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Hollon Gun Safes

Hollon HS-500E 2 Hour Fire Proof Electronic Home Safe
  • Two-hour UL rated for 1850-Degree fire safe
  • Seamless body and door construction for added strength and...
  • One anchoring hole

Buyer's Guide: Hollon Gun Safes

Hollon Gun Safes

If you own a handgun, then the only safe way to store it is inside your home, but that is not always safe. A good gun storage solution for your home is the unique and innovative Hollon Gun Safes. These new safes offer the ultimate in-home protection for various firearms, from long guns to handguns. If your weapon is secure enough to be housed in the safe, the Hollon Gun Safe should be enough protection to ward off would-be thieves.

For instance, the newer model of Hollon gun safes offers better fire safety than older models. The interior design and layout have been completely revised to improve safety and minimize the possibility of accidental firing. If you own high-capacity handguns, such as handguns, you need to have additional safety measures. The updated safety locks offer a faster, more reliable way to ensure that only the authorized owner of the firearm will get to the ammunition.

The older model of Hollon gun safes offers a simple key lock. Unfortunately, the old locks were easily defeated by unscrupulous "helpers" who knew how to operate these keys. When you use the newer models, you are locked out with a code. No one can defeat this code but the person who opens the safe. If you use a key to open the safe, it is easy to defeat the security and gain access to your firearms.

Also, if you don't want to spend a lot of money on your gun collection, you may want to invest in one of the many luxury features available in some of the newer models of holsters. Some models have a protective shield for the trigger, magazine, and fire pin. Others offer a top lid for secure storage of your firearms. Some models offer a snap-down butt-rest to protect the gun and ensure it is always in a secure position. Some models double as a small desk.

Another reason it makes sense to purchase a top-quality gun safe from a company like Holographic is the level of technology used in the construction. Many of the newer safes offer various technologies to help keep your firearms safe from thieves. In addition to having a valance used to conceal the firearm, some of these safes use biometric fingerprint technology. This technology allows the safe to electronically unlock itself when the proper finger is placed on the locking mechanism. This will automatically lock the firearm away, even if the finger cannot pass the biometric scan.

Many of the newer safe companies have additional security features to prevent unauthorized access to the firearm when it is locked away. For example, gun safes are equipped with alarm systems. When attempted access is detected, either by the alarm going off or through motion sensors that activate when someone comes within a specific range, the safe company will disarm the firearm and call the police. This added layer of security is a great way to ensure that only the proper people have access to your guns.

Most of the top-name gun safes offer many luxury features that appeal to the avid hunter and avid shooter. These luxury features include anti-crack features that make the safe difficult to crack yet still enables the safe to be opened without damaging the case. Other luxury features include alarm systems and keypads that allow users to arm and disarm the safe from a remote control. Some models also have multiple windows, allowing users to place a faceplate on each window to block out most ambient light. In addition to placing decals on the windows, many of the newer Hollon safes will also have a video camera mounted on the outside of the unit that will allow users to see what goes on inside the safe.

While hunting and shooting can be a fun and exciting pastime, safety is always of the utmost importance. For this reason, every firearm owner should purchase a high-quality safe that offers the best protection for their guns. There are a variety of safes to choose from, including general-purpose, rimfire, long guns, and even target-range safes that allow the individual to shoot at various items around the yard. As technology advances, innovations in the field of fire protection for firearms will undoubtedly continue to emerge. As long as manufacturers continue to develop safe technologies that effectively keep guns safe, there will be no need to worry about loss or damage of property or personal possessions resulting from an unfortunate accident.