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Gun Bluing Kits

Birchwood Casey 13801 Liquid Gun Blue Kit, Multi, One Size
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Buyer's Guide: Gun Bluing Kits

Gun Bluing Kits Work For Better Results

Why use Gun Bluing Kits? Bluing, also known as dry blasting, is a process of blasting metal with a high-pressure air or water stream. It creates a color change in the metal by breaking it up into various tiny particles. Blasting is the process used to make metal prototypes and parts that will be used in final production. The color change can be applied through many processes; powder coating, forging, erosion, etc.

Birchwood Case Liquid Gun Blasting Kit is probably the best gun bluing kit which makes everything you require to re-blue or blue various firearm barrels with a few clicks of your mouse. It's manufactured using top-quality materials and components, making it one of the most durable products. This blue solution is excellent for cleaning rust residue from corroded stainless steel surfaces. If you don't want to spend money on special tools, then this is an excellent alternative. However, it does not make sure that the surface remains rugged and will need some loving care.

Gun Bluing Kits come with both air and water blasters. The air gun fires paint at the metal at high velocities. It penetrates deep into the surface and hence penetrates rust very well. The water jet makes sure that the surface is completely covered with paint for long periods. You can go for either one or two guns, depending on the type of surface that you want to paint. This is an ideal product to use on any metal that has a sufficient amount of natural iron oxide.

Oxidizing Solution Blasting: The gun surface must be made of a soft metal like aluminum, copper, brass, or stainless steel. The oxidizer must also be capable of penetrating the surface easily to not wear away along with the original finish. This can be done by exposing the metal for some time in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere. A clear glossy finish can be obtained after several treatments with Oxidizing Oxide (Oxygen-Free Black) or Oxide X (Oxide X).

Oxidizing Strips: These Oxidizing Strips are applied over the oxidizer with the help of an applicator pad. They provide a hard coating over the metal. The Oxygen-Free Black Strips can be used for stainless steel, chrome-plated, or chrome alloyed. The other Oxidizing Strips are more suitable for gold, silver, or platinum finish. Instructions accordingly are provided with the package.

Cold Blue: This is a unique property of these guns. The cold blue finish gives a matte or semi-matte finished product. It has a luminous sheen which is usually found in combination with metallic shades. There are different types of cold bluing kits available according to the type of metal being worked on and the desired finish.

Complete Kit: In a complete kit, all the necessary components are included. Some items include O-ring, O-stick, Paint stirrer, Paintbrush, Primer, Masking tape, Distiller, Paint separator, and an optional glass cleaner. This complete kit helps in providing better results. Instructions are provided along with the kit.

The above are some of the features of Bluing kits. It is always advisable to use the right kind of guns during welding as improper use may lead to poor quality of the finished product. For instance, the use of metallic guns which are of low quality may spoil the surface evenly. If you are using a high-speed gun, the heat from it may not be controlled, and hence there is a chance of uneven surface coloring. Therefore always use proper tools and accessories to avoid unwanted effects.