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Utility Knife Holster

HYDE 42525 Heavy Duty Leather Angle Head Utility Knife Pouch...
  • Holsters angle Hyde head utility knife No.42080 with blade...
  • Heavy-duty top grain leather with rivet-reinforced...
  • Closed-end pocket holds knife with friction fit
  • Composition pocket liner for added safety and durability

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Using a Utility Knife Holster

The utility knife is a basic tool that every gun owner should own. Its ease of use is one of the reasons; however, its looks can make or break the knife. The Utility Knife Holster provides a perfect solution to this dilemma. This holster is created with vegetable tanned leather, high-quality wire and tool wire colored through dyeing during the tannin removal process giving it a rich black finish. The Utility Knife Holster quickly clips onto your belt or waistband for easy and quick tool access.

A utility knife holster helps employees maintain proper working posture. It provides easy tool access by keeping the blade close to the handle. If you constantly need to have the blade out, you will find that keeping the blade near the handle is very difficult. This is because you have to continuously turn the handle in order to keep an eye on the blade. A tool block, on the other hand, keeps the knife close to the operator when not in use, thus ensuring that the correct posture is maintained.

You never know when an accident may occur that requires an immediate change of clothing. In addition, you never know when safety cutters may accidentally come into contact with the skin, which could result in severe injury. If you are working in a field where skinning or threading animal skin is necessary, you will find that a utility knife holster easily clips onto your clothing. It also comes equipped with a clip for lashing keys, pads, or anything that may be required. When safety cutters do happen to come into contact with your skin, the Utility Knife Holster quickly releases the cut by way of a snap mechanism on the side of the knife.

The Utility Knife Holster helps you maintain a safe environment for yourself and others. It helps you retain cutters when you are not using them. It allows for easy access of safety cutters in times of emergencies and also aids in proper organization. All it takes is for one of these utility knives to get stuck in an employee's pocket or purse or in any other type of item that could result in dire consequences if left unattended. You would need a secure holster to help facilitate easy tool access, which in turn, promotes good work ethic among your employees.

Many types of businesses utilize utility knives in their daily operations. For example, many meat processors utilize a utility knife holster to help keep the blades and other parts of the tool out of the reach of employees while it is in use. This is to prevent accidental injury from occurring. If you are a business that needs to store large numbers of tools and equipment, you should consider purchasing a utility knife holster to promote safe storage.

Some people have the misconception that utility knives are used only in the workplace. This could not be further from the truth. Utility knives come in handy in any and every home. They are small enough to fit into a drawer or even in the kitchen counter top. A utility knife holster will allow you to maintain the blade of your tool while in the home, office, or on the go.

If you travel with your utility knife, you may find that it is cumbersome to carry. Some people will even carry two knives, one in each sheath that they carry in their waistband or in a special knife sheath that fits over the blade. This is easier to do when the knife is at the height of its smallest. If you have to set the knife up in an awkward angle, you will likely find that you are unable to maintain your balance while carrying the tool, which can result in an accident occurring.

A utility knife holster will allow you to maintain your overall grip on the blade. Some people may rotate the blade or flip it over so that it is at an angle that is comfortable for them to hold. While this is fine in some cases, it is usually not the best option. Instead of rotating or flipping the blade over, you may want to invest in a utility knife sheath. These sheaths will allow you to keep the blade at the correct angle without causing any additional pain to your hands or arm.