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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 28, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Vehicle Gun Safes

Reviews Of The Best Vehicle Gun Safe From Our Research

Lock'er Down Console Safe with 4 Digit Combo, Keep Personal Items Secure and Organized in Car

Lock'er Down Console Safe with 4 Digit Combo, Keep Personal Items Secure and Organized in Car, Compatible with 2015-2020 Ford F150, 2017-2020 Ford Super Duty, and 2018-2019 Ford Expedition
  • KEEP YOUR PRODUCTS SAFE - This secure vault allows you to keep items safe in your car by protecting them with a 4 digit combination lock. This safe is made from solid domestic 12 gauge cold rolled steel allowing you to have peace of mind while storing your items in your car.
  • MODEL AND YEAR - This console safe fits the 2015 - 2019 Ford F150, 2017 - 2019 Ford Super Duty, and 2018 - 2019 Ford Expedition.
  • USB PORT - With access to the USB port from the outside or inside, you can have your devices connected while they are outside of the safe. If you need to charge your device while you are not in the vehicle, it can also be connected inside the safe.
  • ACCESSIBLE - With a 4 digit combination, you are able to get inside of this strongbox and easily access any of your valuables. This secure storage organizer also features a durable black powder coat finish with a spring assisted door hinge.
  • MADE IN THE USA - All Lock’er Down Safe products are proudly made in the United States of America and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

This heavy-duty safe easily installs under the seat of your car to provide you with secure storage space for small personal items. The top secures tightly to the bottom using steel clasps, while the compact design allows it to fit between most seats.

Made from steel, this safe can resist cutting and drilling. It also comes with a 4-digit combination lock for more security.


  • Lock'er Down Console Safe with 4 Digit Combo
  • Secures to the floor of car or closet area
  • Heavy-duty steel construction resists cutting and drilling
  • 4-digit combination lock for added security
  • Compact design fits between most seats in your vehicle


  • Heavy-duty steel construction for durability
  • Designed to fit between most car seats and secures tightly to the floor of your vehicle
  • Comes with a 4-digit combination lock for added security
  • Perfect size, small enough to store valuables without taking up much space


  • The bolts may be difficult to install depending on the material of your car

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID Instant Access

The RAPiD allows you to keep your guns, jewelry, and other valuables safe from unauthorized users without worrying about the batteries going flat.

The gun safe works as follows: You are required to enter a unique PIN on the digital keypad, then place your hand in front of the RFID scanner, which is located just below the handle.

As your right palm touches the scanner, it reads the unique RFID chip in your hand and automatically opens the safe. The RAPiD gun safe is small enough to be used for vehicle purposes, but you can also use it at home.


  • One pistol vault with RFID lock and fingerprint technology
  • Sleek design and textured exterior to resist scratches and discoloration
  • Customizable interior foam padding for a custom fit.
  • Concealed hinges, concealed carry pocket for handgun storage, top accessory rail, hidden key.


  • Comes with fingerprint technology for convenient usage
  • Can be opened easily by reading the RFID chip in your hand
  • Compact size and sleek design with a textured exterior that resists scratches and discoloration
  • Customizable interior foam padding ensures a custom fit
  • Concealed hinges, concealed carry pocket for handgun storage, top accessory rail, hidden key


  • Battery life can be affected by too many incorrect entries

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Gun Storage and Security for Home and Car

With 14-gauge steel construction, the SnapSafe is designed to withstand physical damage and drilling or prying. It also comes with an electronic access code for added security.

The design allows for easy installation. The safe is designed to be placed under a bed, but it can also fit in the trunk area of your vehicle if you want to bring it on trips with you or keep firearms close at hand when traveling.


  • Features of SnapSafe Under Bed Safe.
  • Made from 14-gauge steel construction.
  • Electronic access code for added security.
  • Simple installation into the floor of a vehicle, or under bed


  • Designed to resist physical damage and drilling or prying
  • Can be installed in a vehicle's trunk area, providing easy access while traveling
  • Constructed from 14-gauge steel for optimal durability
  • Electronic access code provides additional security benefits


