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Bigfoot Gun Belts

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  • 14oz English Bridle Leather: Only made from the highest...
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  • Celtic Weave Embossing: This elegant embossment creates a...
  • Drum-Dyed Leather: High quality leather that is exactly what...

Buyer's Guide: Bigfoot Gun Belts

The Bigfoot Gun Belts

The gun belt by Bigfoot Gun Belts is a great belt made of finer, sturdier stuff than standard leather belts. This belt is made to make everyday carry with a small handgun a lot easier. Even with the padded front design, the strap feels substantial and exceptionally well designed.

Made of real leather, bigfoot gun belts are available in several different sizes and colors. You can choose the right size for you and order it custom-tailored to your tastes and specifications. Some people like their guns to match their style and personality, and so you might consider a set of two matching bigfoot gun belts. If you prefer a more subdued color palette, there are also several colors available. Of course, this depends upon the manufacturer.

If you are looking for gun belts that are cheap but durable, you should consider purchasing one online. Online stores generally carry a much more excellent selection, and you can find good gun belt deals from time to time. You will find that buying online is a more convenient way to shop, and you can also spend your extra time doing other more enjoyable things, such as reading books or enjoying family trips.

A typical leather belt can cost anywhere from $25 to thousands of dollars, depending upon the brand and material used. There are several manufacturers of bigfoot gun belts, including Gunild and Smith and Wesson. Gunild is probably the most well-known, and they produce several different sizes and colors to go along with their other products. You can also get your Smith and Wesson belt customized with your choice of buckles and chains. Several companies specialize in making custom bigfoot gun belts, including Universal Supply. However, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of any of their belts, you can quickly return them and get a new one.

Some people prefer to use heavier leather gun belts for carrying a handgun. If you are considering taking a firearm on your belt, you may want to purchase a belt made from heavy-duty cotton. Be sure that the belt includes elastic so that it will fit comfortably over your pants. There are also belt clips available made from steel core, which will be stronger than standard belt clips. Although these are usually much more expensive, you will not have to worry about them coming apart in an accident. These steel core gun belts are available at most gun retailers.

When purchasing concealed carry belts, you may want to choose a more casual style. Many people carry a large selection of different types of leather gun belts, including those with crocodile stitching and zebra artwork. Although many concealable gun belts still feature traditional tan leather, many modern designs are available in other colors and patterns. In fact, some gun belts look more like ladies' leather coats and even offer button closures. Suppose you are looking for a more casual option. In that case, you may want to consider purchasing a concealable leather belt since most concealable gun belts have a bit more of an automatic clip system that does not attach to your belt.

If you are looking for something heavier, you will definitely want to consider purchasing some heavy-duty steel core material. The steel core helps keep the handgun securely in place, and it also helps keep the handgun comfortable to carry. The best part about some of the heavy-duty steel core gun belts is that they are typically available in an expandable design, allowing you to easily add extra belts as needed without purchasing additional concealable carrying accessories.

Although it is good to purchase a high-quality belt, it is probably best to avoid buying a full-grain leather belt. Although it may look good, the more leather used to create a belt, the more likely it is that the belt will develop some rust, stain, or tear. If you are looking for a good gun belt, you may also want to look for an expandable design that will allow you to add extra straps as needed. When shopping for a good gun belt, always remember that you are trying to protect your handgun, so it is always a good idea to purchase a belt that features thick but durable leather.

Although some people prefer a traditional leather belt, many prefer a concealed carry belt because of its ability to stay closed when worn on a belt. A belt with a good design will have several layers of leather and steel core along with other soft materials that will bend around the belt loops and prevent sharp objects from poking through to your clothing. For an excellent concealed leather gun belt, always ensure that it features several layers of leather and steel core that closely follow each other and are all attached. You can usually tell if the belt has several layers by looking at how the leather stretches between each layer.