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Xds Mod 2 Holster

Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster Fit: Springfield XD-S 3.3" & XD-S...
  • Only Compatible with Springfield XD-S 3.3" & XD-S MOD.2 3.3"...
  • CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE when you secure your pistol in our...
  • RUGGED .08" KYDEX & Boltaron is strong yet lightweight for...
  • CUSTOMIZE THE CANT of the 1.5” standard belt clip with a...

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What To Look For In An Xds Mod 2 Holster?

So, you finally found your new XDS Mod 2 holster. You have done what it took to make sure you got a great product and you now have it stashed away in a nice case. Now it's time to take a closer look at the holster itself. Let's take a look at the major points of interest you should be keeping in mind before you buy your own.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the retention of your gun. After all, you want to give yourself the best opportunity to get the most out of your gun and the holster that you choose. Today's models offer a wide selection of different retention methods. There is the traditional clip that holds your gun in place and provides a friction free method of transfer from the gun to the holster. There is also the newer magnetic release method that allows for a quick, easy release of your handgun from the holster with no tools or expertise on your part.

In addition to the retention issues we just mentioned, many people prefer to use the alien gear holsters. This is a smaller sized gun holster that provides the convenience of a small gun holster while providing an easy fit in the hand. Some people prefer to use this type of holster because they don't want to feel their gun in their pants wherever they go. However, others prefer this type of smaller sized holster because they can still carry their gun with relative ease and comfort.

Before deciding on which Xds Mod 2 holsters to purchase we highly recommend that you take into consideration the features that are featured on each model. The best brands such as Blackhawk, PSA, and Federal provide many different features on their models. However, we have found that there are five main features that are the most important to consider when choosing an Xds Mod 2 Holster.

First, if you want to purchase the best Xds Mod 2 Holster then we highly recommend that you look for a canteen style holster. Canteen style holsters are designed to be extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They usually feature a canteen string that is connected to the top of the holster. The canteen string is what provides the retention on your handgun. After you remove the handgun from the holster it should fall right out.

Xd has several different canteen styles including paddle, straight, and drop leg. The paddle and straight Xds holsters offer the highest level of retention as well as most comfort. If you need more retention then we recommend the drop leg Xds Mod.2. This is the most comfortable of all the Xds holsters and allows you to place your handgun close to your body while still having the ability to keep it in a high visibility area.

After you purchase your Xds mod.2 we recommend that you look for an iwb style holster. iwb stands for In The Waistband. This means that your handgun will stay in place all throughout your outdoor activity. This is a great feature that makes them very popular with hunters. You can find several different colors and patterns available that feature the iwb logo and your favorite team colors.

We recommend looking at the canteen and retention holsters that feature the canteen that features a double hook and loop retention system. This system allows you to quickly pull out your favorite canteen and immediately put it back in place when the need arises. Keep in mind that both of these Xds holsters offer canteen and retention in different ways so that you get the most out of your accessory. If you choose to purchase a standard canteen and still want canteen that snaps closed, then look at the canteen and retention holsters that feature snap closure.