  • Can be difficult to install in some vehicles

Stealth SwiftVault 2.0 Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

Stealth SwiftVault 2.0 Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe Auto-Open Lid Fingerprint Handgun Safe CA DOJ Approved
  • QUICK ACCESS: Shock Assisted Pop-Up Door Provides Immediate Access to your Handgun when you Need it Most! New Advanced Security Features Include No Exposed Holes, Protective Cover over Biometric Scanner Button and Free Security Cable!
  • THREE WAYS TO OPEN: Biometric Fingerprint Scanner can Store 31 Different Combination, 4 Button Electronic Lock and High Security Laser Cut Key Override
  • THICK STEEL CONSTRUCTION: 12 Gauge Steel Body, 14 Gauge Steel Door, High Strength Locking Latch, 4 Bolt Down Holes for Secure Mounting with New Protective Cover over Change Combination Button and Free Security Cable
  • SILENT MODE & INTERIOR LIGHT: Optional Silent Mode for Stealth Entry and White Interior Light Illuminates the Inside Once Opened
  • EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 3.75" H x 8.5" W x 12.75" D WEIGHT: 10 lbs / For CA Customers: The SwiftVault 2.0 is a CA DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device

The Stealth SwiftVault is designed to allow you to get to your firearm quickly in an emergency situation. This safe can easily be attached to the underside of a table, which makes it perfect for your vehicle or as a tabletop safe at home.

It comes with biometric technology that allows you to open the safe by placing your hand on the reader, which is located on the rifle safe. It is battery-operated and closes automatically.

The mounting bracket can be easily fastened to almost any surface, and it has two built-in security bolts that make it difficult for thieves to remove it from a table or vehicle.


  • Features of Stealth Biometric Vehicle Safe / Handgun Safe.
  • The mounting bracket is designed to easily attach to almost any surface
  • Biometric technology allows for quick emergency access.
  • Sleek and compact design that makes it easy to take with you or keep in a vehicle.
  • Combination locking mechanism.


  • A quick-access button allows for quick entry to a firearm when needed
  • Two built-in security bolts prevent removal from surface area by unauthorized users
  • Accommodates one standard-size pistol.
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • Automatically closes and locks when the safe is removed from the mounting bracket.


  • Key must be purchased separately to unlock safe if biometric access does not work.

Fort Knox pb1 Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5" Pistol Sock

Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5" Pistol Sock
  • 10 Gauge Body with 3/16" Plate Door
  • Simplex Mechanical Lock with 1,081 Different Combinations
  • Carpet Lined Interior with Four Pre-Drilled Bolt Down Holes
  • Durable antique silver textured powder coat finish
  • Made in USA with a Lifetime Warranty

The Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe can be bolted down or carried in a vehicle, depending on where you want to keep it. While it is large enough to accommodate both compact and full-size handguns, it comes with an ammunition storage compartment that can hold around 25 rounds of ammo.

One of the best things about this gun safe is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • An ammunition storage area that holds around 25 rounds.
  • Can be bolted down or carried in the vehicle depending on preference
  • Full-size and compact handguns can both fit in the safe.
  • 13.5 inches chamber width


  • Can be bolted down or carried in the vehicle depending on preference
  • A lifetime warranty provides peace of mind that the company stands behind their product
  • Ammunition storage holds around 25 rounds and is easily accessible from the exterior of safe
  • Full-size and compact handguns can both fit inside the safe.


  • Can be difficult to mount in some vehicles
  • Not fire-resistant.

Buyer's Guide For Vehicle Gun Safes

Buying a gun safe for your vehicle may not be on top of your priority list, but it is a great idea. The reason being that car thieves do not seem to have any problem breaking into your locked cars even when they are equipped with alarm systems and other security measures.

This is where vehicle gun safes come in handy. They are designed to be attached to your car and you get a safe place to store your personal items, such as wallets, cellphones, handguns, or any other valuables.

It does not matter if the thieves break into your car or try extracting out its content by breaking the windows. The gun safes will resist all such attempts, protecting your items.

Gun safes for your car are a wise investment to protect valuable property, especially firearms. With modern advances in technology, they have become dependable and secure storage units.

They can be mounted on the floor of the vehicle or anywhere inside the compartment that you want them to be. Some models may even come with additional compartments.

Factors you should consider before purchasing a vehicle gun safe include the following.


One thing that people often overlook when purchasing a vehicle gun safe is whether or not it can be easily taken in and out of the vehicle.

If you are keeping it in your car, make sure that you purchase one that can be mounted on the floor of the trunk or under a car seat if desired. If you want to keep it in your truck or SUV, you can run a cable through the car and bolt the safe to the floor. This ensures that no one can drive off with your firearm if they have access to your vehicle.


Another thing that people tend to overlook is size. You do not want a safe that is too large, because it will not fit into your vehicle. Also, a safe that is too small will not be able to hold multiple handguns.

