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Gun Cleaning Cloths

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Buyer's Guide: Gun Cleaning Cloths

Gun Cleaning Supplies - Tips And Products To Use

If you own firearms and want to preserve their good condition, it is a must for you to use gun cleaning cloths. These cloths have multiple benefits for you, which include the following:

  1. They can help save your firearms' good condition.
  2. They can protect your firearms against different gun cleaning hazards (from moisture, abrasion, and rust).
  3. They can extend the life of your firearm.

Generally speaking, gun cleaning cloths are usually small cotton patches that are utilized to wipe off the bore of your firearm. While most of them are manufactured from 100% pure cotton (so it can easily absorb any oil, solvent, and other dampness that will come along your way while cleaning your firearms), there are also some synthetic patches available in the marketplace. They are more appropriate for cleaning the barrels of your guns than the ordinary ones because these are specially designed to absorb oil and moisture from the muzzle. So if your firearm's muzzle gets overheated, you can simply place the muzzle close to the cleaning cloth. After getting rid of all the excess moisture and oil from the muzzle, you must dry the muzzle before placing it back on the firearm.

Secondly, these types of cloths can be utilized to clean your caliber. There are two types of cleaning cloths - standard bores and specialty bores. The standard bores are typically brass; the specialty bores are usually made of copper or steel. You can use the specialty type of bore brushes to remove debris and the burrs that resulted from the firing of your firearm.

If you use your firearm like a paintball, it is smart to utilize gun bore mops. Like their standard counterparts, gun bore mops can be used to maintain the diameter of the bore on your firearm. However, they are also capable of removing gunk and gun dirt from your firearm. These gun cleaning solvent patches can be placed inside the muzzle of your firearm; this patch is effective against oil accumulation.

Lastly, there are also some products in the market that you can use to properly lubricate your barrel. These products are called softener, fluid, and shine cleaner. Typically, these products are used for oil-free lubrication. This is ideal for new and refurbished firearms. To ensure that you lubricate your barrel with the right type of lubricant, consult your manufacturer manual first.

Last but not least, you should consider buying a set of brass, bronze, or stainless steel gun cleaning rods. These rods come in different sizes and designs for you to choose. You can use these rods as you apply them onto your firearm's bore surfaces. Just make sure that when you place these rods onto the surfaces of your firearm, make sure that you do not touch any metal surfaces with your bare hands. Even a minute bit of metal on your hands will cause tarnishing, so make sure that you only use these rods on bore brushes.

You may also use gun cleaning kits. These kits can be purchased from different shops, and they come in different sizes. If you want something smaller yet more convenient, you can also opt to use cleaning cloths. Gun cleaning cloths are widely available online or in some stores, and they are very easy to use. Gun cleaning cloths are recommended to be used instead of rags because rags can be messy, and they can leave streaks on the surface of your firearms if not adequately cleaned.

Cleaning your firearm will require some gun cleaning kit and equipment. However, if you do not have these yet, you can purchase them from gun shops and online stores. All you have to do is to make sure that you properly clean each part of your firearm. You should ensure that you completely dry each piece of equipment and clothes before storing them in your storage for use the next time.