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Vortex Scope Mount

Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever 30mm Mount - 2-Inch Offset
  • Use this cantilever mount for mounting 30 mm telescopic...
  • The 2-inch offset of this cantilever mount positions the...
  • The cantilever ring mount positions the center of the...
  • Aluminum construction

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Vortex Scope Mount - What's So Great About Vortex Scope Rings?

If you search online, you'll discover numerous different scope mounts available on the market today. This makes it extremely difficult for most consumers to locate the better ones made of high-quality materials. If you're shopping for a quality scope mount, the Vortex Cantilever 30mm mount would be your best bet. Here's why.

With vortex scope mounts, it's possible to get a smooth "blend" of functionality. When looking at a typical long-range scope, you may find the combination of a front-mounted, peephole-type objective and a rear-mounted objective is most common. With this setup, it becomes difficult to decide where to place the reticle. When looking at Vortex piece scope mounts, though, you get a smooth blending of functionality.

I purchased one of these vortex scope mounts last week after reading through several consumer reviews. The review was positive overall; however, a couple of things left me a little confused. For example, one reviewer mentioned that the mount was too loose. To me, it seems like this would be a problem because it looks like the only reason a good set of cantilever sights should ever slip is if the bolts or screws come loose on them.

Another critique I read was that the rings that come with the scope are poor in quality. The reviewer was not impressed with the rings' strength, nor did he think the mounting screws were strong enough to keep the curls in place. While I agree that the quality of the calls is not as strong as I would have liked, this is not a problem for me. The Vortex Scope Mount system and the whole scope mount system are made of high-quality metal. It should be noted that the vortex rings can be easily removed by loosening the tiny screw that holds them in place.

From my experience, when looking at and using the vortex system, it is most difficult to adjust for alignment issues if you're on the ground. This problem was solved for me by one found the following review helpful. He explained that the mounting ring is designed to attach in three different places - on the top of the cantilever, on the bottom, and even on the scope. Simply put, the ring needs to be adjusted to sit over each lens to make sure that the distance between the rings and the ground is consistent.

This is something that I have seen all over and can relate to the poor quality of some scope mounts. I like this concept. So what about you? If you have a vortex, do you think it would improve your accuracy and maneuverability? If so, then it might just be the answer you were looking for!

The vortex crossfire is an affordable and well-built system. Once you get it out of the box and mount it to your firearm, you'll instantly see and feel the difference. For me, one of the best features was the fact that there was plenty of room to move my rifle around without having to worry about hitting my shoulder on each step.

If you have trouble reaching the back stock or your weapon is more comfortable held at the rear end, I highly recommend getting a vortex crossfire scope mount. For less than $60, you can have your Vortex Scope Mount System shipped right to your door. You'll notice the difference in accuracy and maneuverability right away. In addition, if you decide to purchase other accessories such as scope rings, then I have been informed that you can also save even more money by going with vortex instead of other manufacturers. For me, saving money on accessories such as scope rings is definitely worth the extra couple bucks, especially when you consider the quality of vortex products.