Therefore, consider the size of your handgun and purchase a safe accordingly

Biometric Access

Another feature that some people prefer in their firearm safes is biometric access. Although this can cost slightly more than a model with a keypad or combination lock, it eliminates the possibility of forgetting your personal code.

Some people also worry that others can guess their combination and gain access to their firearms. With biometric technology, this is impossible.

The Potential of Biometrics -- Security Today

The number of firearms

The number of firearms that you want to keep in your vehicle should determine the size of your safe. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a safe large enough for two handguns and an ammunition compartment if desired.

That way, if you or someone else needs access to a firearm, it will be readily available. By purchasing a safe with an ammunition storage area, you can ensure that your pistol will not be damaged if it must remain in the safe for an extended period of time without access.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a vehicle gun safe is the brand. While it may be tempting to purchase an off-brand product, you should avoid doing so if possible. This is because some of these safes do not have as many fire protection or security features as other models may.

Purchase a vehicle gun safe from a reputable manufacturer, such as Fort Knox, GunVault, or Biometric Solution.


Lastly, consider how much you are willing to spend on a car safe before making your final purchase. If you are someone who prefers to spend more on quality, you will probably want to pass on a model that is less than $100.

However, there are some affordable options available for those who cannot afford an expensive gun safe.

If money is no object, then you may want to consider purchasing a firearm safe with biometric access or even one that is fire-resistant. These added features will cost slightly more, but they provide better security for your firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions For Vehicle Gun Safes

Can other people use my fingerprint to access my firearm?

No, not with today's technology. There is no way for anyone else's fingerprint to be programmed into your gun safe.

In fact, even if you programmed a second fingerprint in there the system still won't recognize it because it would already have your original one.

Are vehicle gun safes one size fits all?

Vehicle gun safes are designed to fit in different types of vehicles. For example, a truck safe will be much smaller than one that is designed for an SUV or car. The best thing to do is measure the opening of your glove box and take it from there.

What can I do if my vehicle gun safe becomes jammed?

If your safe becomes jammed, you will need to call a locksmith to have it removed. There are some safes that can be easily opened if they become locked or stuck.

For example, the Gunvault Microvault is designed so that an owner can open it even with one hand. This ensures that you can access your firearm even if you're holding something in the other hand, such as a steering wheel.

Are car gun safes legal in USA states?

Many states have different restrictions when it comes to owning a firearm safe. Some of these laws can make it difficult for people who wish to purchase a safe for their vehicle.

For example, some cities and states do not allow firearms in vehicles at all. Check your local and state laws before making your purchase.

Are the best car gun safes fire-resistant?

There are some vehicle gun safes available for purchase that are fire-resistant. This is a good feature to have if you are concerned about the possibility of your firearm being damaged by high temperatures or flames.

In many cases, a safe will come with an exact temperature at which it begins to be affected by the fire. Others may include a warning that the safe should not be exposed to temperatures over 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

How important is a warranty when purchasing a vehicle gun safe?

A warranty can be beneficial for certain types of safes. For example, if you are someone who plans on leaving your firearm in the safe at all times without access, you may want to purchase one that comes with a warranty against fire damage.

This way, gun owners will be able to replace your firearm if it becomes damaged by the heat of the safe.

What is the common firearm rating for vehicle gun safes?

There are several different ways to determine the fire, water, and security ratings for vehicle gun safes. Some of these include UL certification, California DOJ compliance testing, NSF International quality standards, and Underwriters Laboratories safety tests.

You will need to do your research before making a purchase in order to find out whether or not a safe is rated for the type of firearm that you own.

What is a vehicle gun safe used for?

A vehicle gun safe can be used in many different circumstances, but it is most commonly found in people's cars or trucks to keep their firearms secure and away from children while on the road. It can also be used to safely transport handguns to a local range or event.

Are vehicle gun safes affordable?

Yes, most vehicle gun safes are quite affordable. There are many models available for under $100 and some that can be purchased even cheaper than this.

They can also be more expensive depending on what features you would like them to have. Make sure that your purchase is within the budget that you've set for yourself before making a choice.

What kind of locks do vehicle gun safes have?

Vehicle gun safes may have a biometric lock, push-button combination locks, or standard key locks. The type of lock that the safe comes with can be determined by reviewing the product description before making your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a vehicle gun safe for your firearm is essential if you want to have peace of mind while on the road.

The most common use of a vehicle safe is to safely transport a firearm or keep it secure in one's car, but other types can be used for various purposes.

Make sure to do research and choose a safe that is made from quality materials, has the features you need, and fits within your budget range.