Electronic four-keypad designed with flashing light and beeps

If you want a reliable and secure bed gun safe, one option is to get the RELIANCER Electronic Gun Safe. This product uses biometric technology for quick entry whenever you need it.


  • The product is designed to be hidden under a bed, which makes it an excellent choice for security and storage.
  • It has three ways of accessing the safe; an RFID key card that can open in three seconds or less, manual code entry, and biometric technology.
  • A fingerprint scanner that provides simple access when you need it.
  • It features an interior light that provides a visual inspection of your items.
  • The interior is lined with carpet, which protects your items from scratches and dents.
  • Its exterior consists of heavy-duty steel construction.
  • It has a handle that can be used as an anchor for the safe, preventing unauthorized access.
  • It also has two live-action deadbolts that provide extra security and prevent prying.
  • The safe is designed to hold handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammo, magazines, or important documents. It can store up to twenty-eight guns at a time.
  • It includes mounting hardware that makes it easy to install under your bed with no drilling required for anchoring purposes.


  • Solidly constructed bed gun safe with sturdy polyester fabric, which can withstand abuse and last longer.
  • Fits neatly under the bed for security purposes
  • It is affordable and easy to install.


  • It doesn't have a fingerprint scanner at all times, so you will need to scan your finger every time you want to open it.
  • Without a power source or battery backup, there is no way of accessing the safe if the batteries die out.

MONSTER VAULT Dual Lock Under Bed Safe

Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe
  • Dimensions: 7" H x 48" W x 28" D
  • 140 pounds of "cold rolled" steel construction
  • 3 cubic feet of storage with 100 pounds of capacity
  • Huge horizontal slide out drawer
  • Digital programmable combination lock (3 to 8 digits)

The MONSTER VAULT Dual Lock Under Bed Safe is an innovative gun safe that is designed with a lock system to ensure your guns are stored securely as well as a second locking mechanism for even more protection.

It is a very popular safe for storing rifles and handguns, with no keyholes on the outside of the safe, it's great for valuables too.


  • It has a three-point locking system, which consists of 2 live-action deadbolts on the top and bottom of the drawer.
  • It also comes with foam inside, which keeps your weapons and accessories secure during travel.
  • The base is constructed from solid steel, which measures ¾ inches in thickness.
  • It also has an interior locking mechanism, which works as an anchor to prevent theft or unauthorized access.
  • The safe is designed to store handguns, rifles, shotguns, and documents and can hold up to twenty-seven guns at a time.
  • Interior Dimensions: 19 inches in length by 2 ½ inches in width by 3 ¾ inch in height.
  • They can be locked in seconds and the knob is designed for right or left-handed users.


  • Solidly constructed.
  • The lock is easy to use and the safe can be installed in seconds.


  • It is a little expensive.
  • The knob can be stiff when the safe has not been used in some time.

BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe
  • 【High-Quality Secure Safe】BARSKA DOJ Approved Biometric Safe is the ultimate in quick access security solution for your valuables and handguns.
  • 【Solid Steel Construction】Solidly built with 100% steel walls, tamper-resistant inner edges, and 2 built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts ensuring your valuables put away from the intruders.
  • 【Advanced Biometric Scanner】Our top-quality biometric scanner allows access to your valuables in just 2.5 seconds with the simple scan of a fingerprint. Stores up to 120 Fingerprints.
  • 【Ultra-Compact Storage】With 0.8 ft3, the Biometric Safe has all the space needed to secure ammo, medicine, jewelry, and private documents. The safe also fits practically anywhere for unrivaled convenience.
  • 【Optional Silent Mode】Safe features a silent mode that enables stealthy home defense.

The Biometric Safe from BARSKA Maximizes Your Safety at Home with an Advanced Level of Gun Protection as You Need It. This lightweight and sturdy unit are easy to set up virtually anywhere, including under a bed or against the wall near any door, so long as there's power nearby and open space for its installed fireproof security cable.

Convenient electronic keypad storage means more room inside, where the biometrics never forget who has access to what weapons when guarding against burglary or disaster strike.


  • It comes with a keypad, as well as fingerprints, and a large capacity for guns.
  • The safe is made from steel.
  • It can store up to twenty-five handguns at once along with its other contents, which makes it one of the best gun safes on the market today.
  • Its interior is lined with carpet, which protects your items from scratches and dents.
  • Its exterior consists of heavy-duty steel construction.
  • The safe is designed to fit under the bed or be mounted easily on any wall.
  • It has mounting hardware, which makes it easy to install, and no drilling is required for anchoring purposes.
  • Its locking mechanisms consist of two live-action deadbolts, which gives you an extra layer of security.
  • It also includes a keypad and biometric fingerprint scanner.


