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Western Leather Gun Belts And Holsters

Clint Eastwood Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster Belt - Rough...
  • Sizing = 41" - 45" THEN THIS BELT WILL FIT YOU
  • One Size Available - No Returns Or Exchanges
  • Old West Design - Rough Out leather
  • 24 Bullet Loops in 44/45cal.

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A Quick History Of Western Gun Belts And Holsters

As far as belt holsters go, the Western Gun Belt is one of the most well liked types. A popular choice for the concealed carrier, it is easy to see why this product has a reputation for being a solid and dependable product. For one, it's made out of high quality leather which offers durability. When buying a belt of any kind, one should take note that the quality of leather will determine how long a belt can be used before having to be replaced or repaired.

Western gun belts come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials which makes it quite convenient as far as carrying accessories goes. Most are made with gold, brass, or stainless steel which are durable enough to withstand daily use. There are even some models that feature gun belt buckles instead of regular belt buckles.

The Western Gun Belt comes in many configurations which include both a soft and a hard case. In addition to the leather wrapping around the waistband, there are belt loops and other attachment points on the front of the unit. Some models include both a gun belt buckle and a snap on the belt itself. This makes it extremely easy to quickly change out the belt for a new holster or belt. Most belt designs also offer an adjustable buckle to help the wearer find the right fit.

A gun belt can be worn either over a single gun or several. The location which you decide to wear it over which will depend on personal preference and the level of security desired. Western gun belts tend to look best when worn over one's pants or jeans. With so many different colors and styles available, it's possible to find one that's perfect for just about any outfit.

Western gun holsters differ from regular back packs in a number of ways including the amount of leather used. The difference between a leather belt and a leather holster is one of form as well as function. Holsters are usually made of soft, but strong leather that offers a secure and comfortable carrying solution for both long guns and shorter range guns.

Western belt buckles come in a large number of styles. There are buckles that have a decorative shape, while others have a more simple design. Many are designed with an additional buckle, which allows for a combination of attachment points on one belt or across several belts. Some are designed as a single, flat buckle, while others may have a side slit designed to accept a side belt buckle, such as the popular Texas belt buckle. Western belt buckles are often decorated with an element like an eagle, Indian pottery, or other American Indian design element.

Western gun belt buckles come in a variety of materials. A number of the belt buckles which are most popular have been designed using a cedar finish. This type of finish has the advantage of being extremely durable and offering an attractive, rustic look to the belt. The popularity of gun belt buckles that have been made using cedar has decreased over time because of the development of cheaper, more modern materials. Many people still prefer these types of belt buckles because of their old world, woodsy, western flavor.

Gun belts are designed for convenience, but they are often also used to display the owner's favorite gun. In this way, they are not only functional, but are also a piece of history. They offer a secure storage method for the gun, yet are easily visible and can be used as decoration. No matter what type of gun belt buckle is chosen, they are relatively easy to install, making them a practical choice for anyone who wants a quick, easy way to add an extra bit of flare to their belt.