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Warne Scope Mounts

Warne 1 Inch Quick Detach Rings Medium Matte 201LM
  • Ring Height: Med .375 inches
  • Quick Detach: 1"
  • Color: Matte
  • Warne indexable lever system

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How to Use Warne Scope Mounts 

"Warne Scope" is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art optic mount systems for several firearms. The company has gained worldwide recognition for quality and durability in its scope accessories. "Warne Scope" uses the highest grade of materials and stands behind its products with a guarantee. "Warne Scope" also produces high precision military scope rings. "Warne Scope" states its mission as "providing precision optical solutions for the precision hunter." The company offers a variety of unique scope mounts to meet the demands of a variety of applications.

The "Warne" scope rings feature everything from fundamental installation to a fully automatic mount. The bases and rings feature patented self-adjusting features making them very reliable and functional. Each floor contains a rubber pad that protects the scope from vibrations caused by the gun firing. The rubber pads make the grounds extremely comfortable and eliminate vibration. The ring features a self-retracting spring that ensures a compelling hold on the rifle scope.

Ranging from inexpensive polymer scopes to high precision rifles, "Warne" manufactures a variety of scopes designed for every type of application. The company's scope rings are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. In addition, the "Warne" scopes feature an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from the scope. The company's military series of scopes have proven themselves to be highly durable. The military series can be used with any firearm.

Most hunters take great pride in their rifle's optics and prefer to have durable and functional scopes. Focusing on function rather than style, "Warne" scope accessories allow hunters to maintain accuracy and increase their efficiency at range. These accessories include scope rings, eyepieces, and windage adjustments.

The "Warne" scope mounts scope mount is designed to work with any rifle. Because it is designed with versatility in mind, it allows the user to adjust for distance and focus. This means that even if you currently use a different rifle, you can easily exchange the scope mount for a new one compatible with your current firearm.

The "Warne" precision rifle scope rings are available in various finishes, including platinum, black oxide, gold, and stainless steel. The gold-finished model has a one-sided riser that provides a comfortable mounting surface. The stainless steel model is offered in either a one or two-sided riser design that allows for an accurate shot even during extended range applications. This type of mounting allows the user to adjust for both windage and elevation. Each model also comes with its windage and elevation adjustments knobs conveniently placed on the side of the firearm.

Each set of rings features a patented rubber insert designed to reduce chatter and vibration when used in conjunction with high-quality optics. Additionally, this rubber insert improves the gripping surface area and provides a stable foundation to hang the rings. In addition to a rubber insert, the rings feature an aluminum or steel frame secured by a stainless steel or bull bar. This frame allows users to adjust the scope to an appropriate level of curvature for their needs.

Other Warne Scope Mounts include the "Q-Clip," "BCB," and "PS." Each model features a single-sided riser designed to attach to any rail, rails, or butt pad with a one-sided push latch. These accessories allow users to use their favorite scope accessory without fear of interference with other rifle accessories. In addition, these accessories enable users to adjust the reticle for an easy attachment to many different hand positions. Many of the models also feature an anti-reflective coating on both the reticle and rings to reduce glare.