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Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Victory V8 1.8-14x50 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Plex...
  • 92% LIGHT TRANSMISSION: The Ultra-FL Concept is containing...
  • ZEISS T* COATING: Guaranteed brilliant, high-contrast...
  • A CLEAR VIEW IN ANY WEATHER: There are always exciting...
  • THE WORLD'S FINEST ILLUMINATED DOT: With only a fraction of...

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Zeiss Rifle Scopes Reviewed

Zeiss Riflescopes are made by the Zeiss Military & Outdoor Corporation based in Lake Forest, IL. They've been in business for 36 years and provide a wide array of optics for hunting and long-distance shooting. The Zeiss Riflescope offers top-notch quality in the outdoors. The Riflescope helps make targeting easy and reduces glare from foliage and sun.

Zeiss is well known in the rifle scope industry for manufacturing top-notch, durable, high-quality optics. Most of their models come with Germanium liners which are coated inside and out for superior optical clarity. Germanium also ensures the scope elements are not affected by atmospheric conditions like low humidity and high temperatures. This is important to many hunters as weather can easily affect the quality of the scope. All their Zeiss Riflescopes come with the best components and are highly durable and waterproof.

Among their rifle scopes, there are many different styles, designs, colors, and options. They offer models for hunting, tactical, airsoft, and plinking. All features are durable materials. Here is a model made for every need. For military and law enforcement, there are Zeiss binoculars, night vision scopes, and targets.

There are two types of Zeiss rifle scopes. One reticle is a high magnification model that provides a large viewing area from a relatively small mounting unit. The second is a low-magnification model that uses light-emitting diode (LED) technology to provide bright images. Both of these scopes have their specific uses.

The high-end optics from Zeiss are the XP model line of Zeiss rifle scopes. These scopes feature an eye-catching orange peel design that covers the entire objective housing. The XP model features a reticule and the standard leaf-shaped reticules in a single, clear panel that allows for fast viewing of milometers and other larger items.

High-End Optics from Zeiss include the XSP and XLS models. The XLS is the entry-level model of Zeiss rifle scopes and is used primarily for hunting because it offers the high magnification required for long shots. The XSP, on the other hand, is an excellent general-purpose optic that is used for surveillance and target spot. Some of the best features of the XSP include the fact that it incorporates waveguides to reduce eye-lens distortion at the time of the highest resolution, it consists of an internal bifocal reticle and the crosshairs feature is very nice.

High-quality rifle scopes from Zeiss have a proven reputation for high-quality construction. Some Zeiss products include elements that make them more resistant to shocks and vibrations. For example, the Picatinny scope from Zeiss features an external post shaft that helps increase durability. The Picatinny also has an internal crosshair reticule and can adjust to different targets. This type of scope offers a distinct advantage over other low-quality optics because it offers a clear picture at all distances.

It is important to note that all Zeiss products come with warranties. For this reason, there is no need to be concerned if any product malfunctions after a certain period. A Zeiss warranty does not specify the time limit in which the item has to be replaced, but the better Zeiss rifle scopes have a five-year limited warranty. This warranty gives users peace of mind that their investment in optics is covered under most consumer protection plans. For this reason, a severe user should always look for top Zeiss products on the consumer market.