  • Easy to mount and install under the bed or on a wall.
  • It has a second layer of protection in case the batteries die out.


  • The safe is not fireproof.
  • It does not have a battery backup system.
  • It can be easily stolen because it weighs less than twenty pounds.

Buyer's Guide for Under Bed Gun Safes

There are many different types of under-bed gun safes, including biometric and keypad access as well as fireproof and waterproof models.

One of the most important steps to take for your safety and that of your family members is to secure firearms in a safe. One way to do this is by storing them with under-bed gun safes.

As you go out to purchase your new under-bed gun safe, there are certain things that you should take into consideration.
Many of these factors will help with the final decision on which safe is best for you and your needs. We have listed these factors here below.


Before proceeding to buy an under-bed gun safe, you need to consider what size will fit into the available space. Since under-bed gun safes are typically kept under the bed, ensure you measure the space under your bed to determine what size of safe is best for you.

Weight and Portability

If you intend to move your under-bed gun safe around a lot, maybe for travel or other purposes, you need to invest in one that is easy to move around and does not weigh a ton.


The material of the safe is something that you also need to consider before buying one. Gun safes made from steel are generally stronger because, steel provides strength, durability, and security.


You want your under bed gun safe to hold your firearms securely, but it should also be easy for you to access in an emergency.

Lock Mechanism

Knowing the type of lock that suits your needs is a very important factor to consider. For example, some gun safes have an electronic lock mechanism, while others make use of fingerprint scanners. Choosing the right lock mechanism especially when you have kids is also very important.


Perhaps the most important factor to put under consideration is your budget because as the under-bed gun safes differ in function and design, they also have different prices.

Security Features

Extra security features are always an advantage when buying an under-bed gun safe. You must have control over the number of people who have access to your safe. Tamper-proof features are an example of a good security feature.

Fireproof and Waterproof

Most people prefer safes that are either waterproof, fireproof, or both. Check this feature out according to your preference.

Ease of Installation

It is also important to get an under-bed gun safe that is easy to install and use. Some safes come with mounting hardware and instructions for use.


If you are someone that is most interested in aesthetics, then you should consider the design of the under-bed safe before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions for Under Bed Gun Safe

Where should I keep my under bed safe?

Most people choose to place their safes under the bed since they are more difficult for burglars to find.

Will I need any help installing my safe under the bed?

If you are buying a portable device, then all you need is to lift the bed and secure it with screws. Alternatively, if you are buying a gun safe that will be fixed on a wall or floor, then you will have to hire an expert for help in installing it.

How do I choose the right size?

Different models available in the market have different sizes. Get a size that suits your needs and the space you have to keep it in.

What should I consider when choosing an under-bed gun safe?

There are lots of factors you need to consider when choosing an under-bed gun safe. you should check out our BUYERS' GUIDE SECTION for detailed information about this.

Where can I mount my under-bed gun safe?

Before purchasing any under-bed gun safe, ensure you check the design of the product. Some safes come with mounting hardware and instructions for use.

Can I buy a gun safe to keep valuables in?

If you want a valuable item or two to be stored, then yes, there are safes that can accommodate them.

What size of guns can I fit into my under-bed gun safe?

Most models of under-bed gun safes can accommodate some handguns and rifles depending on the design.

Are under-bed gun safes fireproof?

There are some models available in the market that can protect your belongings even in case of fire. Be sure to check this feature out if it is important for you.

How long should I leave my safe open before closing it?

Most manufacturers recommend leaving your safe open for 10 minutes before closing.

Is it safe to have my under bed gun safe in direct sunlight?

If you are storing some sensitive materials that cannot get damaged by the sun, then placing your under-bed gun safe out of the sunlight can be a very good idea.

How do I know if my under bed gun safe is not being tampered with?

Most models of under-bed gun safes allow you to track the movement of your safe.

How long do I need to train my biometric fingerprint?

You should require no fewer than 30 scans so your fingerprints are properly stored on a secure database.

How much should I pay for an under bed gun safe?

Under-bed gun safes have different prices depending on the features.

Where can I buy an under bed gun safe?

Getting a good quality product is key, and to make sure you get good value for your money, do check out amazon.com for amazing deals.

Final Thoughts

We have put together this research to help you make an informed buying decision when shopping for under-bed gun safes.

If you need quick access to the products on Amazon, you can check out our top picks section.

We also have an in-depth product review of each individual under-bed gun safe and buyers guide to help you decide on which features are most important to you and suit your needs best.