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Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit

Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo, 1-Inch/30mm - 545454,...
  • INCLUDES: Torque Screwdriver Wrench, 10 screwdriver bits,...
  • VERSATILE: Provides virtually everything needed to properly...
  • RELIABLE: Alignment and lapping of rings ensure maximum...
  • ACCURACY: Reticle leveling is a key component for the...

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Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your scope, consider a Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit. It is manufactured by Shimano and has been specifically designed for use with the popular scope rail systems on the most popular hunting platforms today. With the help of this mount, the scope becomes completely weatherproof and secure and can easily adjust to any position in the field. Many other brand-name models require attaching the scope to some rails, which may not always be appropriate or safe. The Shimano system allows you to fasten the scope to its fences, which eliminates the need for additional hardware, making it more streamlined and safe for use.

The Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit helps to mount ANY scope of the right size or self-adjusting design. This complete kit gives what is needed to mount any 1-yard or 30-yard scope the correct way, thereby increasing the safety of your shooting experiences. This also helps the scopes hold the scope safely and guards your scope against damage, misalignment caused by wind, and environmental effects. The kit comes with everything that you would need to mount any size scope, regardless of design, including screws, couplers, bases, and rings. The included accessories make the process of mounting even the most expensive brand scopes much easier and more efficient.

With the Shimano wheeler scope mounting kit installation, you can have confidence in your ability to get high-quality shots, every time consistently. The entire assembly process, including the installation of the scope, is straightforward. The kit includes a set of installation instructions, plus detailed instructions for the proper lapping and tensioning of the various components. The lens will need to be properly mounted using a compatible lens mount, which is included along with the set of instructions. There is also an alignment tool that can be purchased separately to ensure that the scope is aligned at all times during use.

To start:

  1. Place the scope in a horizontal position, making sure that its crosshairs are pointing toward the front of the target.
  2. Loosen the retaining nut on the side of the scope, and tap it into place with the appropriate tool.
  3. Place one end of the lapping ring onto the screw provided with the scope, and gently rotate the ring until the screw is loosened.
  4. Place the other end of the lapping ring onto the screw provided for the side of the scope, and gently rotate the ring until the screw is loosened.

Once both lapping bars are correctly placed onto the screw, tighten the bolt, ensuring it is adequately drawn. If the bolt does not quite go all the way through, you will need to tap it in a few times to make sure that the bolt is seated into its groove. After the bolt has been installed, measure the distance between the top of the front sight and the bottom of the rear sight. Measure the distance between the top of the left side of the scope and the right side of the left side. This is the height of the mounting ring that should be used to zero in the scope. Remember, when mounting the scope to a bow, the distance from the zero line to the nearest lapping bars should always be less than the distance between the top of the left side of the scope and the right side of the left side.

Once the mounting ring has been mounted, the next step is to install the alignment bars. These alignment bars should be placed behind the front sight so that they will be visible when the scope is zeroed in. A friend may be useful to hold the rifle while taking this measurement so that you do not accidentally place the rings in a place that they are not visible. If you are using a friend to carry the rifle, you should ensure that they are not experiencing neck strain or other injuries while holding the gun as you measure the rings.

The last step is to install the thirty mm scope rings. The entire kit includes the rings, the two grit compounds, the mounting ring, and the alignment bars. Although these three items are not included in the complete kit, this is the most commonly sold piece of the entire equipment. When purchasing the whole set, make sure that the dust cover is included in the purchase. The dust cover will keep the dust from accumulating on the rings once installed and secured.

The Wheeler range of scopes allows every shooter to enjoy shooting their favorite guns from locations that are impossible to get to with traditional scopes. This type of mounting kit can be easily transported and is compatible with most ammunition types. Best of all, shooters using this type of setup will find that they have more distance and accuracy than if they used a regular scope. If you need a professional scope mounting kit combination that is made for the intermediate to experienced shooter, the Wheelhouse 2-tone scopes are the best choice for you. This brand offers a variety of product options that will meet any budget.