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Xsteel Targets

Bestseller No. 1
XSTEEL 10" AR500 GONG 1/2"
  • Targets are made for all handguns and rifles up to 338...
  • Great sound with every hit
  • Most rugged target for heavy use
  • Laser cut targets for a perfect cut and stronger steel...
Bestseller No. 2
XSteel 3/8" AR500 3" Gong Target
  • 3/8" AR500
  • Targets are made for handguns and rifles up too .308 Win
  • Lasts forever with handgun ammunition
  • Great sound with every hit!
Bestseller No. 3
Xsteel 8" AR500 GONG 1/2"
  • Targets are made for all handguns
  • Rifles up to 338 magnum
  • Maintain a distance of at least 200 yds for large caliber...
Bestseller No. 4
XSTEEL 12" AR500 GONG 3/8"
  • Targets are made for handguns
  • Rifles up too 0.308 win
  • Lasts forever with handgun ammunition
  • Laser cut targets for a perfect cut and stronger steel...
Bestseller No. 5
XSteel 1/4" Rimfire 4" Gong Target
  • 1/4" AR200
  • Targets are made for Rimfire ONLY!
  • Great for kids and beginners!
  • Great sound with every hit!

Buyer's Guide: Xsteel Targets

Buyers Guide: Xsteel Targets

XSteel Targets aims to make shooting fun and safe for everyone involved. They are constantly innovating and improving AR550 and AR500 steel targets. This allows them to offer a premium product at an affordable price that can be used in all settings. Their targets are made for you, whether you're a competitive shooter, LEO, or military, and can be used to connect with family and friends.

People can use shooting targets to improve their accuracy when using firearms.

Paper targets are popular because they make it easy to see how close shots are being grouped. However, paper targets quickly wear out.

Many people move to metal targets. They are more durable and produce a satisfying sound after being struck. Gong targets are particularly useful as the shooter can use the sound to determine the location of the round.

Shooting targets works by shooting ammunition at them from their firearms while they remain stationary. The majority of metal targets are suspended from a heavy rope or chain that is far from the shooter. The shooter then tests their accuracy by shooting at the targets and trying to hit them.

The XSTEEL 8' AR500 Gong is an excellent value for money. It is slightly more expensive, but buyers love that it is somewhat larger than other targets. This allows you to practice target practice at longer distances.

Although the manufacturer claims that these targets are durable when used with handgun-only ammo, buyers claim they can be used with a wide range of calibers and won't chip the steel.

The Xsteel Metal Gong Target

This Xsteel metal shooting target is sturdy, reliable, and heavy-duty. It's an excellent choice for practicing handgun skills. The target can be painted or used with a wide variety of calibers. However, some users do not like the fact that it is expensive. The Xsteel steel metal rifle target measures 8 inches x 3/8 inches and has 1/2-inch mounting holes for hanging.

The metal gong's other great feature is its laser-cut design. It's compatible with handguns and rifles.308 wins. Be aware, however, that the package does not contain mounting hardware.

Users generally have high opinions of the Xsteel 3/8" shooting target and have no complaints about its durability and functionality.

You might consider these metal options, which can withstand heavy ammunition.

Xsteel AR500 GONG

The Xsteel AR500GONG is a great choice if you are tired of using paper targets and want to try something new. This gong can be used with handguns or rifles up to a 0.38 Winchester. It is well made and durable.

The Xsteel AR500GONG measures 12 inches in width and 3/8 inch thick. It is made from thick, durable, laser-cut steel. This gong is built to last, and you will love the sound it makes as you shoot at it. This is only half of the point, right?

The clear ping sound tells you how straight and good a hit was. This target is at the top of our list for a reason and will likely stay there for the foreseeable future.

This large, heavy-duty metal gong has two mounting holes that make it easy to attach or tie from almost any object that can support its weight. This gong can be used for indoor target practice or outdoor recreational shooting.

The standard route doesn't have to be boring. Sometimes the classic route is the best.

XSteel Jumping Jax

We often think of ground targets only as handgun-related. But, as XSteel shows, they are most certainly not.

The jack-style target is AR500 quality steel 3/8 inch thick and can withstand hits up to a.308 wins. In addition, the shooting target jumps into the air when it hits, letting you know that you have connected.

The truth is that you have to get there first. It is more complicated than it sounds. XSteel must have had a few masochists because the paddles for the 12-inch target were a stout 3-inches in diameter. It's challenging to move it beyond 100 yards. It's more fun, as we all know.

Xsteel is a popular company that makes shooting targets. There are many options available, including static, moving, and reactive steel targets. They also offer stands, hardware, and accessories for mounting them. It's now your turn to choose the right Xsteel Target.